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Medicine Flower


@Ken_O_Where uses MF vanilla…wheres he at???


Not me dear. I only have two MF flavors so far… Watermelon and Caramel.


Man up!!! Fill your favorite tank to the limit and commit to vaping it dry, that’s the only way you’ll know! :slight_smile: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Southern…You read my mind…Was thinking that I will jump off the cliff this weekend…It’s been a looooonnnnngggg time since I was at a fraternity party…HaHaHaHaHaHa… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Thanks for the nudge…Will report my findings…Hopefully not after prayin to the porcelain … :smile:


Cant say that i have had that expereince with MF vanilla. I use it at 2 drops/10ml or appx .3% and have gone as high as .5% without any problems.

Sorry that i cant be more helpful.


Ok, I just opened my MF Vanilla that I mixed up 4 or 5 days ago and put it in a Crown tank that has a washed out coil.
It smells great. The flavor is too weak and it needs more steeping. I mixed it at 4 drops in a 15 ml glass dropper bottle.
If I add 2 drops of vodka to about 2mls in my tank, it blooms after about 10 minutes. I’m not sure if it’s the heat or the vodka making it have more flavor. I need more patience and need to put away my vodka. LoL. It’s goooooood.

I’ve been vaping on several of the flavors and it is so good I can’t stop adding it to my tanks.
I’ve never been able to have such an amount of flavor and such an amount of good flavor before.
You know how ‘things’ say on the package “Artificial and natural flavors”? Well, I see why they do that.
It allows you to have strong flavors that don’t taste artificial. When I add too much flavor using TPA for example, you get over a hump and it’s horrible.
This way, I can have tons of flavor and it’s really good.

I am tasting something weird though in all of the MF flavors… It might be in my mind. It is the taste that something can pick up in the freezer.
It might be because I know the process for which they make the concentrates, by freezing and thawing and freezing and thawing. I think.

I like the Morello cherry, but it is very weak. I would suggest mixing it at 8 drops in 28-30 ml.
None of the other flavors I have taste are weak. I have only tasted about 8 of them.
The Passionfruit is wonderful.
I Love the Peach. You are missing a good thing if you don’t try it. You can PEACH UP your Peach/Custard/Cupcake with it! Flavor 10+ 10 if you want. No limit.
The Dark Chocolate is delicious. No adding nothing. It’s is wonderful. It is not weak. I mixed it at 5 drops in 30 ml. Maybe someone smart here can compare that price to TPA at it’s usual 10% or Capella at 15%.
Caramel…so far Yummy Mommy!

Personally, I love it and I will not be mixing anything without adding it to what I vape. It is natural and it is good, good, good. If I can add the caramel, I will. If I can add some of the vanilla, I will.
My new bottles arrived and I got 20 of the cutest amber 10 ml glass bottles with glass droppers. If anyone wants to trade MF flavors, let me know. I spent $400 on 20 flavors and still want to try Watermelon and a few other. Definitely get the lemon.
Oh my Goodness, now this vanilla is yummy!!! Refilling.


I’m curious as to where you bought it. Does it have a code on it?
You can contact MF and they can tell you when it was made.
If you got it and it had been rebottles, I have no idea.
Mine is fine, but I’ve only had it a few days. We will see.


ECX…the odor smoothed out and I vaped it this last weekend…I did not find anything special about it…and perhaps thinking I mixed at too high %…Gonna do another blend here in the next few days with a lower %…By the way,…the Watermelon is Fantastic, and I am sure that you will love it…Best vaping experience I have had in my short 6 months of vaping and mixing…What device are you vaping that MF vanilla on?..and what is your PG/VG ratio?


It was me that got a funky smell to the Vanilla at first its kinda strong and weird off the bottle but now that I’ve grown to LOVE that flavor I’m past the smell. Give it a week or two open it between shakes and smell it, it does change and for the good. I have had good experiences with it a little higher around 1.5-1.75 in a mix.


Just noticed Vapour Depot selling a small range of Medicine Flower extracts, under Botanic Elixirs brand (Diluted in VG @ 1:10) available to buy in the UK. If anyone was interested in trying some of their flavours


Only noticed about the botanic elixirs over the weekend. I see they are diluted to 10% in VG and it says on the site they are really potent start at .5-1%? Seeing most MF seems to be used at .5% am I being stupid and thinking these dilutions should be upped to 10x that strength as diluted and are they still good diluted in VG? (hell it wasnt good for real flavors that way)


Only tried the Dark Chocolate and found using it around 2% was ok for me with a 2 week steep, as a standalone finished flavour. I thought even though the flavour had been been diluted, once mixed the finished result was as good as undiluted medicine flower products I had bought in the past.

There could be some variation in the %'s needed with the others flavours though I would imagine?


Interesting, ones I was mainly interested in were out of stock but funnily enough the dark chocolate was one of the two I did purchase along with caramel. Seeing a few interesting recipes from “Pro Vapes” using it I thought I would try another chocolate I have used fa cocoa, fa chocolate, tpa double chocolate, tpa bittersweet chocolate, cap choc brownie and inw dark chocolate and milk chocolate. Inw milk chocolate is ok but a bit too light and a coil gunker but at least it had no off notes like most of the others. The only chocolates I have liked so far have been the cap choc donut (but the donut isnt nice) and real flavors cookies n cream. I do like fa Irish cream added to stuff for a tinge of chocolate too but I hope this one is better than the others as I have all but given up on chocolate flavours.


I’ve got a question about lemon. I have some on the way (from ecx) and I want to try it in my McCookie recipe (http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/907571/McCookie) in place of fa lemon Sicily. If the LS Is at 1.5%, what would be a good starting point for the mf lemon?


This is one of the more potent MF extracts. I’d suggest 1 drop per 15-30 mls to start and then gauge how you like it. This is a raw lemon flavor with some rind included and I find adding sweetener really helps to soften this up a bit.


Perfect. Thanks!


i made a lemon sugar cookie and used the lemon @ .25 pct i also had MF vanilla i let it steep for a month but the lemon was great best lemon on the market soooo good @Pro_Vapes is right its super strong



Yes, Medicine Flower Lemon is one extract that I will always keep in my cupboard. Nothing can replace the clear, real lemon taste. I’m posting to also add that FA Metaphore (like a lemon cake flavor) is terrific with it. I also would add some type of cream and a sweetener. All is good! Change it up! Anyone found good uses for the MF Golden Apple? I’m still trying. Also got White Cherry, Nectarine and Honeydew. Nothing too special is mixing up thus far. I’ll have to see if anyone has posted any good recipes using these.

Recently I’m testing a bunch or cereal flavors. I’ve got list below. Would be nice to compare.
Berry Crunch Cereal TPA - Red berries
Cereal 27 CAP
Crunch Cereal FLV - This one is blue, not red berries.
Fruit Circles Cereal TPA - Red berries or fruit loops.
Fruity Flakes Cereal FW - Very lime.
Golden Cereal NW - different, very corn. Good.
LL Cereal TPA
Rice Crunchies Cereal TPA - I add it when I need some ‘baked’ to a mix without adding or changing the particular flavor.
SR Cereal TPA


Yes yes yes on the MF lemon ill always have that on hand as well , the taste is worth the cost


Yup, lemon is always gonna be in my stash. Same with blueberry, smells so skunky but it’s definitely a favorite.

I have the nectarine, I think it subs really well for peach, packs a bit more of a punch.

Sadly, I haven’t found much use for the white/ black (or dark, I can’t remember) cherry.

Expected more from their mango as well. Have the peaches both white and regular and I think they are very whatever.

Anyone else have MF flavors that just can’t be replaced?