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Medicine Flower


This here is mine:

Ice Ice Baby! By Ken O'Where

Ingredient %
Extreme Ice (FW) 10
Koolada 10% (TPA) 2
Menthol (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 15%

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Wow thats A Ton of ice

here’s mine i change up the amount of cool mint from time to time

Cool mint cookie

Ingredient %
Bavarian Cream (LA) 2
Cookie (FA) 2
Cool Mint (CAP) 1.5
Fudge Brownie (TPA) 3
Marshmallow (LA) 4
Milk Chocolate (TPA) 3
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 1.5

Flavor total: 17%

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Right now i have the recipe adjusted to the 20% total flavoring version, hehe

Wow, that there looks fanflippintastic, Amy! Somehow i have all the flavorings except Milk Chocolate, i have Double Chocolate (CAP) so ill cut it in half and give this a try.


I also made this tonight I know yours is on the way thou …

it still private

Arctic blu-raz cotton candy

Ingredient %
Blue Raspberry (LB) 6
Blueberry Cotton Candy (FW) 2
Menthol Liquid Barn 1

Flavor total: 9%

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I forgot about Menthol (LB), wish i had mixed up something with it. How does that Blue Raspberry smell? I was thinking

5% Blue Rasp
4% Greek Yogurt
1% Fresh Cream
1 Drop Koolada/10ml


It smells kinda funky also. I am unsure if I’ll like it, I hate TFA’s blue-rasp so I am crossing my fingers on this one.

Let me know if it turns out well !


That would be a bummer since Ash went through the trouble of sending it. Now biggie tho as i have several blueberry and several raspberry flavorings already, as i am sure you do too, hehe.


oh yesss. too many honestly. I about wore out my welcome w/ INW’s raspberry, I have been abstaining from it in hopes I will enjoy it again. TFA watermelon is another I can not vape anymore.

BTW being this is a MF thread LOL what other flavors are worth exploring bc I do like them even thou they’re complicated and the %s aren’t as easy to nail I think they’re worth the extra effort.


I cant really say that there are any that i dont like so far. Ive been using the sweet rasp MF to try and create a new flavor called Thimbleberry. It is a member of the rasp family but much bolder while being pleasantly tart. It is an Upper Peninsular of Michigan things.

Banana MF is the only one i have that i dont use, it is too real for me. I like banana runts type flavor, the wife likes it tho.


Thimbleberry sounds interesting…you say it needs tart ? I wonder if FLV boysenberry can help you out with the tartness or FLV Cranberry those both come off a little tart but a good berry like tart.


Hmm, cranberry. I had not even considered that as an option. Ive tried multiple lemon, morello cherry and citric acid. Great idea, im going to grab both of those just in case.


PS. Thimbleberry is absolutely incredible. hehe


I just looked it up apparently not just a Upper thing looks like it grows out here in the Pacific Northwest oh yea I gotta go find me some and eat them in July uhhh

I like the way Uppers talk ( they’re accents are so cool ! )


Makes my favorite jam but man is it expensive as they are hard to pick. You want see it done commercially as they berries are so very fragile.

This is about avg price. The nice thing is that the seeds are fragile as well so they can be eaten easily.


I talked to MF last night. I was asking about how to store them and if they loose their potency over time.
They said they guarantee them for 2 years. I got 20 flavors from The Raw Food World and I want to trade with someone who also has some flavors that I don’t have.
Today I orders some 10 ml glass bottles with droppers. Trading… I’d like to trade 5ml.
If anyone is interested, please let me know.


I tried the blueberry and caramel MF. I put one smallest possible drop in a 6 ml tank and shook it.
Not much action so I put in 2 drops of vodka. It came to life and it was really good. The first good blueberry I’ve had.
The Caramel was pretty good and better with time in the tank. I vaped it alllll gone very quick and can’t wait to have more.
I’m cleaning and labeling bottles to mix some of it up and steep today. If I’m in a hurry to try some more, vodka seemed to do the trick.


Unopened, I bet! According to abdada on reddít at least some of them lose their potency over a relatively short time (months)…

I really should get myself some MF-flavors, though! :smiley:


So far the Watermelon, Butterscotch and Vanilla are far and away superior to everything I’ve had. I would love to have the entire line but I refuse to invest that much. Still the ones I mentioned have earned a permanent place in my “keep it on hand” list along with Mandarin, at least until I find one as good. So what else of theirs do I have that deserves props?

Honeydew - phenomenal.
Cantaloupe - phenomenal.

These two are so good, but I will live without them and FLV Cantaloupe is terrific too, so I’ll stick with theirs.

Red Apple - bombdiggity but I can make do without it. Still, very authentic flavor of Red Delicious from WA State.
Caramel - wonderful, authentic but I believe other caramels can rival it.
Grapefruit - tastes like FA grapefruit to me which is to say, I love it. FA is cheaper
Pineapple - good but not worth the price
Grape - same as pineapple
Blueberry - it’s good and may just be great. Haven’t worked with it enough.
Blackberry - sorta like blueberry, but I can’t call it “good” just yet. It could be many weeks before I have a verdict.
Almond - good, not worth the price
Walnut - very good. Tastes like freshly cracked walnuts to me. If I used it more it would be a must have. Highly recommend it.
Strawberry - not the holy grail, but very good. It veers kinda toward weak. For the cost it’s not worth it to me and if I were to sell commercial juices with this in it they would be expensive. I’m up to 3% standalone and still think it’s too weak.

Raspberry, Wild Raspberry and Passionfruit - undecided.

Morello Cherry - so far no go. Nasty to me. Has a rancid, chemical taste I can’t get past regardless of steep time. I won’t give up on it yet but so far it’s been gross. I so want a good, creamy, cherry/vanilla Life Savers Lollipop juice. The search continues.


@SthrnMixer …I got a Vanilla in steep…MF,that is, the Lotus from ECX…about 5 weeks in…It smells very odd…kinda rancid, in a sort of way…Did you experience this?..and does it change to a more Vanilla smell?..I haven’t vaped it yet…not sure when to…do I vape it while the liquid still smells rancid, or do I wait til the Vanilla smell returns?..Very confused right now…BTW…Watermelon is AWESOME…Love it…White Peach is an excellent vape, but not a distinct flavor taste (for me)…I got a Strawberry mixed now at 3% in steep at about 2 weeks…I found it weak as well, at 2%…nothing special yet…Can you (and anyone else) share with me your experience with the Vanilla?..I would appreciate it…


Did the Vanilla ever smell good to you? Seems I read maybe @alisa complaining about the Vanilla too. If not it was someone…geez it sucks getting older and not being able to remember as well.

To better answer your question though, from my experience I’ve not noticed any off-putting smell whatsoever from Vanilla. It smells wonderful in the bottle. Now I’ve also not mixed it as a solo, just as I’ve never mixed any vanilla as a single flavor. I did have a few pulls off a SFM of Vanilla Swirl (TPA) once and it was stellar, but well steeped too. So I really can’t help you with regard to what it might do flying solo. Paired with fruits, creams and bakery though it is fantastic, so to that I can testify.


Upon first mixing, it smelled fantastic…a week in, it started smelling odd…another few weeks, got terrible smelling…another week, the vanilla smell started to return…now, it has a vanilla odor, but the rancid smell is still present, and I am almost affraid to vape it yet…wondering if the vapable liquid must smell totally Vanilla, or whether the odd odor is acceptable to vape…I have never vaped puke, and don’t intend on starting any time too soon… :slightly_smiling: …hoping there is someone here who can clarify for me or…well… whatever…shrugging my shoulders and scratching my head…