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Medicine Flower Recommendations


Yeah! It adds kind of a thick cocoa butter feeling and taste when I’ve used it with creams. I haven’t done a ton with it, but I’ve used it right around .75-1% or so with good results.


MMM Butter go figure :wink: Thanks!


tip: after adding a small volume to the scale if it does not register blow lightly on the scale, the pressure of your breath will cause the weight reading to go up then back down to the weight of the small volume you have added.

tip: be sure you are mixing in a still environment with no fans blowing for the most accurate weight measurements.

remember though no measurement is exact, be happy, know the approximate weight of a drop and get close, a small error wont ruin the mix but just make it unique.


Does anyone have a solid % range on Black Currant and Mandarin MF?

I just ordered these from ECX and have spent over an hour searching and reading. Lots of thumbs up for Mandarin, but no real personal recommendations as far as I can find.


Edit: @jay210 I did see your notes on the flavor pages for these. Thank you! It’s noted that you were testing on 1.5-1.8ohm, though, so I’m not sure how that translates on RDA/RTA at .25 and .15ohms at 65 watts. I’ll be sure to add to the notes!


oddly enough, I’ve found that % guidelines posted by other mixers , using kit similar to yours ,generally work best for me as well! I’m thinking that probably the really crucial factor is coil temperature, which is usually unknown; however , I do know that the pre-built coils that I most often use are notorious for getting really hot…, as well as renowned for flavour.

well, whatever the reason, i honestly find no significant difference betwen my preferred percentages and those of various other folk . * shrugs*



Is that because you like a little less flavor or because they’re upsteepers and you keep your juices longer?


I love a flavorful mix… It’s like I’m still learning some these extracts and I probably misjudged some of these from the start.

One example is the Banana MF. I always thought of it to be on the weaker side and mixed it at 1%+, but I find it shows up very well @ around .4% as a mixer.

Another example is the Watermelon. I started @ 1% and I’m now down to around .3% and it really tastes better IMO… less rind-y.


Heh. I hear you! I went the other way, started really low, enjoyed it really low, then pushed up the % and put myself right off watermelon! Now I know what the rind tastes like, I’ve gotta try to forget that before I use the stuff again! :laughing:

I’ve bought Cantaloupe (MF) now. Errrrr…anybody know if you get a rindy taste with that one as well? And what % it kicks in at? I’m kinda nervous to try it.


The cantalope may be a really really low, like almost lemon low. Whenever ive mixed it with other mf it totally took over. This was when i first started so i dont have any data, sorry. So i would start out at a drop or two and work your way up

I could be wrong since this was when i had zero experience though


Ah, you mean Vapor Depot. I had a word with them about the recommended % , and here’s the answer I got:

I’m putting any newsthat comes my way about these concentrates in my MF Suppliers thread nowadays. That news came in pretty recently (which explains why I didn’t answer at the time)

Dunno about Acacia, but the Wildflower Honey is available in the Botanic Elixir range. Personally, I’ve been using it at 2-3% . Haven’t tried it at 1% , but I’m guessing it would be detectable,


I LOVE LOVE honey, i buy it from all over the country where ever and when ever we travel. Do not buy that stuff, at 1 drop/30ml it was like having a fist full of flowers crammed up your nose and in your mouth, and not the nice smelling kind of flowers either. 1 drop in a 16.9oz bottle of water was enough to make me dump it out. I dont mind some florals in honey, which is odd because i mostly hate floral vapes, and i love Honey Bee (FLV) which many say they very much dislike. So when i describe what vaping Acacia Honey MF was like you might understand what i mean a little better.

Just typing about it brings it back and i can taste the awful, in my mouth, right now. Even that horrible coating feeling, bleh.