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Good deals?


Ohhhhh, just tried the elrecipes coupon code and it works with sale :wink:

So $3.59 for 5ml Medicine flavors.


Great share!!! I think a lot of folks are gonna take advantage of this. =D

And as I posted in the thread you linked, I think it’s gonna open a whole new world for mixers (judging by the reviews of some of our most respected mixers here)!!


Just jumped all over this… Thanks for the heads up!


I hope it makes it affordable for those that have been wanting to try them. I am still abstaining as they are way above my budget normally and I don’t want to end up loving them and not being able to replace them. I like the flavors I have just fine :smiley: But I enjoy watching all you guys!


Then you might like Nicotine rivers deal, 1 day only…

Nicotine River
Liquid Nicotine Vegetable Glycerin Flavor Extracts

  1. Black Friday deal is 20% OFF everything excluding pure nicotine.
  2. This 20% OFF deal is for ONE day, this FRIDAY, 11/25/2016.
  3. Once the deal has passed it is gone, act fast!
  4. Free Shipping is still applicable with 20% OFF for domestic orders.
  5. We will out of the office Thursday 11/24/16 and Friday 11/25/16.
  6. All orders will begin shipping Monday 11/28/16 and please expect mild delays.
  7. All 10ml sizing options have been added to every flavor.
  8. Don’t forget to check out our BRAND NEW DIY and Nicotine Titration Kits.



this thought about replacing these flaves has crossed my mind and im still torn over it , i definetly cant make them my main supplier my feeling is to take advantage of the sale and enjoy it while they last lol and if im using these at low percents 1pct and lower they will last long time


Yes, thank you! I plan on hitting that one. TBH, I haven’t gotten flavors in quite a while, and I’m pretty set except for 2-3 of my most commonly used. Guess that’s what happens after you establish which ones you like?

So I’m thinking I might actually set my sights on another mod (I have 2 so if one goes I’m in trouble), and some coils for my tanks :wink:

BTW, does anyone know if NR has one of those auto emptying cart if I put stuff in it? I would hate to waste my time.


Two words: Wish List. :wink:


Oh, I’ve got one of those. It grows bigger by the day. Yet somehow never shrinks, I don’t get it :space_invader:


Sorry, yeah, guess it was a bit “loose” there. Seemed more direct to me though. shrugs

Anyways… No, what I was suggesting was to make use of the wishlist AT Nicotine River! Then, when it comes time to order, it’s easy, just “click click click click on the danged ol’ innernet”


lol…ok. Now I get it!

At Vapordna…just got the aromamizer v2 with shipping for $14. Silver only left.


Sweet! I just bought 4 kanger subvod mega kits for the Kanger subtank minis and a few other things to get free shipping. My credit card is going to hate me after all these sales! @ozo for the Kangers


Lots of awesome deals going at ecig.com

Only 52 minutes left on the hellsgate touchscreen



If anyone sees a REALLY good deal on an istick 100w TC let me know. Mine took a dump on me a few months back (the “-” button activates on it’s own. It’s not a sticky button, the problem is on the board) and I want another one as it fits very comfortably in the pocket, but I don’t want to pay full price in case I get another dud.


Vaporbeast for $32 plus 20% off and free shipping is the best I can find some far. If ur looking for a cheap dual battery mod. The smok xcube 2 is $30 at vaporworld.biz plus I2% off.


@Lostmarbles $28.66 with 222pcs left ATM
(Not sure if that’s good or bad, but thought I’d give a heads up!)


$7.50 for Steam Crave black or SS Aromamizer Supreme


Also Cleito tank with 5ml bubble glass and 120ml eliquid for 34.99

Check out the Black Friday page :slight_smile:


Love these. Three on my desk daily, two new in box for backup.
Great in wattage, and great in TC with SS or Ti coils.
Great battery life, and will run on single or dual batteries.


I have these in my email:

My Vapor Store 15% off site wide: http://www.myvaporstore.com

E-Cig Express 25% off Storewide: http://www.ecigexpress.com/ Coupon Code BLACKFRIDAY25

Vape NW 20% off Devices, 30% Liquid www.vapenw.com