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Looking for Input on a New Mod


No worries. Thank you.


If you’re looking for a 3x18650 DNA 250, then the Buster is a good, cheap option.
I have one and it’s super comfortable to hold and obviously works like any other DNA device.


I’ve got the Lost Vape Triade, DNA 250. Build quality as far as structural integrity is excellent. 510 Connector is excellent. The PCB is very accurate in all modes. Being a three battery device it is large in the hand and heavy compared to two battery or single battery mods. Batteries can be difficult to get into battery tray. I modified mine slightly to change that. Gunmetal paint well peal off of frame. Navigation is “clunky” with odd series of button presses to remember. Advanced functions such as setting TCR’s are accomplished via computer software and subsequently uploaded into device.


I have a triade 250, sxmini g class, plus a vide variety of wismec, asmodus and smok devices. And to this day, anyone looking for alot of mod for their buck. Voopoo drag is the answer, you just cant go wrong. Its a workhorse and performs very well for the watt range you aim for. One of my absolute fav for 2x 18650 range.


Thank you. Several people have mentioned the Drag to me and I have read some good things about it. However, for some reason I am having a tough time the design aesthetics. It seems pretty boxy and I am not a big fan of silver boxes or the inserts they use on the black frames. If they made the black frame with the carbon inserts they use on the silver frame, I would be more inclined to grab one. That said, those aren’t deal breakers either since it seems to be a great box.


To me it seem to me like you got your mind pretty much made up but are just a little afraid that it is the best choice. Maybe as a final assessment you can write down the pros and cons you assign to each of the remaining contenders, but I don’t think there isn’t anything else that is going to help you further. The perfect mod isn’t out there


Afaik they have new ones that is either silver or black, without the inserts. Not sure, but think they are called Voopoo Drag X007 or something. Basicly just a design diff from the others :slight_smile:


I know it’s just me, but with so much gear out there I just couldn’t see myself vaping anything with ‘poo’ in the name. That’s not a knock on anyone, mind you. Just a funny choice of names.


Triad DNA 250 for the win! You know you want it!


Could not agree with you more.


For what it’s worth https://www.fasttech.com/products/6272300

With code LIVIN5 makes it $47.78 for a DNA250 chipped device.

The three cell version is also there for $60 or so.

I had an older SBODY DNA75 device that I sold that was an absolute tank so maybe a good bet.

Hard to beat a DNA250 chip for less than $50


The Voopoo drag is a heck of a mod for the price, solid and reliable although isnt particularly hand friendly, the Charon is also a great budget choice, biggest surprise for me this year was the Vaporesso Revenger, bit lightweight but super compact and a great chip, on the chunkier side the Vboy is pretty special if you get the version 2, version 1 has a pita battery door but it’ll happily accommodate a 30mm top, I’ve had a bad run with DNA devices this year with a few crapping out on me in their sleep but i’d say the Therion is one of the better ones, I have a Paranormal 166 on the way and Ive got high hopes for that. For triple powered the Vaptio N1 was an underdog but did itself proud, more of a desktop device but great value 🖒


This is a great point, @Duchesst, I believe now that there is no perfect mod. You are right that it is about the pros and cons of each mod. There are just too many out there…lol. That said, there are definitely mods our there that are better than this Smok, though it has served as a great into into box mod vaping. Thank you for your response.


I have seen that. They also have a Voopoo Too now, been looking at both of those.


I hear ya. I do like the Triade 250, as well as the Think Vape 250 for a 3 battery mod. I have also been thinking of a Paranormal or Therion if I go for a 2 battery mod. They are just so pricey. But then, spending it now could save money in the long run.


i dont think the v1 vboy ever made public release - they released to all the reviewers and got all the feedback fixed the battery door and the 510 issue and then released and called it version 2.


If were you, I’d go buy a mod already.
The longer this thread goes on, the more suggestions you’ll get.
Make a decision and pull the trigger.
Like most of us, you will end up with loads more mods than you need anyway.:wink:


Gearbest are still given em out by all accounts…ive had 2 :angry: …shocker lol


I have this one and it’s the best I have ever had love this thing!


There is another worth honorable mention. The HCigar VT75D. Obviously no mod is everything to everybody but here is a quick run down.
DNA 75 Board. Max 75W
2, 18650 in parallel. Excellent battery life.
Tiny mod.
Very well manufactured per structure including 510.
You can get a polished SS option. No paint pealing.
Very secure battery door.
It will not come with all parameters set correctly. To get TC up and running correctly you will have to use Escribe and make changes.
Battery well is tight. I use HG2 batteries with the paper label removed. Ya, that tight of an ID.
Two “wood look” adornments on sides may come off someday. Glued and pointy edges are away from frame.