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Inawera Milk Chocolate (original) Give Away


Hurry — tick tock. This is your last chance to get some original Inawera Milk Chocolate.
Bump Bump


Just keep this on top for a couple more hours


Ok last time I’m going to bump this.
Final warning. Donate now or forever hold your … bottle of inawera milk chocolate v2


I just donated
80509664BT6315431 Paypal transaction ID


Good luck everyone!


You Go Jenny! :boom:


Thank you! :blush:


Hope you win one ! :trophy:


Awe, thank you! Are you in the contest? Good luck if you are!!


Yep! I’m entered in there somewhere.
I hope we BOTH
Win one :trophy::trophy:


Me too!! I was reading through and saw you enteted a few times. That’s nice!


Yeah I entered a couple times. Mostly because I wanted to donate to ELR and daath.


That’s awesome! I have been wanting to donate for a while now. This just kind of reminded me that it’s really past due.


Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to win a bottle of inawera milk chocolate v1, but honestly that was a secondary motive.


You picked an excellent time to do it. If you’re going to donate anyway, may as well get something in return ya know?


I get something in return every single day! :blush:


Same here!!


Well I think the time has come. The raffle has expired on the east coast. So I guess we can stop bumping it up now hehe


Yup, 12:18 here!


Going to close it off in just under 3 hrs when CA hits midnight - it may take us a little while to draw the winners once we sort all the entries