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Medicine Flower Recommendations


I must be in the minority. I do find it enjoyable when mixed with raspberry fa. It is a white fruit. Meaning it should be mixed with other clear fruits. It breaks down in Carmel’s custards and even some creams. Push to hard you are over flavored. Not hard enough and it lacks.

Where wild raspberry is best at is the zing/ting note. The tart from a garden fresh raspberry. This is why I preach wild… but just plain raspberry is good.


I sometimes use MF fruits as a solo fruit with other flavors. But I also like using them with other versions of the same fruit to shore up any gaps as it helps to create that full fruit note. Some MF fruits aren’t too great alone in a mix, but they really pair well with others.


Good Earth beauty! That’s a great find!
Prices are just the same as buying from MF direct, but look at the international shipping:

That;'s much better deal than I’ve found anywhere else.:smile:
and the range is so extensive, I dunno what’s missing!


The Credit for this find goes to @juice_junkie_lover. They also send free samples and free shipping in the US. When ordering use the discount code geb10 for a 10% discount.


Ooh, I assumed that code was out of date by now ( he posted that code a year or two back, didn’t he? ). Well, I won’t get free shipping, but I’ll happily accept free samples, 10% off or what-have-you.

Free samples of MF is it? I mean, I don’t really care for free samples of nail polish. I might as well be a bloke for all I care about all that (hmm, well actually my son is more interested in that sort of thing than I am, come to think . I shouldn’t be sexist about this! He wears dresses more often than I do, too! :grinning: )





I was wondering about that. Nectarine took a vacation at 4 weeks then came back all sun tanned and ready to work when I checked back at 6 weeks! What on Earth could cause this phenomenon?


I wish I could explain the process or define the steep time for every MF Extract I have. The only advice I can give is just give the MFs time and you should be rewarded in the end.

A lot of mixers are hoping for a SnV and don’t know the benefits of a extended steep. Sometimes patience really pay off.


I am just wondering what you guys and gals, are using to dispense MF flavors, I haven’t seen the MF bottle yet, suppose to be here today, but it must have a teeny-tiny hole at the nipple. and the scale used to weigh it, is 0.00gr. good enough. I have the LB-501, actually 2 of them, 1st one crapped out on me, working on the second one.


The scale is fine and is the most popular. I havent used MF but if they are that concentrated, u may want to weigh what the drops are out of the tips. weigh out 10 and divide, etc



OMG !!! that is a big dripper @Pro_Vapes, I recon the dripper has a smaller hole than most drippers .


:smile: it was supposed to be a rhetorical question, just expressing my amazement that a flavor could disappear for a week or so. Sorry for any confusion. I wasn’t expecting a chemistry lesson or anything. I’m on board for the long steep, but I do enjoy a few that are really tasty at 2-3 weeks. I’m waiting for the 3 month mark to try MF Mango again. Have it at .6% for my first tester of it. Hoping it loses some of its a-peel!


Thanks @worm1


Maybe this will help out…


Thanks @Pro_Vapes that solves my question


Just to elaborate on that, those measurements are based on using the little 5ml plastic dripper bottles that come from ECX.


From what I’ve read the MF Mango just might be a dud… You can make your opinion about it tho. That’s part of the reason for this recommendations thread.


ok, I see what you mean, thanks @VapeyMama


It’s the same I’ve experienced from the stock MF bottles.