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Low Carb/Paleo Anyone?


Now that’s my kind of recipe!!


This is a misconception from everything I have read - http://www.ruled.me/counting-calories-on-ketogenic-diet/

You might think so if you aren’t actually tracking your calories in/out before and during your time eating keto.


You have to count? :slight_smile: Perhaps you should but it is a working diet for me and I am not hungry doing it.


right, as long as you are losing weight I wouldn’t worry about it if you weren’t counting them before. I have been tracking calories in/out daily for 3 or 4 years so it is just habit for me now.

one thing I would track is your fiber if you find yourself constipated… happened to me first time I tried keto and wasn’t paying attention to daily fiber, not fun.


Same here ( except not that long), I got so used to it that it’s easy now. If i don’t track I end up not eating enough because I’m worried about going over my macros.

Side note, I just lost 2.8 lbs overnight! Which brings me down to only .4lbs away from my half way point! I had 70lbs to lose and as of this morning I’ve lost 34.6! I’m kind of excited… :wink:


Can you tell what days I drank on this week??? :cry:

Not going to show barb counts from those days lol.


Yep, I think I can tell… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I pretty much only drink vodka and sparkling water, so it doesn’t end up too bad on the nights that I do drink.


i drink vodka and bourbon but after 4 or 5 my appetite gets ravenous and my willpower goes to nil so I eat all sorts of crap. I can sometimes control myself to only eat keto-friendly items like pecans, pork rinds, cheese, leftover meats, etc but if my room-mates have non-keto leftovers or snacks around I will sometimes go way off the rails.


Ahh, gotcha. I do daily intermittent fasting and have my eating window later in the day so that i can fit some munchies in. Cuz I feel ya on those drunk munchies, man! Lol



Yuuuummmmm! I might just make that tonight!


It was very good. I skipped the butter/soy marinade in the original recipe. The bacon grease in the pan flavors the unwrapped asparagus as well. This was my first time trying it and this was a nice change of pace from roasting it in the oven with a piece of frozen wild caught salmon like I had been doing lately.


Is that an app that you have on your phone to track everything? If so what is it? I have an android phone, the galaxy s7 active. Sorry if this has been asked before.


MyFitnesspal is the site/app and the most popular calorie tracker in the states. I used it on my iphone and now use it on my Pixel XL. I do most of my entries on their web site since I work from home but the app is great when I am out of the house or need to scan a upc code for a new food. I have it setup as sedentary for my daily calorie goal and synced with my fitbit to adjust my calorie goals +/- based on my daily activity. It doesn’t display net carbs so you have to manually subtract fiber from carbs if you are tracking that. I have macros set at 15C/60F/25P which usually leaves the Carbs goal about 30 over my Fiber goal, though I have been pretty good about staying under 20 net carbs now that I have (been trying to) cut alcohol, and associated drunk munchies, out of my diet,


Ditto. I use the android app.


I think I got everything I need now to try making one of these guys this weekend:


That looks good. I want to try the meat crust pizza!!
I attempted the bacon wrapped asparagus the other day… All the bacon ended up falling off so it just ended up being a big bowl of asparagus with bacon chunks. Lol! Nobody complained though.


lol, that aspar recipe says to use tooth pics but I didn’t have any. my thick cut bacon stayed in place while cooking but obv it all came apart once I started cutting it up to eat. I wasn’t bitching either tho as bacon flavored asparagus was pretty damn good imo


The site I linked to above has a number of low carb pizza crust options:


This was tasty last night. First time using Raos sauce (or any marinara) on my stuffed shrooms.

It wasn’t all I ate for dinner though (unfortunately) so I moved the non keto friendly stuff to my snacks category for this pic. Had a bit of an off day yesterday (40 net carbs) but I kept it below 2k calories. Was hungry I guess from the prev 2 days of 1200 and 1600 calories total per day.