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How cheap R U?


Lol, I was speaking primarily with the DIY aspect in mind. :wink: I never really got into the whole hardware race, as I tend to do exhaustive research first, and I’ve been fortunate to get my preferred setup out of the way relatively quickly as a result.

But yeah, hardware is/can be, it’s own hole, to be sure! :laughing:


Hah! I love shinies hehe. Just placed an order with OoO and got 3 sample packs… help @TW12


Help? You’re feeding your addiction just fine; you don’t need my help!


ugh i hope this hardware bug doesn’t bite me too!

god help me…i hope i never get this desire for hardware. Im happy with my cartel 160 mod and my flawless tug 250 box. I would like a better tank than these baby beasts im using, but not into really searching for another type after i bought 7 tanks


I thought that was everyone’s path into DIY actually. Coil building is a far simpler game to play than DIY juice making. And oopsies are far less depressing than recipe fails. And far less patience is required (re:steeping). Well, if you’ve avoided it so far, good on ya. But now, you’re thinking about it aren’t you!! :zipper_mouth_face:


LOL yes! I so do not like you rofl <3


Well, that didn’t take long here at the forum. Oh well. Join the club I guess!


lol I am joking of course. You are awesome and have great knowledge, which i appreciate always. My bet is one day i do that too, but i hope not for awhile. It seems like so much more work to me


Well, that didn’t take long here either! :sunglasses:

But be careful throwing around praise like that! That assumes facts not in evidence! :crazy_face:


I can be quick, what can i say :star_struck:


Ok… Things are getting sappy.
Time for the obligatory “that’s what she said!” :wink: :laughing:


funny, after i hit enter, i knew that didnt sound right and might hear it :blush:


I’m far too new here to make a comment about that insinuation… but far too old not to think of it.


This comment may be funny

THats what she said

But what you wrote is even funnier when your watching teen witch and she’s in sex Ed class


now it’s official lol, we all thought it


I see what you did there! :wink:
Talk about timing! Rofl




Ain’t that the truth! I know haven’t spent anywhere near this on vaping!! :thumbsup:

This is since Feb 14 2016, and figured at $5 a pack:


Almost 2years bravo sir!!
35° is this in C or F? :laughing:


The smoking days was costs me about €50 for rolling tobacco, papers, filters per month. If it wasn’t the diy vaping would cost me €60. With diy the first months it cost me about 30€ per month and the last 3 months I don’t have enough money so I don’t spend anythink (ofcourse I have stock an 100ml bottle with 44% nic, VG, PG and about 30 flavors). :wink: