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Mesh As Coil not as wick


LOL … I just got 4 more sheets you can get about 22 coils out of 1 sheet


Wow Good job a lot of Good info Thank You for all your work and this post :+1:


i’m just going to say it, that looks rough as f**k.
surely you have perfected it and made it look tidy and clean,
the idea is great, do you even need wick if you were dripping?
im probably a slave to perfectionism and i really appreciate a tidy setup.


LOL … it was the 1st coil just to see if I could get the Hohm Wrecker G2 to do Temp Control.
Yes I use a wick but for testing flavors you don’t have to
As far as Looks like I said this was just a test … I’ll see if I can make a pretty one
The cool thing is it will do Temp control on the G2


Ugly can be beautiful, you should see my sister.


Would they work/fit in a Troll or does it take specific RDA’s?


Maybe some day I will get this Good … LOL




I don’t have a Troll but ( IF ) you can fold the ends small enough it should fit a lot of things.
I used 5 layers I haven’t played around enough with different layers of mesh to find out the different ohm’s this is a test in progress @Naseschwarz got his to fit in a Tsunami :+1:


The resulting “ribbon” is rather wide, so it can be tricky to fit in. I tapered mine and squeezed it a bit to fit in. Best way to go are clamps, by far, but quite a few clamps still aren’t wide enough. Goon LP, Pharaoh, Emo all look like the best fit.


That guy is like the anti Rip Tripper.

I must have one of those Vape Hard necklaces.


He is a vaping comedian and he is hysterical I love to watch his old stuff

He also has videos of him blowing out shapes of things … LOL


Like Billy Joel once said… Honesty, is such a lonely word :musical_score:

I have some mesh on order. My plan is to roll it rather than fold. That should aid in making a “prettier” coil, but it hopefully will also make more space within the rolled mesh to trap juice. We’ll see.


don’t get me wrong, i like that it works and someone has experimented, more so than the look of it.


I think he is a little funnier than Rip , at least he is trying to be a comedian.:grinning:


Rip trippers is not funny at all. Is he trying to be? I don’t think he is. It’s odd to look at his early videos now. So much more sedate and tolerable. Those fingernails are only running across the blackboard a little.

He knows his stuff I think and I often end up battling through his videos. Some vids are worse than others, some even tolerable.

Now this guy is having fun and I like what I’ve seen so far.


I always felt he “Rip” was trying to be funny but to be honest I have no idea what he is or was trying to accomplish. I have only watched perhaps a grand total of three or four of his video’s .:flushed:

Years ago he was about the only game in town so to speak so like yourself I would endure the “torture” to learn about a new product but only if there were no other video’s on the product available.
Glory be that is no longer necessary.:smiley:

As far as Ravenvapes goes , yes I enjoy his tongue in cheek humor.I like his “some people take this shit way too serious” message that he has.:smile:


I agree 100% this is DIY there is no right or wrong way to vape as long as you’re safe
and have fun with it :laughing: VAPE HARD


Exactly my thoughts as well.We all have different needs as well as wants and taste for sure is so subjective.We all want to know the best way to do something but for the most part we just all have to find what works best for us and our tastes.
As long as we are safe and having fun it’s all good!:smiley:


When I get time I will try different layers of mesh and see what the coils ohm out at. I also want to try rolling layers of mesh around a core wire 26g SS to take some of the flex and spring out so it keeps it’s shape better and won’t flatten like ribbon wire … If anyone else does some mesh coil experiments Please let us all know your results :+1:


Exactly what I was thinking of doing with mine when it gets here. I was wondering if you could roll it around some 24 or 22Awg SS316L