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Looking to make really sweet juice


Check their site

I was just digging up some info for ya hehe. You beat me to it.

Pure organic and very damn tasty… to me anyway :yum:

Couldn’t be happier with this sweetner!


I am glad you are happy with your new discovery…Merry Christmas :slightly_smiling:


I picked up some of this yesterday. I’m hoping to breath life into some fruits I’ve struggled with. Will report back.


I was just in Walmart and forgot to grab some of that Pyure. I knew I needed something from there. But as usual I just walked through like a Zombie Sheep going Baaah, Baaah, Groan, Baaah. And I walked out with the usual garbage knowing I would regret my decision to walk out the door with my purchases.


Just want to add, prior to using Medicine Flower extracts, I’ve never had an ejuice to be too sweet. Now it is happening sometimes. My only choices seem to be to add something to sour it or dilute it.


Anyone else had much success with the Pyure stevia product?


Same question, been throught this thread and it would be handy to know the results. Thank you in advance. :yum:[quote=“Chewy, post:67, topic:18175, full:true”]
Anyone else had much success with the Pyure stevia product?


An excellent sweetener that I use is FA Pear. You can use 1% for a nice sweet taste without adding any flavor past 1% since it is a soft flavor unlike TFA Pear which is much harder than FA. I like them both but use them in different ways. I only use FA Pear to sweeten period.


I’ve been using small amounts of marshmallow for sweetner. Been working fine. :ok_hand:


I know @Mofogger and @LordVapor both like the Pyure liquid drops. @SthrnMixer gives it 5 stars in his flavor rating. Haven’t heard any negative reviews of that brand. Just don’t get one that has filler sweeteners like erythritol or dextrose as those at best will have a rotten aftertaste or at worst will just burn up and gunk your coils.


I’m on the hunt for some today. :wink:


I’ve not had any noticeable increase in gunking with the bit I’ve used. It’s done a great job at sweetening without introducing unwanted flavors. Have you tried it yet? I would love to hear more people’s impressions.


Not yet, the Walmarts around here don’t seem to carry it, and Amazon won’t have any for 3 more days, so it looks like I won’t have any for mixing this weekend. But it’s on my to-do list.

edit: I ordered last night and Amazon sent a shipping notification today despite the backorder, so maybe I will have it Saturday! :grin:

edit2: and I just got a notification that it’s been delieverd :yum:


Super sweet from Capella is all you need,imo. Happy Vaping


Walked literally 5 miles to walmart just now and found this.


Yup I’m sold. Added 1% to a strawberry cheesecake recipe and wtf it’s amazing. I feel like I’m in a secret club now.

BTW Mofogger, I added your notes about how the different percentages of Stevia affected your orange flavoring to the Stevia profile. You’re credited in the notes and a link to the posting is there as well. I assumed you would be ok with that, but if not just let me know.


Fa meringue and Fa whipped cream (warning contains diacetyl) will both sweeten a desert vape not much is needed either only a few drops


It’s top secret, only people who have internet are allowed to look at it! :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, glad ya like it @ffrank

On the notes thing, thanks for crediting me. It took some effort to find it though. Seems to be a helluva lot of different “Stevia” entries.

I doubt it matters but I choose the one titled “Liquid Stevia” to add to my stash. Looked like the other one was talking about Reb-A powder. There’s also a “Pyure” entry but pyure has powdered and liquid… So confusing… Maybe one day Lars can try to consolidate them for us or something…

Anywho… Welcome to the club of deliciousness!!! Can’t believe you had to walk 5 miles just to get some stevia. That’s dedication there! If someone told me the stairway to heaven was 5 miles, I wouldn’t make it…


I had the same problem. I think I figured it how, after trying different way of mixing. There’s no special sweetener needed, all you need is just Sucralose. If you want sweeteness forget about a gunked up coil. As long as it’s crazy sweet right?

Here is the logic that works to make your ejuice a toothache sweet using just sucralose. Imagine that you have a plain snow cone, and you put some sweet topings on it. When you eat that plain snow cone with its toping the overall taste won’t be pronouncely sweet. Why? because the snow cone is plain. The sweet topings don’t provide enough sweeteness for the overall taste. Even you have 10% sucralose for your topings, it won’t over power your plain snow cone.

Now, imagine again, if you have very sweet snow cone with plain taste topings. When you eat them, the overall taste becomes sweet.

So to answer the search for the like-the-store-bought sweetness is to where you add your sweetener. From my experience, before I mix a bottle of ejuice, I prepare a bottle of a mix PG 50ml, VG 50ml and sucralose 15ml (PG and VG 43.5% each, sucralose 13%), close the bottle, shake the crap out of it, and keep it for a couple of days. This is the process when all the molecules bind together. Just like the sweet snow cone I mentioned earlier, the sweetener binds with the snow cone, and your sweet snow cone is your PG and VG base.

2 days later use this PG-VG-Sucralose base and mix it with your flavor that you like. Flavor is your topings. And after, done mixing, do whatever you like to age your ejuice. Shake it, crockpot, ultrasonic, breath, steep whatever! Do your usual. The good thing is the PG-VG-Sucralose base won’t alter the taste of your flavor since the sucralose already binds together with the PG and VG.

From what I illustrate above, the mix is not going to end up for a 50:50 mix. It becomes kind of odd PG VG ratio. A 60ish PG and 40ish VG. Lol…but you can play around with eliquid calculator to find the right % of the PG-VG-Sucralose base prepared mix. It’s not that hard. It’s just some simple ratio calculation.

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