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Good deals?


Thanks Ozo. That seems to be about the average low price. I loved mine when it worked as it always fired, did a decent job of reading the ohms and it just fit perfectly in the pocket. Then one day, it just decided to keep lowering it’s wattage settings to its lowest point no matter what I did. Took it apart thinking maybe some juice ran into it, cleaned it up and it still does it. I’ve heard isticks are known for having random issues and until this one, I’ve been lucky.

Edit: Sorry @Sprkslfly, meant to thank you as well for the info.


Hey Lostmarbles. I might be able to get my broken one back (from the friend I gave it to), then perhaps you could put the two together and make one that works. Mine had a problem with the power button - where sometimes I’d get power and sometimes not. Msg me to remind me cause I’ll forget. Joy

As for Black Friday “Good Deals” I got a couple of Presa TC100W Box Mods by Wismec that were 20% off $29.99 from VapeNW, some Baby Beast coils (lovin that little tank I got with my Alien by SMOK from local vape store) and some Clapton wire. Today, I made a big flavor and VG purchase at Nicotine River with 20% off and free shipping. Currently, I gave 2 broken mods away and I have 3 in the latest broken pile. That’s 5 broken mods in the last couple of months. It’s called ‘junk’. It’s not ejuice seeping, and I do not drop my mods. I wouldn’t even dare to buy one with a touch screen. The simpler the better and perhaps they will last. Can you believe my Cloupor Mini with no TC is STILL working! So is my 150 watt Sigelei w/o TC. Wonder if Wismec makes them half way decent? Surely cheap-ly. Even my an IPV mini D2 = dead. Once again on this broken one…Sometimes I get power,sometimes not, Please make a 'DEAD MOD" Thread. We need to start keeping track of this and perhaps we can put 2 together sometimes to make a working mod. Another dud is 2 Balrogs. With the Balrogs it’s always a sticky power button and/or need new battery door magnet. Also broken SMOK R200 and Sigegeli with 2 doors. Never sent in my VT200 to Evolve. It says “Warranty Service”. Other things more important in my life like caring for 10 y/o with absent parents.


That might work and would be awesome Joy. I love tearing things apart and re-using/purposing them. Thank you and I will be happy to pay for the shipping.


Good plan.


I love the “dead mod” idea! I’m sure there are a ton of people on here that would love to play with them and see if they can get them going again. I love playing with dead things. It’s an issue…


is there any UK stores doing any Blackfriday deals, Chefs Flavours have nothing on there website, wanted to stock up on concentrates


Try POTV discount code for chef’s flavours.


Did you try plugging it into the firmware?


Thanks Oxo - yeah, upgraded, downgraded, no difference. When I took it apart to clean, I removed the little contact disc on the “-” button and put a battery in. After a few seconds, the wattage level rapidly dropped to its lowest setting. It shouldn’t have done that with the button out of the picture. It’s a board issue.


I seen you mention in another post that you use TC on the iStick. Do you use the preset settings or the TCR function?. If it is TCR what do you set it for in SS and Ti mode?.


Ya, I agree…up-grading many kitchen utensils to the OXO brand is wise, and fun to use.

I triple click to the wire mode I use, then simply adjust my temp to a sweet spot.


This might help a bit…


Whoops! Apologies…


For what…you don’t like OXO? :smile_cat:


Thanks fella, although steam engine has the TCR value of Ti at .00366.


I had seen somebody post a deal on some SS clapton spool the other day, it was very cheap. Like 3 spools for 11.99$ or something like that. Could you please point me to that deal again ? and I would also like some recommendations on what kind of SS claptons to get for the best temp controlled experience, never tried it before.
Thanks in advance.


Advancedvapesupply.com has some pretty sweet SS claptons. They have pre-made coils, rods and spools.
And any of them will fit your needs!


This lovely share by @bluenose63 is from another thread, but I know more people are subbed to this and will see it! :wink:


…WANT Is there a code for GearBest? anyone looking for one of these?


none of the coupons work with flash sale items :frowning: