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Good deals?


VT167W should take the price down to $91.99 on gearbest


Here you go in the US and free shipping. I wish I wouldn’t have preordered it.


Crazywire got some good deals going throughout december and now you get 27% off of cotton and mesh. You also get 22% off of all SS wire and this ends midnight today.



101 Vape has the Mad Hatter V2 RDA on sale to lady for $10



I just found this too so you might want to hold off. This website also has the Geekvape Ammit for sale right now. I have used them and they ship fast and are legit.


101vape is having a sale on the Dripbox 160w $50 if anyone is interested. I have ordered from them many times. Good reputable vendor in the states.



101 is a good vendor, I’ve bought from them several times. But, Vaporbeast.com has the Dripbox 160 kit for $35.97. They are good too. You can use YEAHBABY code for an additional 10% off. I’m in no way affiliated with them, just wanted to share a great deal.


Another +1 for 101 Vapes. I’ve ordered from them 3 times and they are speedy. No issues with anything I’ve ordered from them.


Be prepared for the possibility of not being able to place your order though when dealing with VaporBeast if you haven’t purchased there before.

Their website age verification is complete bullshit, and didn’t work for me. Tried at least 6 different times to place an order, including the final attempt with one of their CS Reps on the phone and the process still failed. He stated that if the info doesn’t match your ID exactly it will fail.

Well, all of my info was exact, except for the fact that the state of Missouri uses a 6-digit format for DOB. Their site DOES NOT allow for this. I had no way to make the month add the 0 before the 6. This is the only reason I can see that it would fail.
When I pointed out that fact to him, he was like “we have had folks that just can’t use the system”. Basically, yeah we know it’s broken for some, but this is what the owner wants. Now he couldn’t say that of course, but it wasn’t hard to read between the lines. (The CSR was actually fantastic, friendly, and very professional! So kudos to them for that).

For all the headaches and hassles, I absolutely refuse to do business with them. Especially considering they didn’t return a simple and polite voicemail left requesting assistance with their checkout process. I had to call them back.

I understand that these folks have a decent rep when it comes to legit product, and some decent prices… But if you’re going to go off the deep end (over aggressive) on the age thing, when I can do business with verification systems in place elsewhere that are far less obtrusive. Then I don’t need your deal(s).


Not that I know a lot about this but…would you happen to be going through a VPN? The reason I ask was I was using a VPN and it wasn’t working for me at all. Turned the VPN off and bingo! Went right through.


No. In fact, after the second try, I made sure that all FF addons were disabled. Then, on the 5th try, I changed browsers. Just a problem inherent to the system that they’ve chosen.

They offered to process it manually, but that would require my sending an ID pic, and that’s not going to happen. Simple “assurance” that it will be handled properly isn’t enough in this day and age sadly.


Yeah, I hear ya. Too bad because they do have great service and very good prices from time to time. Hopefully they will revise their system for you and others in a similar situation.


Smok TF RTA G2 version only but a deal at $6.


I’ve probably bought 6 or 7 of these from them. Great company, fast shipping, and free shipping!


I just ordered 2 and was very pleased with the free shipping!


For those of you that want some bling bling on your mods 3fvape now got the Lost Art Goon as a clone.




glyCUBE - 4 gallons PALM DERIVED Vegetable Glycerin - USP - Pharmaceutical Grade
(3 reviews)
Holiday Sale Item (while stocks last!) (-$24.38)
60% Off Retail - Ending Sunday Midnight EST (-$58.50)


Moonshot RTA $10.99 US

$15.00 US at https://101vape.com/clearance/1046-moonshot-rta-by-sigelei-suprimo-vape.html?utm_source=25+Days+-+Day+13&utm_campaign=vtc6&utm_medium=email