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Medicine Flower


Just fyi, ecx has a bunch of mf (lotus) flavors in their sale section right now and you can get another 25% off the $3.99 price with the coupon code Flavorhunter25.


I have the following in my ecx cart right now:
White peach
White chocolate

Anyone try the peach and the white peach? I’m trying to decide if I want both or just one.
And the white chocolate, how is it by itself without other chocolates? I’m going back and forth on that one… I’d kinda like to try a creamy white chocolate raspberry mix with it. Maybe I’ll go cruise the recipe side and see what I can find.


@DarthVapor I see you have a bunch of recipes with those two peaches, if you had to choose one which do you like better?


I like their white chocolate so far very good AFA the others on your list I love that caramel but all the others are just ok and for what they cost they should be outstanding. Luckily I chose Lotus to try them out.
Peach is weaker but decent, I don’t have that raspberry I have the wild raspberry which is pretty awful being it’s so strong , nectarine and kiwi are ok kinda weak too especially the nectarine. No idea on the grape ,white peach or butterscotch. I hope the raspberry is better than the wild.


I am in week 2 of my mf testers for peach butterscotch and caramel. The peach is fantastic thus far. I am not good at describing flavors but there is a creaminess in the texture and flavor in this one that really makes it stand out. I am really excited about the Butterscotch, it is all I hoped it would be thus far. And the caramel is really really good as well. Lookin forward to week 4!


Is the kiwi authentic tasting? I’m ok with it being on the weak side if the flavor is right. The other kiwis I’ve tried just don’t taste like real kiwi to me.


I haven’t used it in a while but I remember liking it sorry wish I could contribute more. Most of their stuff is very realistic for instance their lemon is outta this world strong and good so real tasting. I’d say the kiwi is comparable to FA thou.


Cool, I might just go ahead and try it. I think I can spare an extra $3 for it.
Lemon I just got, tried it in one recipe so far. I’m really looking forward to playing with that one some more.


I never dug into it too much, but I believe they are both pretty much the same, meaning you can swap one or the other in a recipe and not notice a drastic difference.

I ordered the White Peach a while ago from ECX, then when I was working with the staff at MF, I asked them for another bottle of White Peach and they sent “Peach”

Either way they are identical, for what it’s worth :wink:


Awesome. Thanks! I guess I’ll just play eenie meenie miney mo. Lol


If I had to pick one by name, I would pick White Peach :smile:


Kiwi mf is fantastic if you are looking for the whole kiwi fruit flavor…from the skin to green to the white. I love it and is irreplaceable.

I really like the melon honey dew. Stands up really well.

Orange mf…is the best orange in the market if your looking for solo orange recipies.

Skip tropical fruit, mango, and peach. Those don’t hit the spot for me.

White chocolate mf is good. But in mixes with some other flavors I do get an odd sharp note. It’s authentic but it takes away from some profiles.

Wild raspberry mf is really good. If they are out of stock the raspberry mf is good too. But wild has that raspberry tang.


Yes that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Especially the skin. I’m going to try it for sure.


My top 10 MF Extracts. I find these to be irreplaceable

1. Dark Chocolate (MF)    0.2-0.8%
2. Green Apple (MF)       0.3-1%
3. Vanilla (MF)           0.4-1%
4. Lemon (MF)             1-2 drops per 15 mls.
5. Orange (MF)            1-2 drops per 15 mls.
6. Wild Raspberry (MF)    1-2 drops up to 0.4%
7. Watermelon (MF)        0.2-.05%
8. Grape (MF)             0.3-1%
9. Mint (MF)              1-2 drops to 0.4%
10. Banana (MF)           0.6-1.2%
11. Blackberry (MF)       0.6-1.2%

I do find some of these fruits to be in a raw form, so adding Pyure and Sour Wizard (FA) does help balance some of these extracts.


I deleted a number of post today so I can’t edit this post. These are my MF favorites tho.


When. You say drops/15ml…is that in a single flavor mix or in a full recipie. I only ask because i think I’m about 6 drops/0.15 grams per 15ml with orange. But I am crazy with orange flavoring.


That’s as a mixer. I don’t think I’d like it as a SA mix. I have mixed it @ a higher % and it took over the mix.


