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Mesh As Coil not as wick


I should have read to the end before replying lol


ill tell you what bro , that looks better than most standard ss coils that people have in their devices


Hey @MysticRose I looked up the troll v2 RDA and it has 2.7mm holes for wire it should be able to fit a mesh coil in it… Did you order some mesh ? you could always wrap 3 rolls of mesh real tight around a 26g SS core wire then make your coil on a 3mm rod and see if it fits :+1:


Not yet. I don’t build, my hubby usually does it for me. I have to work on him a bit to open him up to working with mesh :wink:

Sending him a video might help, I don’t think I’m explaining it well.


Send him the video on this thread post #44 . you don’t have to poke a hole in the mesh for the screws
and you can use a core wire


Just did…he’s working graves right now, so he’ll see it tonight. Thank you for the info…I didn’t want to have to find the video again…I get lost and start reading everything all over again.


LOL … Making this coil … It’s like rolling a pin joint


OK I just got more mesh from Lightning Vapes and they gave me a new code for 15% off my next order … ( code = LV15 ) so if you missed the 25% sale try this



How many coils do you think one a4 sheet would provide?


You can get 22 coils out of 1 sheet if you cut it in half ( the 8.3 side ) so thats 4.15 inch’s long x 3/4" to 1" depending on how many rolls you make


My hubby said he’d give it a shot…rubbing hands together in glee. Now I just have to order the mesh :slight_smile:


Here is another way to use mesh as a coil.


Yes I was thinking of trying that one. Way cool
I talked to @ozo a while back about it
only I talked about Tig welding it and making it like a notch coil


Yeah i must agree, it looks cool and different from what one is used to see.


And you can fit the wire into just about anything :+1:


Well it’s not a wick because it has not been heated and quenched


True since you’re using round wire as the ones going into the post holes you’re not dependent on big post holes in your atty. Gotta make things a lot easier when building.


Yeah it would be another good way to test flavors also :+1:
Hey @MysticRose check it out


For sure, optimal build for flavor testing since you don’t have to rewick between flavors, just burn off what liquid there might be left in the mesh and you are good to go. Or you could even rinse the coil off in water to make it really clean.


Heard about setups like this about a year ago, I think. People were putting these in Kayfuns and Taifuns, oh and Erlkönigin…
It does look like a pain to wick with cotton, though. In that picture the edges of the mesh look like they would hang onto cotton happily…

You could just use any genny you have on hand, though :wink: Or even better: a vertical coil dripper with mesh wick :smiley: That’s what I use as of late, a Marquis or my beloved Raptor. :relaxed: