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Help Me Name This Dog


I believe there is much wisdom in that (albeit requires patience). Vets seem to want a name for a pet documented and the first thing we do when we get an animal is immediately take it to a vet…tell you why here lol…a little off topic but relevant…

We have a brown shirt culture in this county with animals. You can’t just go into a rescue around here and adopt a dog. The rescues and vets run background checks to see if you have ever euthanized an animal or surrendered one to a shelter before they allow you to adopt. They also call a landlord if you are not a homeowner and they will check county records to be sure you are a homeowner. They force you sign a paper stating you will sterilize the animal even if it is a papered bred dog. I’m not even sure how legally these people are able to get away with such an invasion of privacy because they aren’t government agencies. If you laugh and say "What authority is giving you the right to be asking these questions? You aren’t bonded or licensed… " they’ll just throw you out.

One lady from a local rescue demanded a home visit and to see our current dog’s prescription for heart worm medicine with a receipt and the vets name. I told her to go to hell. I said “Uhhhh yeah right, I’m gonna let you and one of your friends see our credit card info and come and check my house out to see if it’s worth breaking into - sure I’m real stupid like that.”

We actually had to threaten a vet here with a lawsuit when we tried to go to a different vet for our last dog. They were jerks and charging us too much for care. One of the women in the vets office passed along a lot of personal information about our family to the new vet and the new vet started interrogating us like they were cops. I put the leash on the dog and I said… "I am your client, you are a small business, you are not a medical doctor and you have no right to be passing my families personal information off to each other. " They knew I was right, there’s no law, it is the stupid local Nazi culture and people just let them get away with it.

The post office now when you request a pick up for an express package online they make you declare if you have a dog.

It’s completely out of control!


Good lord! Where do you live? I need to know so I don’t ever go there! lol


West Michigan. The only real law on the books about animals is they are Chattel/Property. The rest of it Humane Society “guidelines”… not law. There are some state laws about penalty’s for abusing animals or using them for gambling but other than that… it’s all just control freak people making stuff up.


Well Guys, We get to officially pick the puppy in two weeks and then have her at Christmas time but this will more than likely be our girl. (About 2 Weeks old) My husband is pressuring me for a name but I’m holding out on the advice she will name herself :slight_smile:

Thank you everyone for helping me with all the suggestions because it will more than likely be one of the names from this thread.

Having a hard time waiting but I’ve waited 6 weeks for an order from Fasttech, I think I can handle it lol.


Oh my actual goodness! She is the cutest little pup and has brought a big smile to my face :heart_eyes:


That face!!! :heart_eyes:


She looks like a custard dog, I’d call her Capella


V1 for short :joy:


mmmmmm Calming name?..Zen


well your half way there…:wink:


That puppy is Golden :slight_smile:
Congratulations on your new adoption and addition to your family :smile:


Sorry if I missed this somewhere up top, didn’t read everything. I LOVE golden doodles and labradoodles. If I could get a dog, that’d be what I would get. :slight_smile: The pic you posted reminds me of Sandy from Annie. :stuck_out_tongue:


Awww awww!
I want one!


Beautiful puppy!
I normally like to get to know them before naming them. But, just going by looks… for some reason, the first thing that came to mind was ‘Squiggles’


what about Bella


It’s hard to wait… I’m so excited (grinning like a 5 year old)


Aaawwwww…she is so adorable…she looks like a Goldilocks to me with that beautiful color…but I also like Bella, if you remember, I mentioned it before…[quote=“tbt127, post:72, topic:91471, full:true”]
I am sure you will find a beautiful name that fits, because she is gonna be just that…beautiful…maybe research how you say beautiful in different languages and something might sound good! Personally I really like Bella…

Or…[quote=“tbt127, post:119, topic:91471, full:true”]
What about Starla? Or Staria! Or Arielle? I don’t know…I just have some family with pretty names…

And there are always…[quote=“tbt127, post:121, topic:91471, full:true”]
I recently took a liberal arts class where I read several texts from ancient times and I cannot get the names out of my head, maybe you will like one of them…

Cassandra (from Agamemnon written by Aeschylus)
Calypso (goddess from Homer’s Odyssey)
Athena (goddess from Homer’s Odyssey)
Circe (goddess, pronounced Serk-see, also from Homer’s Odyssey)
Penelope (mortal wife of Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey)

I really like the name Calypso for such a beautiful dog! But I think Athena, Circe, and Penelope are also really good names for a dog. Not so sure about Cassandra, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to throw it out there!!!

I also think she looks like a Lucy…I saw that mentioned by someone in the vast array of names above!!! Whatever you decide to name her I’m sure will fit like a glove!!! I, for one, cannot wait to find out what you choose when you finally get her! I am so excited for you! She is going to be a lovely addition to your family…oh…you could call her Lovely!!!


I will post pictures for sure lol… us dog lovers are some seriously crazy people and I am a photographer.

She’ll be my new model.

I’m already threatening my husband when she gets older with grooming her like a lion and doing something like this:


She is so sweet looking how could not call her “Sugar Baby” “Sugar” for short. What an absolute doll. You are so very special to get such a cutie pie.


Sugar Baby… awww…

Sugar… I think I love that! I am going to take her picture next weekend when we go for our visit and will post!