Scouring the threads for any posts on MF Morello Cherry. How was your experience with it?

I have seen @Joy, @Ken_O_Where, and @SthrnMixer using it as well, shout out to you guys, how did you like the MF Morello Cherry?

I have the black and white cherry, but they are not my favorite. Is morello better than them?


I have not been able to ‘like’ the taste of ejuice with Morello Cherry MF. It might be my personal dislike. I’ve tried and tried different ways of using it such as mixing it with other cherry brands or adding to other fruit mixes such as Forest Fruit or Tropical Punch, but it has never improved anything for me. I do not like the taste of cheap red wine but I do like grenadine, The best cherry I have found is IWA Cherries or FA Cherry which is kinda weak or non-present.

I have a bunch of MF that I should trade or give away because I’m not using it. Here’s a list of what I’ve got and a note on each one. When I first purchased it a year ago, I immediately put some of each flavor in new bottles. I have two sets. One set is PG only at 3% flavor and the flavor has NOT faded. I have another set in 10 ml blue glass dropper bottles mixed at more than 3% flavor. WHAT should I do with them? I’ve marked the ones I don’t want with **** below. Looks like 8 of them. If someone has Paypal and could reimburse for the cost of shipping, I’ll send them to you so you can try some MF. I’ll put a few good ones in there too, like raspberry. Let me know which you’d most want to try. Not the ones marked 5ml or lemon, blueberry, strawberry, orange, butterscotch and caramel though. I won’t give those away!

MEDICINE FLOWER 36 flavors that Joy has: Opinion on each flavor and
Those marked **** = give away some if you pay shipping or have something to trade.
I will respond to the first two messages and mail you a box of 10 flavors.
Does anyone know if concentrates fade? For example, I’ve got a huge bottle of blueberry Jam. I’ll never use all of it. Once again… Gosh I need a friend that lives nearby. I don’t have time/ability to deal with this. Disabled. I will put it in the mail within 10 days. No hurrying for me - please. I don’t go in the car often.

****Almond - Never use it. I use TPA instead.
Apple Golden 5ml - Pretty good. I would buy it again maybe.
****Apple, Green - Never use it.
Black Currant 5ml - new to me. not sure yet if I prefer it over other brands.
Blackberry - WONDERFULL!!
Blueberry - WONDERFULL!!
Butterscotch - WONDERFULL!!
Caramel - WONDERFULL!!
****Cherry, Black - Like other cherries, I just don’t enjoy it. But, I’d say this is a great black cherry.
****Cherry, Morello - Never could enjoy it.
Cherry White 5ml - Never could enjoy it.
Chocolate, Dark - WONDERFULL!!
****Chocolate, White - Nothing to it. No flavor or doesn’t stand up well.
Coconut - Nothing to it. No flavor or doesn’t stand up well. Prefer other brands.
****Coffee - Not sure. I have Expresso by FA and TPA coffee. It seems better than those, less bitter, more real.
Grape 5ml - A flavor that is not good for vaping in my opinion. Maybe why they made blueberry jam rather than grape. lol.
****Hazelnut - prefer other brands for sure! Yuk.
Honeydew Melon 5ml - very good.
Mandarin 5ml - Not sure yet. Probably very good.
Nectarine 5ml - WONDERFULL!!
Passionfruit - Not too much flavor. Pomegranite is better.
Peach - I use it mixed with other peach brands.
Peach, White 5ml - I’d skip it. Prefer other brands.
Pear 5ml - New not sure yet.
Pomegranate - Pretty good. Not much to it.
Raspberry - Excellent real raspberry.
Strawberry - WONDERFULL!!
Tropical Fruit 5ml - So far okay.
****Vanilla - Prefer other brands.
Watermelon - WONDERFULL!!


This is also my choice for cherry

I agree with a lot of your choices.

This is my favorite Apple.[quote=“Joy, post:125, topic:13834”]

The best I’ve tried so far. Excellent in mixes. Mixed with a sweetener really helps boost the flavor.[quote=“Joy, post:125, topic:13834”]
Vanilla - Prefer other brands.

I really like their Vanilla. Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) is almost identical to this one.