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Medicine Flower Recommendations


Personally, I’m not too sure about MF orange. Maybe because I tried it as a Botanic Elixir dilution (and yes I did multiply the quantity by 10, accordingly) or maybe my taste buds are not responding to citrus like they should? But for whatever reason, I personally found the orange flavour disappointingly weak in my SFTs. That said, I subsequently bought Mandarin (MF) and had the exact same problem with that. I could tell it was sharper than the Orange (so you’ll probably like Orange better. I mean, it actually is what you’re looking for… so far as I could tell) but I didn’t get much flavour at all up to 1%. I’ve yet to try above 1%, because flavour notes suggested 0.5% for Orange, so I became increasingly incredulous as I upped it, Then I decided to stop arsing around with orangy flavours and try something completely different, in an effort to get my mojo back.


I would say in general orange mf is a fuller orange where others are too empty, more rind or more pulp. I can get off notes at higher percents. If you have a finished or close to finished orange recpie try adding 1-2 drops and it may just blow your mind.


I did this with Mandarin MF recently, just added .25% to a Mandarin/Tangerine recipe and it totally made the recipe.


For some odd reason manderine doesn’t do it for me. But I am still holding onto the bottle.


Could I trouble you into shedding a little more light on this profile? Not so much on the medicine flower end, but more on the alternatives!


Wanted to that you for the very informative links to the additional threads on working with MF concentrates. All of that reading may have saved me a chunk of change! I think i will walk softly into this arena rather than full steam ahead!


Ok, you guys. I think you’re saying that the MF oranges need to be paired with some other orange to really shine?

Assuming that I’ve understod you aright, can you offer suitable pairings (bearing in mind my PG-sensitivity. I know that makes me an awkwatd bugger, but can’t help it! sorry! )

I particularly want to know what this Mandarin/ Tangerine recipe of yours is, Plunderdrum! That said, I’ll bet it involves my old bugbear NF!


Of course, it does!

I juuust got the Mandarin MF a few weeks ago and threw it in there on a hunch. Haven’t taken the time to SF test it, but it made sense in this.


Just took the plunge with blueberry, strawberry, and banana. And requested samples…


I’ll try to get back to you on this soon! I did a caramel shootout sometime back, and I’ll see what I can dig up.


I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the blueberry. That’s one I’ve been eyeing but haven’t ordered it yet.


You can start with tangerine flv or orange shisha inw both at low percents of 0.5-1%


Thanks but I’m pretty sure that all the Inw flaves contain PG. Most flavours do :(. Again, sorry for being am awkward bugger! I guess I’ll just have to get hold of that NF by hook or by crook! or settle for Kandi Hed or RF, but nobody;s recommended the latter yet! ( and almost nobody uses the former)

I’d kinda like to just follow someone else , for a change, rather than sub their ideas into oblivion! :laughing:


I love tried orange rf sc and blood orange rf sc. wasn’t impressed. If I had to pick one it would be blood orange but the reverse would need to happen…higher on mf and 0.25-0.45 rf sc. but I am one of those folks that don’t like the long steep effect on rf sc


Aside from Butterscotch (which I got first because I’ve been dying for a good Butterscotch candy disk flavored juice, and a trusted source assures me this is the key ingredient), I picked three flavors that I tend to use most, overall. I hope they do put in some samples so I can try a few others.

Not to drift too far off-topic, but I am now moving to refine my stash and hone in on some recipes I can love, trust, and that use for the most part low % totals. From what I read, MF is perfect for low % mixing so I hope the flavors work out.


Speaking of Butterscotch, when my MF package arrived, all I could smell was a wonderful butterscotch smell! I have high hopes for this one!


Btw, both Sweet Tangerine (Cap) and Whipped Cream (FW) are Alcohol/Water based and Alcohol/VG based, respectively. No PG! Just don’t buy the Sweet Tangerine Rf(reduced flashpoint), they took out the Alcohol and added PG in that one.


If you mean the fade efect, I’m very much with you there, and that makes them inappropriate to pair with MF. On the other hand, they don’t all fade , just the ones with added EM , I suspect (Is there a way of finding out which ones they are? I mean, short of asking Walt, which we we can’t anymore :frowning: )

I’ve heard it said that Butterscotcth generally needs a iot of caramel added to make it shine. Even MF! I dunno about that, but I did add some Caramel to one of my Butterscotch (MF) SF tests recently, and I do think that improved it a bit . Worth bearing in mind.

Ooh! I’m tempted, though I do prefer to steer clear of those manufacturers that usually put PG in their flavour. They’re too apt to change the recipe.

Case in point! Hmm, this “reduced flashpoint” thing is kinda scary. Makes me wonder why they felt moved to : to reduce the flashpoint? :fire: :fireworks::new_moon_with_face:


The alcohol content was above the required limit allowable for air transport.


I’ve got some Hangsen Caramel Toffee that I think will work nicely with MF Butterscotch.