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Medicine Flower Recommendations


Lemon is quite potent as well, i forgot to list that one. Not quite in the same league as Icky Honey but i could see it being used in a dilution to make it easier to mix with. Just a fraction of a drop can quickly overpower anything its mixed with, lemon that is. Wonderful tasting extract.


You might have the content of the thread. We talking about mf flavors. Many mixers are mixing from 0.1% to 1%(super high end of the spectrum).

I’m not going to derail the thread and talk about inw, fa, rf sc, flv where they sit for the vast majority of 0.5-3%. But we do want to stay on topic.


We appreciate the input from all of our members but we ask that vendors contact the admin for a vendor thread and keep all of their links in that thread. I will be removing your post with links to your store.

If you are interested in a vendor thread please feel free to contact one of us mods and we can get you started.


I followed his link, He’s just talking about hs own fucking aromas in his own fucking shop :rage:


Maybe refering to the 2-4 week or so that some of their flavours almost disappear. After steeping they come back very strong though.


I’ve mentioned this before as a sleep period. But when they wakeup… :star_struck:

Accurate usage %s and patience is a must when using MFs. When users are coming from a TPA, CAP, FW background, these MFs are very hard to understand. It was a steep learning curve for me.


a year into playing with them and still learning what i can and cant do


I need to elaborate more because 2 years ago there wasn’t many mixers here using MF Extracts, so there wasn’t much info out there. Now they have become more popular there is more info than when I started.

I do suggest researching and reading flavor notes before buying any MF Extracts. Just read up and ask for recommendations before purchasing. Learn the usage %s and be patient when steeping… you should be successful when mixing with them.


I have read before that they don’t play well together when used in an all MF mix. Any thoughts on that?


TBH I haven’t like too many SF MF fruitss without adding a sweet and sour note. I mostly shoot for a layered complex type of mix, mostly creamy dessert type mixes… sometimes with fruit. Incorporating MFs in these type of mixes has worked well for me.


i have tried a couple, all MF mixes ( keep in mind i was probably way off on pcts) and they didnt seem to come out as good when i use multiple brands 2gether , but i also didnt add any sour or ssweet like PV suggests but there was a definite funny taste in each of the mixes i probably vaped early as well ( ine month ) steep and that taste cldve went away with longer steep


I already said this in the Lotus thread , but it bears repeating:

We all need to make more effort to contribute to those notes, In spite of our earnest hopes, they are not writing themselves. For some reason, most people are much happier to write their flavour testing notes into threads like this one, rather into these much-vaunted flavour notes, where people can actually find them at need; as a result, the Flavor Notes are utterly useles for the majority of MF flavours!

Let’s all get working on rectifying that. Please?


I’m glad you see a need for more input on the recipe side and I totally agree. The point of this thread is to also put out more info on the forum for those that might be interested in MFs also.

I’ve come find out that the use of MFs is a very hard push. I’m sure that it’s a better flavor choice than what a lot of people are using. The main reason more don’t use it is because of price and I can understand that.

I really think that DIY is more of a progression, so I kinda move other mixers in baby steps hoping they would be more comfortable with this type of purchase. For me it was a no brainer because I really didn’t enjoy most of my early mixes.

EDIT and they were highly recommended by @Ken_O_Where.


I’m still very new to the MF line but, I did notice a difference with their peach when adding sour and sweetener, as suggested by @Pro_Vapes. Raspberry, well that one I have not had much success with yet. However, I’m starting to think my issue is trying to find another raspberry to support it.


It’s not just recipes, as such, though. I often click on some MF flavour in the database, and see a few of recipes by yourself, @Ken_O_Where, @Plunderdrum etc, but zero guidance in the Flavor Notes as to % and steeping time for that paticular flavour. The averages at the top are horribly skewed, and mostly based upon the recipes you can’t see. And If you click on one of those recipes, you’re still left to guess an awful lot about that flavour, bevause it’s mixed in with other flavours, isn’t it? often as a minor note.

So yes, I’d like to see more recipes for MF, but more than tjhat, I’d like to see a whole lot more “Flavor notes”. And I’d like to see them ,mentioning steep time. Otherwise, newbies to MF mixing will be clicking on them, reading the notes, trying the flavour the flavour at 0.5% , as recommended. then grumbling that they can’t taste it, and throwing in 10% the next day


Hopefully this thread will lead to more interest in MF, thus more notes on the recipe side. There ain’t a lot of mixers using MF compared to most brands, so I can see why there aren’t more notes. When I started using MFs @Ken_O_Where was the only one posting about them.


Aaaagh, you picked two problem flavours there, I mean, from my reading, the raspberry flavour has had a thumbs down from almost everybody who has an opinon at all, including myself. I just couldn’t get it to taste any good, no matter how I fiddled with the % , not as a SF, nor in combination with other flavours (Ummm, I prolly ought to say that on the Flavour Notes, hmm?). The Wild Raspberry is much better .

The peach hasn’t had that same universal condemnation, you’ll be happy to hear, but it’s generally agreed that the White Peach is better. I haven’t tried either, personally but I did my homework, and bought the white peach, in preference. Looking forward to trying it :smile:


After reading through your previous posts, I will make it a point to add my notes,%, etc.
The peach itself I wouldn’t single flavor. It’s almost too realistic. However, I mix it with FA White Peach, a little Sour Wizard and a little Stevia, and it works great for me.


I found the raspberry a little lacking (not wild) i push it a little with a few drops of lemon (or lime) and add .3% inw raspberry (a little stevia and sour if you need to) it works out ok. Waiting for wild raspberry to arrive.


Thanks. I’ll give that a shot!