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Low Carb/Paleo Anyone?


Went for an 11 mile round trip bike ride to the better health market yesterday to grab some things so I could make this and some other recipes - https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/2016/10/keto-overnight-oats/

Another similar recipe page I bookmarked - https://www.ketoconnect.net/recipe/keto-oatmeal/

1 net carb and 8 grams of fiber for this mornings version. I will be making these often for sure as you can do all sorts of variants (I almost went for chunky almond butter instead of the sees to thicken it a bit more, and also considered some psyllium husk). I probably should have added some lite salt as there is basically no sodium in this meal but I went overboard on sodium yesterday and will probably snack on some cheese or summer sausage before lunch for some more protein.


Always go with the lowest weight! :joy:

I put a fresh battery in my scale the other day and “lost” three lbs by doing so!! Fresh batteries, yo, so important for vaping and dieting! Lmao


I made chicken crust pizza last night, oh my… so good! The “crust” tasted like a chicken nugget without the breading which was fine with me!


I bookmarked that recipe to try and also have this one marked to try since I always cook for just myself - https://www.ketoconnect.net/recipe/no-carb-pizza/

These guys have a lot of great keto recipes on their site and youtube channel that I follow. Another youtuber with lots of good recipes is this guy - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ9rtgneFVp0wiQWQedaShw


I ran across the canned chicken recipe last night, I’m definitely trying that when I want to just make a smaller amount for myself.


Gotta share a progress picture! The hubby and I got away for the weekend with NO KIDS so I decided I’d get a special new outfit for myself. When I got back into the low carb/keto swing of things in November I was floating between a size large and extra large. I’m down to a medium! I haven’t been this size since high school. I have about 25-30lbs left to go to get to my goal.

(pardon the messy suite and blurry mirror pic… Lol)


Holy shit! You look fabulous. Gorgeous. Fantastic. Beautiful.

Any other adjectives I have would probably need to be put in the freak flag Friday thread.


Haha! Thank you my dear, I feel fabulous!!


You are looking amazing Swit swooooo!! :+1::grin:


So I started making casseroles for the week and that has brought my budget back down to a reasonable level and made intake tracking a lot easier :joy: Bought a scale yesterday and stepped on it to see… 157.6!

I was at 172 when i first weighed around 2 weeks ago. This is crazy. I had my SO step on and her weight was right about where she weighed herself the day before on a friends scale so I would assume our scale is accurate. :smirk:

Today it was 156.0. That’s 16 pounds in just over two weeks.


I figured it was just water weight, but today after my shower it looks like my love handles fell off somewhere :neutral_face:

I’ll miss those guys :sob:


Wow @Vovonoko that’s awesome!! RIP to your love handles.


And congratulations to you! Your looking great!


Lunch today:

I made this microwave flax bread - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89nhQOtMd7o

Mine didn’t turn out as pretty as his but it was tasty and quite firm. I just need to mix better and get some better ramikens. The pyrex bowl and my poor mixing = a funky shaped bread with some visible egg white:

I also made this almond flour mug bread the other day and my mixing was even worse so I didn’t take a pic of it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE98gHygT4Y

I also bookmarked this other microwave flax bread recipe where she subs water for the egg and in the comments someone suggested 3/4 flax with 1/4 almond flour which I will have to give a try - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_GuYSnUTII&t=1s

Also on the to try list is this coconut flour microwave bread recipe - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-Lxl7HNOHU


Really getting the hang of this low net carb keto meal planning while still being able to maintain my daily fiber requirements which caused me problems when I tried keto a year or so ago:

2 net carbs for breakfast today and almost half my daily fiber requirements. overnight ‘oats’ made with hemp hearts, chia seeds and cashew milk then added some psyllium husks (to thicken more and add fiber) and half a small avocado, with a epic uncured bacon bar and mozzarella string cheese on the side. I am lazy and don’t look to cook much since I am the only one in the house doing keto. macros of 13% carbs, 62% fat and 25% protein counting the extra 5 calories and 1 carb from the uptime energy drink I had when I woke up at 4am.

I have also found some other good low net carb fiber sources: benefiber works good if you can’t get it in real food, or need just a little extra, at 1 net carb for 3 grams of fiber and you can buy them in single serving packs which are good to keep in the glove box. I also keep a half of a no cow protein bar which isn’t very high in fat but only 4 net carbs per half a bar for 10 grams of fiber. And one of my favorite sources of protein is dry roasted edamame when the rest of my meal is low in fiber (i.e. eating just eggs, meat, cheese or sandwich on keto bread): 2 net carbs for 8 grams of fiber - http://www.seapointfarms.com/dry-roasted-edamame.html

FYI in case anyone is wondering: that is fitbit’s food tracking. I gave up on myfitnesspal (again) this weekend because of all the issues syncing my steps and net calorie adjustment from my fitbit alta hr to the mfp site/app.


What are those epic bars like? I keep seeing them at the grocery store and I’m intrigued!


They are basically like a softer beef jerky bar, for the ones I have tried. The only one I have had recently is the uncured bacon as it is zero carbs. Some are as high as 10 carbs per bar so you have to check the nutri facts. I think the sriracha chicken is only 1 gram as I almost bought one and changed my mind at the last minute. I need to go grab some more while they ware on sale at my Better Health Markets for 33% off.

They also make many/most of the flavors in bags of smaller chunks instead of bars. Those are a bit tougher and more like traditional jerky.


Cool, I’ll have to pick some up to try. I like having things like that in my purse for when I’m out and about and hungry.


yes, me too (but not the purse thing lol). You actually got me craving one now and I only have one left… guess I will need to run and grab another handful today, should have grabbed some when I was out and about yesterday… supposed to rain all day here today.


Lunch today is 5 net carbs with 10.6 grams of fiber. Sorta ironic eating this out of a tub that mini chocolate eclairs came in but it’s the only bowl big enough for my sized salads: