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Help Me Name This Dog


Cool. I used to have chi named sugar baby but mine was because he was he right color like the candies.


Close enough!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


4 Weeks Old.


SO SO SO SO Cute. Can’t help it but i love puppies. Wish they could stay that cute all their life LoL


She looks a very wise little soul in this photo😍


might have to name her Sensei, She’s so cute, you know you’re already wrapped around her little finger. She is the master and you the pet. lmao


That puppy is Golden

Golden Look Cute
See how she minds?

My wife says Goldie instead of Golden


Probably. I know she’s gonna sucker me into spoiling her…My son and his girlfriend will stay longer at Christmas though!


Depending on how much noise she makes Golden might be perfect as in Silence is…


We wont teach this one to bark. No no no no…


Everyone, meet Lilly! (and me, I usually don’t post pictures of myself online) but my joy with this little gal…I wanted you guys to see, we are very excited.

She’s a very mellow little gal. It was really hard to choose but her demeanor was the closest to our needs at our age.


You are both absolutely beautiful! Welcome to your forever home Lilly :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Couldn’t agree more w/ @Lolly both you gals are absolutely Beautiful ! So sweet thanks for sharing your joy w/ us I heart these pics !


12/3/16 , This day will go down in history as the day I agreed with two women without being threatened in some way.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Lilly looks like she has found her perfect home :heart_exclamation:


Awwwww… thanks you guys! :blush: I feel like you guys are my “real” family most days :slight_smile:

It was really hard to pick from the 3 girls. One of them was huge and maybe a bit over zealous. The breeder said she was the one he would pick because he loved dogs that are so lovey but we noticed she would bark if we didn’t pick her up. I said to myself “no, that’s a bad idea at my age”.

The second girl was big and healthy but was really not very interested in me or my husband. My husband felt a dog who was not interested in people was not good either.

Lilly was the 3rd up from the runt (weight wise) at birth but caught up with the other puppies on weight so that told me she was very healthy. She’s just sweet and as can be as you can see, looked directly into the lens of the camera.(Which is a big plus for me)

I think we will be the best of friends :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for sharing this experience with me, it means a lot to me!


What a beautiful little name for a beautiful little girl and her mistress. You two look so very happy. Give her a kiss for all of us.


Have a great first xmas Lilly. woof woof


The look on your dogs face will be the look on my face as the house breaking with a Christmas puppy in Michigan will be quite painful I assure you :slight_smile:


6 weeks! Miss Lilly A. Fluffy Butt


Awww, she a beautiful thing.