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Medicine Flower Recommendations


thats the size I will be getting 5ml.


I’m thinking the same for Mango. I’ll try it at .08 or less next time and see what happens at the drop or 2 level. I think they put too much peel in the batch when they did the extraction or something. Maybe the extraction process just pulls that chemical flavor from the fruit meat itself. Either way, if you’ve ever mistakenly taken a bite of mango peel, which is a horrible experience, that’s the chemical flavor in the MF that’s messing it all up.


Good idea. I know that some extracts definitely contains some peel or rind. When using the orange and lemon above .5% I can taste more zest than using them around .25% or less.


I’ve found two solutions to the dropper problem that both work for me:

  1. I rarely mix MF in small quantities. Usually my mixing bottles are at least 30 ml, even if only experimental. I might subdivide into smaller bottles later, to try out different variations
  2. Put the dropper cap aside, and stick a 1ml syringe in it instead ! that way you can see exactly how much you’ve added to your mix, by volume * … though it might be rather more than intended, because the drops can still come out a tad too big! in those larger bottles though, the difference isn’t usually drastic.

EDIT: actually meant to post this as a general observation, not as answer to Pro_Vapes, Sorry! :blush:

*There are scales ofc, but - just as others, here have complained- I often find that my scales don’t register the first drop! ( I think that’s actually a delayed response rather than no response, but hard to be sure, and very disconcerting)


I find the price to be comparable to others when you consider that most MF can be used at well under 1% compared to other flavours that need to be used at much higher percentages and still don’t give you anywhere near the authentic flavour.


I totally agree. That’s been known for quite some time. Price is just the biggest reason I’ve heard why a lot of people don’t use them. Some people are happy with TPA, CAP and FW, so I don’t see a need to keep hammering that they should switch. Maybe at some point they might just try MF, but it’ll be an individual decision in their own time.

As for me I’m very selective when it comes to flavors. A lot of the cheaper brands are too far left of of center then what the flavor should be IMO. And as you’ve mentioned the high usage % of some of them is off-putting for me. But most of all my mixes really sucked before I made a switch to more accurate flavor choices that happen to include but not limited to MF.

EDIT… The whole purpose of this thread is to compile a list of MF Recommendations so those that’s interested can choose the MFs that’s most liked. Thus members making the switch don’t go out and buy MF duds.


I’ve found a workaround for this. The issue with the LB501 is that it doesnt register until the weight equals .04g. If I want to add .02-.03 of an ingredient, I weigh another heavier ingredient right before the one thats too light and Don’t press the tare button. It measures accurately as long as you are .04g or above. Ive also figured out a way to get small drips to drop into the mix fairly consistently to get a .01 iiiif I do it just right.


I add one drop from the small dram bottles to supplement mango fa in a 15ml mix. Typical steep time has been 4 weeks and benefits from a sweet cream or ice cream flavor. One drop on average from those bottles is 0.04grams.

And yes. The complete mango is in the flavor…peal to the meat. And not as sweet as mango flv.


yep that’s pretty much what I mean by “delayed response” . That is, when you add the next drop , it gives the weight of both , so far as I can tell. Not pressing the tare button works too. Have tried that. :smile:


For some reason this thread has morphed into a MF discussion. There is a lot of good info about MF in this thread, but very little MF Recommendations.

Anybody else willing to share their favorites?


Honestly, this is probably the best idea I’ve seen.
Simply because certain MF are very much like a few other touchy flavors (Ina mix mint, certain FLV, Acetyl Pyrizine, etc).

Sometimes it’s very beneficial to have that extra level of control. But again, I concede it’s a very small set of flavors (maybe 1% if that of all the flavors out there would qualify). And even then, there are those who would probably prefer a dilution.

For me though, I’m thinking I need to buy some more 1ml syringes (next chance I have) for my MF flavors, so I can remove all doubt (for my own sanity/happiness).

I would challenge you to test and verify.
You might be quite surprised.

In my experience, drops vary just as widely between glass droppers, as they do between plastic bottle tips, and as varied as different gauges of and types of syringe tips!!

I have posted my findings on ELR previously, with regard to the massive difference in number of drop count, by simply changing from an 18ga. blunt tip needle, to an 18ga injection tip (subcutaneous type) needle. It only makes sense to expect even wider variances between different gauges…


I would agree overall. But it’s been reported on more than 1 occasion (and by folks whose experience and taste buds I respect, and agree with) that some MF have to be used at 1%, and possibly higher. Strawberry comes to mind.

I would amend the statement to:
"when you consider that, in many cases MF can be used at well under 1%…"
and that’s where you are able to maintain the best dollar to value ratio.
Anything outside of that starts to fall into the group that maintains “I’m simply willing to pay for the absolute best” (and they find the given MF flavor meets that definition). Otherwise, one might think there are most cost effective options out there for minimal tradeoff/sacrifice in profile.

TLDR: blanket statements can be dangerous, especially when referring to ULTRA POTENT flavorings. :wink:


Very helpful (and interesting) tip there Plunderdrum! :wink:


That is what i am talking about, great idea, got to get rid of my big sign that says “Press Tare Button” at my mixing station, because I forgot to, so many times!!!


You could hang a sign below it that reads “…unless you’re adding a tiny amount of MF to the previously weighed ingredient”

Kind of wordy, but it could work!


I did have some notes up at one time but i didnt realize that when you remove a flavor from your stash it removes your notes so they were lost. I suck at notes anyways, to be honest.


I would say their Caramel, at .6% with a good steep 3 weeks+ is a great sticky sweet Ice cream topping Caramel, I did a tester of this in VG and let it sit for a month without adding any nicotine or PG and I would say it tasted to me like a spoon full of a good quality, some what grainy Ice cream topping, So I went with that and added it to a Basic Cheesecake mixed with Purilum Flavors that I had steeping. I think it was 5% CCGC, and 4% cheese cake with and it turned out really good for a caramel cheesecake. I would guess to add a bit 1-1.5 % of TFA Greek Yogurt to add a bit more tartness to the Cheese, or any other things to fine tune it and it would be really good, but it was great with those first three with a month steep, closest I have came to a true Caramel Cheesecake, I could just make up the MF Caramel at that % with VG and actually replace smuckers Caramel on my ice cream.


I wonder if @daath can fix that? Flavour notes ought to be like forum posts, only deleted if the author chooses to do so.
No wonder there are not many warning notes about naff flavours. Too often deleted from stash! :rofl:

I’ll bet my notes suck a lot more than yours do! That said I’m making them, anyway on the principle that sucky notes are better than no notes. No time for modesty in a crisis !

That said, I don’t blame you in the least for not wanting to do them over…and over.:frowning:

Btw, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some of your notes, though. Theyre not all gone.


QFT. :slight_smile:


@VapeyMama I remember you posting somewhere that you were having good results with white chocolate and I could never re-find it. Can you give me some more info on starting % and your thoughts on it?