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Inawera Milk Chocolate (original) Give Away


Sounds like a fun I just never liked inawera milk chocolate to begin with its as dark as tar and it never really knocked mybsocks off I still have a brand new 15 ml bottle of the old formula and one of the strawberry milk chocolate but I will never use either probably again lol.


So you donated outside the giveaway am i right?
All to help out the site.


Bumping Up :facepunch:


And again :grin:


Always willing to support the cause here. This is my favorite diy site by far, the least i could do is give a few bucks once in a while.



Oh man my receipt number checks out rite? @daath I used that instead of transaction id is that ok :ok_hand:?


You can always mail that unused 15 ml to me :blush: I’d be happy to relieve you of that burden! lol


@JoJo thanks for the Reminder. I have been meaning to donate for a while now. This has been an awesome site to use and I am happy to help with a small donation. I appreciate all that you do @daath and also to everyone who makes this site what it is. I’m new to DIY and this site has been a Pandoras box to me with so much to read and look at. Please don’t hesitate in tagging me in a few things so I can find my way around.

Thanks again ELR I’ll be spreading the word here in Australia about this fantastic site.:smiley::heard_and_mc_donald_islands:

Receipt # 27351232WU365212T




Confirmation number: 4UV58656426083345.
Thank you for all you do, Lars.
No need to be in the drawing, but thank you Woftam!


Awesome place that has show me the right path in no time… Thanks!

Confirmation number: 50199864MT978871P


Bump of Awesomeness hopefully headed my way,lol


Another one bites the dust lol
Receipt number:
I’m only getting a receipt number I think because I don’t have a PayPal account so used credit card! I think it’s ok right? Oh please be alright I so badly want to try this flavor in my chocolate chip cookies recipe :blush: Oh and good luck everyone!


Yeah, yeah double drop, sweet!

Just remember plenty of hydration, really loud music, and a happy ending, be great to see what mix you guys come up with afterwards, or maybe during? :joy:



Time is running out folks.
It’s also time for a bump ^


Just don’t take that blue pill you have in your pocket when we do mix them…:rofl:


Time is running short on this - last chance is fast approaching get em in now.

Good luck everybody.


Bumpety bump


Time for a rotation. RISE … RISE I SAY! To the top! :point_up_2:t3: