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Medicine Flower


I just got Watermelon,strawberry, vanilla and blueberry today. I am going to do my best to make a Vg based flavor out of them and then use that to mix with.


So yesterday I did some bases that were vg and used the medicine flower flavors.

My first impression is they stink like nail polish remover every one of them.

Once I got over that I started to think how in the world am I going to get this stupid stopper out of the top so I can rebottle these flavors STAT Bc they’re terrible.

I got some pliers and pulled them out when I got to the second to last one the glass ring gave under pressure and a huge chunk of glass came off ( Note These bottle are weak is an understatement ) anyhow managed to get it out w/o contaminating the bottle w/ glass. * just a heads up for those who take that dropper off *

I did all 4 in vg and then I made a few test batches of ones w/ the vg bases and ones straight from the bottle using them at 1-2 drops per 7 Mls.

I did heat them but not very long kept them OTA for a bit then cap on and now steeping.

I guess the ones with vg based flavor will take longer ( Bc vg based sometimes do take a while to come around ) but it also seems like I could try those first Bc they’re not as strong so I’ll see how those two groups do and report back any positive attributes !


One thing I noticed so far is these are nothing like what I’m use to. They do take time… pure extract remind me of dealing with my NETs. They will pan out in the end. Then again I’m sure some will not like them.


haha… ‘nail polish remover’ ! yup, my watermelon does smell like that directly in the bottle. The caramel does not though. But, I have to say … my first impression of this watermelon is very positive. It’s a ‘fresh’ watermelon, but with a tad bit of the rind. That’s just when I first mixed it stand-alone. I added some mint to it and let it sit a couple of days and it’s really really smooth and yummy! The caramel I mixed a 3 drops in 12ml of base and it’s good today, but I think it actually needs more caramel or something else. Will be playing with it more, as I love caramels.


Thanks Alisa that gives me hope lol. I did a tiger’s blood spin off and named it Liger :wink:

Used the MF watermelon and strawberry in a 30 ml vg base


Ingredient %
Coconut (CAP) 1
Coconut Extra (TPA) 1.5
Creamy Milky Undertone (OOO) 4
Strawberry (MF) 0.6
Sweetener (ECX) 0.2
Watermelon (MF) 0.3

Flavor total: 7.6%

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EDIT : The Coconut Extra needs about half of that it is taking over the batch ! I am now going with 0.75%

Will probably just try it out today and see where it’s at, dunno if it’s weak but have heard it can be harsh the first few days.

I also did a watermelon mint called it winter salad ( I made some Vg based flavors of the MFs I think they’re on the weak side on the sniff-meter :wink: )

Here’s another one steeping

Winter salad

Ingredient %
Italian Cream (Hangsen) 1.26
Mild Winter (Peppermint) - Flavour Art 0.2
Watermelon VG MF Mine 6
Wild Melon (Flavorah) 0.76
Zen Garden (FA) 1.26

Flavor total: 9.47%

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Medicine Flower Recipes

In that link for buck tees abba he states once open they lose all flavor in 4 months in original bottles. Diluted to 10% though, 2 year shelf life. This would explain why bluenose lost all flavor with open bottle steeping. Have you had similar experience?


@Ken_O_Where, I find it humorous that you mentioned Medicine Flower (aka Lotus) back in 2/2015 and just now, folks are finally using it! You, Sir, are a trail blazer! What’s next for 2016? :thinking:

But, seriously, in your travels, have you ever come across someone who has used MF Tobacco ABS?



Got a couple of blends with MF Watermelon…Sweet Tangerine Capella and MF Watermelon, with a touch of FA Raspberry…and a MF Watermelon with Cap Cucumber…then a MF Watermelon with some FA Vanilla Bourbon, Classic Vanilla, and a touch of FA Coconut, a hint of FA Meringue, and a bit of FA Marshmallow, again, with a touch of FA Raspberry…The watermelon was so good in the Goblin Mini, I just had to throw together some whimsical recipes…Will steep 3 to 4 weeks…not sure about the last one…maybe I should have gone the cream route, instead of the vanillas…but it is exciting :slightly_smiling:


I just wanted to spread the word @Flavor_Alchemist directed me to this site in that they use MF flavors in their juices. Nice website and interesting %s being used there as well as the amount of Distilled water %s I was surprised.



Wow! Up to 10%? That’d be too much snap, crackle and pop for me! :smirk:


I agree and was shocked as well. I’m surprised no one emailed them back with those results.


I have not experienced this at all but i store the concentrates in the fridge. I have tested mixes at 3 - 6 months and they were very good. I never suggest anyone cure liquids with heat or by allowing for any free exchange of air from outside. Lids on at all times, while alcohols may dissipate aroma molecules will as well, not to mention that VG is a desiccant and will pick up atmospheric water.

I didnt want to push them too much as they arent the easiest to use and definitely require patience. This is the first time i have seen these tobaccos, @Jimk. Perhaps 2016 is the year of Jim’s Genuine Tobacco’s!


Some kind of sheshal DW… Never heard of it. I shared the site a few weeks ago, thought i had done so before but checked my posts and didnt see it.


@Flavor_Alchemist shared it with me tonight, but I had to post it here on this thread bc I couldn’t get past the amount of DW that was used. But you say it’s a Sheshal DW??? news to me too. Well I gotta look into what that is all about. I did some tests on SB and BB but nothing crazy bc I can’t stand the crack and pop of too high DW mixes. I still am having a hard time with the BB it has a real funky smell to me and it just isn’t ringing BB IDK what it is but to me not fruit like. I used it tonight at 1% maybe I just am using it way too high for me to get a fruit taste out of it. any advice ?


Too much work! Plus, I’d need to win a lottery $$$ for everything involved in doing a startup juice business. Plus, my hobby would become work; I’ve been down that road before and it destroyed my love for that particular hobby. If it weren’t for the customers, everything would be fine! :triumph: Sometimes people just suck!


Psst… Jim if you win the lottery send some my way :wink:


Hehe, i was being a bit silly. What i meant was special DW with a goofy spelling, sorry all these colds meds are messing up my tiny brain.

I dont use BB @ 1%, im around .5% but i like my flavors lite. I dont particularly like the smell of the BB either so along with the .5% i add some Billberry, depending on the recipe it ranges from a few drops to .3%. I find BB takes some of the longest curing time too but i do love the flavor.

If you end up not liking it gimme a holler, im sure that we can work out a trade for it. :smiley:


Your an Angel. I will try these %s b4 I write it off. I want it to be light and can’t seem to nail it. ok so I will go really light and see how it goes. I hope y’all are on the mend soon. oh and I love bilberry a Big thanks !


I hope so too, i have all these new liquids that i want to try and all i can taste right now is my cold buster juice.


I vape 1 juice when I get sick too. It is a cool mint cookie.