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Medicine Flower


Right now white chocolate. That makes chocolates pop. I love it in a cookies and cream.


I have several and will write more later on it.


id also have to go with Vanilla i love their vanilla , lemon , blueberry , the strawberry is good but i can live without having it , honeydew and cantaloupe are ok , i need to get some more flavors , i started to buy the MF then RFSC came along and i veered off and started messing with those , ill grab a few more someday i do want to get the white chocolate before ECX runs out and cant get it cheap


So I got some lemon, I subbed it out for lemon Sicily in my McCookie recipe and phew! It’s definitely real lemon flavor! In that mix it didn’t work very well, the more artificial lemon is the taste that needs to be there. But I can see some major possibilities with it.I love that a drop per 15ml is plenty.


When people said medicine flower extracts were expensive I didn’t realise just how expensive.


Holy shit…!
I got mine from ecx, 5ml is 3.99 at the moment. :wink:


The cheapest one I found was €25 for 15ml


22 $ for 15ml i believe but most are truly Super Concentrates under 1 pct and even 1 drop per 15 to 30ml so it last a looooong time


a list of winners from you would help if you dont mind , i know we all have different tastes but ive found when it comes to single flavors like these its a bit more universal than a flavor thats supposed to replicate something like carrot cake or whatever


If you could work up a list of where to get them without needing to talk to the bank manager first, that would be great too lol


Wow, thanks for the input there. I’ll see if they do essence of sense of humour and post my notes on it :thumbsup:


Do you have a braille version?. My eyesight isn’t what it used to be.


I appreciate all your help so far. It’s been invaluable in my DIY journey. I’ll be sure to nominate you for a Nobel prize fitting of your stature.


you would go through 2 30ml bottles of other highly concentrated products b4 getting through a 15ml of MF unless your making crazy big batches , i couldnt see these being debated like other flavors either as far as strength out of anything ive tried these flaves are what i consider a " super concentrate " again this is just my experience ,


No problem i appreciate it


Many FLV and INW flavors are on par strength wise to MF without the outrageous price tag. I agree on the MF Vanilla. It is very good and unique. MF nectarine is also very good. MF watermelon is also great but i have other much cheaper natural tasting watermelons. MF white chocolate for me was a dud. MF butterscotch is good as well but requires a long steep


ive wondered about that WC ty for your opinions they are helpful have you tried any others


I agree with you on those flavors except White Chocolate. It brings a creaminess to other chocolates. It is a really good additive. The watermelon is one of the best in my opinion.


i havent tried ANY white chocolates, my understanding though is that it brings a nice creamy silky sweet creamy taste / feel to vape juice even say fruits and cream or a ice cream with fruit ???


I just know in my cookies and cream vape it brought out good chocolate notes.