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Help Me Name This Dog


She is, however… she will have many naughty moments. My husband is going to spoil her rotten.


I wish I felt comfortable replying on this little gem, being the animal lover I am.
She is adorable.


Lilly , this is Chimichurri. He’d love you to chase him if you ever met. He’ll chase you back, but you got to go first.


I don’t want to be your enemy.


Awwww! Gorgeous!


Ozo I want to explain something about myself so you understand me.

I talk tough but I spook pretty easily. At times you cross lines with my “personal space” with your words.

I want to explain myself here so you understand. (Because I would like to have a good relationship with you)

The media culture lately to me can be summed up perfectly in the term “butt hurt”.

Now if you really think about that term, what do you visualize when someone says it? A 25-50 year old man is going to laugh at that. But a 57 year old woman who was raised to treat people with respect (largely - I am not perfect and am an opportunist at times) can be mortified by that visualization.

I want to feel safe here. I need to feel safe where ever I am, virtually or physically. I’m just not the kind of person that can just get hit in the face with certain things that are said. I realize it’s a weakness and I apologize but I will tell you honestly I know a lot of men who communicate like you do and the truth is…
it’s just kind of scary and I don’t like to be scared.

I hope that helps you understand. I view this site as a safe space in a horrible trolling world and I care about everyone here, yeah even you :slight_smile: So just be sensitive to the fact I don’t have alligator skin?


Well I had a very Merry Christmas with my family. I just wanted to give you guys a picture!

This is my son, his beautiful lady and our new Lilly. The kids had a lot of fun with new puppy of course! She’s a very smart girl and very funny.

It’s been a long time since I had a puppy, she weighs a lot! 15 lbs. My back is getting quite the work out, not going to be able to carry her around much longer lol… (We still have mud snow, no pictures till the next storm but they are coming)

Gotta tell a funny story about this puppy… You know how a lot breeders give you a blanket that smells like the momma dog so the dog will sleep better?

Lilly decided today it had to be in the backyard. She picked it up walked by the back door and whined demanding to go out. So I opened the door and she dragged it all the way down 2 flights of stairs and then through the mud. She was shaking it with her head like it was a rat. We tried to bring it back in the house and she picked it up again growling and shaking it and went back by the back door whining and then dragged it out to a different corner of the yard. I’ve never seen anything like that, is she marking the yard, maybe?

If anyone knows… let me know. She will not even let me bring it back up on the porch!

Here’s a couple of good pictures!


Oh my heart! All this cuteness overload :heart_eyes: Lovely family @Maureeenie.


Thank you very much. :gift::relieved:

That kid is my miracle. He worked his ass off and pretty much paid his own way through U of M. With everything we lived through in our lives… lets just say I feel very blessed this year :slight_smile:


She is such a cutie! Does sound like she’s marking her territory! :heart_eyes:


Made me laugh, we have Xmas day lunch at my cousins and for the 3rd year in a row my beautiful cavoodle cocked his leg on the presents under the tree. I even hung with him outside for a while where he marked a few trees outside beforehand. Got to have a better plan next year.


Puppy’s are so fun and she is a cutie. In my neighborhood she would be considered rather exotic. That said I"m going with Brûlée as in Cream Brûlée .


lol, like a cat knocking down the Christmas Tree… yep been there too!


Finally got some clean snow! Here’s a progress report. Lilly does not like snow shovels.


She gets more beautiful by the day! How are you all doing? :smiley:


I’m doing ok, how are you dear? BTW… this dog has already gained almost 8 pounds. We took her to one of those Petco puppy play activity sessions and there was a doodle there that had been born 4 days after Lilly and it was half her size… baby horse.


I am not very fond of them myself!:laughing:
She is adorable , thank you for the pictures!
I hope she doesn’t chew on your shoes like she seems to be doing to the shrubbery!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


All okay here thanks, non-stop rain but no sign of any snow…yet :joy:

And a beautiful one she is too haha!


She looks so precious, and so huggable. I hope she is. I have no doubts.
God has made her very special, and very smart, you can see it in her eyes.
The photos are very professional. They have surely brightened my day.


Thanks you guys for the compliments on the pictures and dog (I’m humbled)

Yeah, she chews on everything, she’s got that puppy biting thing going on with the needle teeth (ouch ouch ouch) on our hands. She’s a lot of work right now but sleeping through the night and almost fully house broken. It’s been really cold so she’s trying to pee on the deck instead of going all the way down the stairs and I know she knows better because she always looks at the door to see if I’m watching her.

She has some very goofy habits. She has a 20 minute energy blast melt down every day around dinner when we walk her outside. She gets her teeth sunk into the bottom of our pants or my long winter coat and starts trying to drag us along the sidewalk or yard and barks while she’s got a mouth full of coat. Tail wagging tugging play. (Only hurts when she gets skin)

She thinks it’s really fun to drag her stuffed animals or chew/tug toys that are a lot bigger than her down flights of stairs. (May have been a fireman in her last life) It’s the funniest damn thing to watch. She also drags big rugs or towels across the house. I will look out of the corner of my eye and see her blanket getting dragged down the hall…

She is also a toy hoarder. If I throw a toy around the house (retriever in her assume) she goes and gets it and drags it back to her rug we bought her to nap on in the living room. (According to Lilly, all her toys must be stored on her rug or she gets very upset).

She seems to think she is a human baby. If we put her on our lap at night she will lay on her back in your arms like a baby and chew on rawhide like it’s a bottle. It’s so silly you just giggle… and she watches TV… like really actually watches TV. If there’s a dog on TV she will growl or bark at the dog. She doesn’t like German Shepard’s on TV at all, she always growls at them.

She’s a total funny nut bag. My husband is just crazy in love with her. It’s weird too because she doesn’t seem to favor one of us like our other animals have. She kind of knows she is our kid lol