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Medicine Flower


Thanks for your input and especially about the vanilla. I don’t have Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) and was wondering if I was missing something. I’ll totally believe you and just use the MF Vanilla. I’ll try a fresh mix of it at 3%. My 30ml bottle was mixed up a year ago. I think perhaps sometimes I use too little or too much being the ‘on the fly’ mixer that I am. YES, the Grape is wonderful and I love Welches grape juice. I love my Blackberry and cream cheese icing vape in my Griffin … lol, but Grape has not been enjoyable. I’ll give it a go again.
Have you ever tried Blueberry Jam? The MF Grape seems similar in tartness ect. No… one’s blueberry and ones grape, but somehow they are similar and would be used similarly. It’s good to add some xtra flavor or tartness if you are trying to boost your blueberry cheesecake or whatever, but I’m enjoying FW blueberry and MF blueberry and TPA Blueberry Candy and Billberry with a touch of black current to give me the blueberry flavor I want. I also learned from you maybe that Torrone in cheesecake mix is good.
I’m rambling. Anyway…somehow I sit here with 20+ tanks (mostly RDTAs) all filled to the brim with excellent juice. Mostly filled by my bases with addictions, MF fountain (30mls at 3%) and every flavor concentrate I have in a cupboard in front of me, a large bottle of diluter (VG/PG/Nic 3mg). I’m always changing things. If I added cinnamon to my apple base, then I couldn’t have apple and rhubarb or apple and fig or apple and caramel. I also change apple brands in my tank all the time, for example. I’m using about 5 different brands of apple. All have my heart. Again…rambling. Sorry. It comes from knowone to talk to buy you my dear. Welll…the big moment. I am going to get into my whirlpool tub that hubby got me for xmas for the very first time!!! Man, I hope it helps me. It took several plumbers ect to get it installed. Of course i’ll take a mod in there too. I still need to order about 10 18650 batteries and a couple of chargers today. I’m looking for a Mom’s day sale. I gave 2 Alien and Baby Beasts to my father-in-law yesterday, along with about 15 bottles of ejuice I mixed up for him. He HAS switched to vaping since I gave him 3 ITaste (square) stick mods. He said he wants a little more vapor. THAT should fix him up! I found the buttons a bit hard to press on them, so he gets my ‘don’t want it’ mods. I needed to give him tanks that he could purchase more coils for rather than RDAs, Yes, I gave him a pack of coils too. Feels so good to give the old man something he can enjoy during his final years. I know I sure do. Welll…xo and getting in that tub. Thanks so much for listening to all my ramblings and for helping me how much you have.


If you are referring to BB Jam Cap, I have tried it and came off too artificial, like some kinda weird alcoholic beverage

I’ve never mixed any MF extract that high. 95% of the time they are below 1% with at least a month’s steep. I also add at least .3-.5% pyure in most of the MF fruits. Sometimes mixing a combo of MF Fruit, Pyure and Sour Wizard FA.

Just my opinion, but I think the MF fruits are just too natural for a lot of mixers taste. But with a little tweaking I’ve found a lot of them to unmatched by other vendors.

This is one that benefit from an addition of Pyure.

I’ve had this flavor for a year or more, but never used it. I’ve seen it being used a lot lately. I’m gonna order a new bottle.


I probably was overdosing this stuff. Never found my happy spot and got only a rancid, urinal cake flavor from it. However, a few mixers I trust have said it’s good, so I’m assuming I just flubbed it up per usual. May need to revisit the little bit I have left. I’m delving into using a few cherries but still not found my happy place…what an elusive flavor cherry is!


Thank you for the wonderful summation on these flavors. I have had quite a few myself, and have enjoyed a majority of them. Never mind a good ramble.

I myself use the 7.5% Stevia mix from Nude Nicotine, how would you compare that to pyure? What would you say the % of stevia is in pyure? I have been using it at 0.25% and find that I may need to bump it up a bit.

Just trying to get an idea because everyone uses the pyure or a 10% solution.

Thanks for the input, I am trying to find out as much as I can before I buy it. I did find a site that is willing to send small amounts for a reasonable price. They seem to have every flavor available.


To me they are amazing as flavor enhancers. I love them and am using them more often.


Which are your top 5 or 10, can’t live without flavors? Already have quite a few, just trying to fill out the collection.

Currently have my eye on Cherry Morello and Bergamot as FA Bergamot isn’t quite cutting it anymore. Trying to see what else I should add to my shopping list.


I haven’t tried the NN brand of stevia so I can’t compare them. I usually mix Pyure at .3-.5%… sometimes a little higher.


Kinda figured, guess I will have to keep messing around with it.


I’m not sure you’re aware but VapeCrafter is an integrated affiliate company with ELR. From any recipe you can click the Blue Wrench icon and there is a link to order from them -


Hey @Joy ! I’d love to try the green apple and vanilla, more than happy to cover shipping!


So far my top 6 are:

White Chocolate
Acai Honey (Really fuckin tasty.)

My next ones are:
Red Apple
Golden Apple
Bergamot (For a Lavender, Vanilla, Bergamot concoction)
White Peach

There are others, but still working with them. I really use them as flavor
additives to either punch up a flavor note or to enhance a liquid base. I
do not use them as a single flavor.


Well it isnt a sweet cherry, its a sour cherry. It isnt great on its own unless you are going for that type of profile but it mixes well with other cherries. At one point i had all three of the MF cherries but once i used them i dropped them, im just not a fan of vaping cherry or eating them for that matter. Ill eat them rather than pick them out of a fruit salad out of laziness, when i realized this i decided not to pursue cherry vapes anymore.


I actually am looking for more of a sour cherry, just not one that has the usual black/ white profile. Would you describe it like a red or maraschino cherry at all?


Well, hmm. It is in no way a maraschino cherry. Some words i would use to describe it:


I mainly bought it to try to bring a slight bitter flavor to a flavoring i was trying to make, Thimbleberry. Outside of that i didnt mix with it very much, a couple of cherry desserts and chocolates. It isnt a flavoring that i would personally purchase again, for the price i just couldnt think of enough uses.


Have you tried mixing this at extremely low %s or made a dilution? I dont have it but even with FA Honey or Honey Bee FLV i dont mix over .2%. I would imagine that MFs would be a bit stronger than even those two.


Like 4 to 5 drops is all. I combine it with FW honey. Best honey in my opinion.


FW honey? Is is free and clear of all perfume/flower smell. I have so many honey flavorings! None that i can vape… Except FLV milk n honey which IMO isnt really a honey flavor…


I just got the MF Butterscotch, whoo, this stuff smells good. Is there any better butterscotch than this one?

What does everyone else use?


I just ordered some, what % (or # of drops) do you like with it?


I just ordered some of that too. I’ve only heard good things, haven’t tried another butterscotch yet…