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Medicine Flower Recommendations


Haha! I was typing my comment on it when you wrote that…


PS, I should add that I’ve nothing against Orange through to wild Raspberry, @Pro_Vapes . I just haven’t yet tested those flavours sufficiently to recommend


Wasn’t impressed with their regular raspberry, i’m afraid. I’ve now got the Wild Raspberry ( Botanic Elixiir) in my box of tricks, hoping it will work out better, as I have heard good things about it (probably here * chuckle* ).


Thanks for those links. This mix is an adaptation from one of my earlier mixes. After viewing the links you provided I’ll dial back the BB FLV and see how it goes… Thanks @woftam

Even now after viewing the entire recipe and the total amount of MF being used, it’ll be wise to scale back the entire mix to 3-4% total flavor.


Think I may have tried the botanix normal raspberry too and didnt get much from it. I love Solub Arome Raspberry, always been a fan of FA raspberry but Solub is totally different and works best at low percentages too. To me like raspberry ripple, anything above 1.5-2% and it gets too tarty for me (usually I like that in other areas haha)…bit like Inawera Raspberry higher, which I never liked


I use their dark chocolate and butterscotch in a lot of recipes. Their banana is also one of my favourites, I haven’t tried another banana that is as accurate to a ripe banana flavour. Their red apple is very similar to fuji, maybe a bit stronger, making it not worth the money for me. The last watermelon I got from them was a honeydew flavour and not watermelon, but it tasted amazing. Peach, strawberry, mandarin, and morello cherry are all really good flavours as well. Their cherry is better than any others I’ve tried. I also use their coffee often. I use most of their flavours between .5-1% and less in most mixes. I find they can be difficult to get the percentages right because of how strong they are. A little too much in a mix makes them harsh and the flavour mutes itself for me,start real low and work your way up. They work great when mixing with other manufacturers, but can be quite harsh when using them together unless you get the percentages exactly right, which can be difficult and time consuming when you consider the long steep time. I have 15 of their flavours and haven’t been disappointed by any, but I only use a handful of them regularly.


wish I would have found this thread, before I did my search on lotus flavors, lol, I posted on a lotus thread that was a year old, i’m green and learning my way around here, give me time folks, it will get better!!!


We recommend anyone who wants to mix.

Each with about 10% aroma!

Even though there is something else on the aromas we go home!


I’m sorry. But I can’t see even an MTL vaper needing 10% of an MF flavor*.

*Unless you’re used to buying it from a vendor who dilutes it.


Huh? 10% are you talking about medicinal flower? I’ve never herd of anyone mixing it that high.


I actually mix exclusively with medicine flower, after trying a few alternate retailers I’m pretty firmly just ordering from their site. Their newsletter has fairly frequent coupon codes and they’ll throw some samples at you if you request.

Flavors I’m fond of?

  • citrus, need a serious shake before use but excellent flavor. Lemon and mandarin especially
  • white cherry has a lovely almost spiced/mulled quality, my favorite of their cherries
  • white peach very good and especially vs the “just” peach, one of the stinkers in the bunch
  • grape and grape sauvignon blanc, grape is a good concorde welch’s sort of flavor, sauvignon more subtle but I use it quite frequently to add a note a sweetness
  • red apple I prefer over the green apple, mixed with white cherry makes a tremendous spiced cider affair
  • cucumber has more limited application but certainly shines
  • strawberry is very good, on the weaker side compared to their other flavors
  • guava I like, but as a tertiary flavor, too much overpowers and gets odd
  • dark chocolate is excellent, strong! Especially long steep required

Flavors I’d recommend avoiding

  • raspberry, haven’t tried the wild yet, the without wild is regretable
  • pineapple, totally weird for me, tried in a few mixes all unvapeable
  • grape cabernet sauvignon, raisin-like, was looking for the concorde flavor that is their just grape. Prefer black currant for raisin-like.

Starting out, nearly two years ago, had read about flavor fade and how you “must dilute.” Not my experience, the near two year old extracts taste just as they always have. No longer dilute anything, found it to be an extra step between finished mix and to slow down the mixing process. Doling out 10 times the weight of each flavor became tedious, especially when I would find not enough of a dilution mid mixing.

Certainly my personal experience, am not much for dessert/custard/baked flavor, sought out MF for good real fruit, am very pleased with their offerings in this regard.

Medicine Flower Tasting Notes

@alanwolfe, Some say that MF extracts fade over time in mixes. From my experience MF extracts hold up better and longer than most flavors around them. Almost to the point that they seem to get stronger. Any thoughts on this claim of after mixed MF fading issues?


10% for any MF flavours is insanely high and a waste of money. The main reason I use them is because they have amazing flavour at less than 1%.


alan??? what percenta are you using the white cherry ?? id like to use it in a mix with inw cherries


I’ve never had any MF flavours fade at all. I agree that most seem to get stronger.


Yeah, i have had zero flavor fade with MF. Been using them for years without any issues other than running out of one at the wrong time.


I’m wondering if they actually get stronger or does the other flavors in the mix get weaker… I’m not at all sure, but some flavors tend to settle or fade, while the MFs appear to be more stable and simply outlast the others… Just food for thought. I’ve had some mixes for at least 8 months or more and the MFs are still upfront and very noticeable.


I can only comment on the raspberry and peach, those two definitely get stronger over time.


This has been my experience as well.

Vanilla as well.

Ive been meaning to do some experiments with dilutions. Saw a company selling 10% dilutions and suggestions one start using them in the 1% range. Im not sure any of them would be detectable at such a low % but there is only one way to be certain…

Thing is i only have a handful on the shelf right now: SB, Van, White Choco, White Peach, Black/Morello Cherry, Blueberry, Nectarine and Acacia Honey.

I can say without a doubt that Acacia Honey in a 10% dilution would still be very very potent at 1%, got dayum its potent and horrible at the %s ive tried. I put one teeensee tiny drop in a 16.9oz bottle of water and had to dump it out. So it is possible, for some of these extracts.


@Pro_Vapes had mentioned the orange and lemon being particularly potent, so I’m thinking they may be candidates for a solution also.