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Making my own RY4 with NET


He all,

I recently started making my own NET’s and they taste awesome.
Now i was thinking of making my own blend of RY4 based on my NET’s.
The current one i am (cold) extracting is a pipe tobacco called Amphora (Burley, Kentucky, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia)

What would you guys recommend for vanilla and caramel? I made a little sample with 1% CAP French Vanilla and 1% TFA Caramel and it’s quite good, but i am very open for suggestions!

Regards, Michel.

Other RY4 Type flavors?

Welcome to the NET club :yum:
It sounds good to me and it will most likely improve with some steeping.
I like Inawera’s Shisha Vanilla but it is a lot stronger than CAP so you would need less.
Did you use TPA Caramel Original? That one is pretty good.

I have Amphora Original/Brown that I cold steeped for 7 months and it’s awesome. Currently I have a pot of Amphora Full/Red that is steeping right now waiting for me. Patience…:relaxed:


@Skullblade789 this is the question i was refering to


Welcome aboard. The two I would suggest, and they are pricey would be medicine flower caramel and vanilla. Like 8 drops in a 50 or 60 or 30ml of both flavors. Very strong stuff. I would also try a tiny bit of TFA Peanut Butter as well. I just smelled my RY4 Double that I absolutely love and has a hint on peanut butter to it.


Got it thanks.




7 months??? I am hitting 2 and then i’m going to harvest :wink:
What would you suggest as a good minimum time to extract?

As far as adding caramel and vanilla goes, i am thinking about making a batch of several different combinations and just see what happens. I have 2 vanilla’s and 3 caramel, including candy, so that might be nice :wink:

As skullblade said, i might tinker around with a little AP and some nut types, thinking a touch of hazelnut mayby?
So many things to try :wink:


French Vanilla is a cream more than a vanilla

…that’s cool if you were thinking about making a Vanilla ice cream NET


I know of people who let it sit for a month. I find that the longer I leave it the stronger it is and the less I need to use, which greatly diminishes the coil gunking.
I just try to forget I have it standing around. Laziness also plays a big part :relaxed: I filtered one yesterday that steeped for 8 months and I have a few more of those.
Tinkering around is fun. When I vape them solo I usually get this moment when I think; this one would be really nice with a drop of … fill in the blank, the possibilities are endless.
Have fun!


Now that I have +/- 25 finished extractions sitting in jars, getting better every day, I’m kinda the same way with my NET macerations awaiting filtering. No need to rush things… seems the longer they sit, the better the outcome. :wink:

Hybrid mixes just haven’t crossed my mind as of late. :thinking:…guess I’m just enjoying my NETs as they are without anything else in the mix; makes my decision making of what should go into the mix even easier…or even more lazy! :rofl:


To be honest, it hasn’t gone any further than thinking :sunglasses: I’m far too lazy to act on thoughts and like you really enjoy the NETs as they are.

I agree completely, I know there are many mixers here who really enjoy mixing so I’m probably swearing in church but I like things to be easy :relaxed:


I just like the fact that not only my juice is handcrafted (and not the overpriced overly sweet ‘premium’ stuff), but i also made some of the ingredients :wink:
I’m also thinking about making some teas and vanilla.
The nice thing is you can pretty much extract everything :wink:


Did you see this thread?


Thanks! Just read it, nice info in it, will monitor :wink: