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Mesh As Coil not as wick


Yeah the old genny’s worked good but the mesh back then was not 316L and had a bad taste


That is really cool and looks pretty easy. However, has anyone tried it and it heat evenly with the coils on the end?


I have not tried it yet but I will :laughing: I do not think you need all those wraps of wire just maybe 2 wraps on each end but we will see


Ok, if you’ve never used anything but kanthal and a little NiChrome, then your first build may be ugly.

Here is mine on the Pharaoh Leaker…er…dripper RDA. Yes those are split shot weights that are removable. I put just enough fold in the mesh to hold a 22g SS wire and then clamped it down with the split shot weights. I then cut the mesh at an angle towards the weight to keep everything out of the way while I rolled it. 3 wraps on a 3mm or so screw driver.

Positioned just above the air holes. The top picture doesn’t show it under the clamps but it fits well under there.

Glow shots are hard to do with a large iPad. You may notice the wire glows a touch brighter and heating this I would take it real slow and low not to curl or melt the mesh. It did have a nice glow from inside out without much fiddling.

.12 ohms and this thing sings with flavor at 75 watts in power mode. Pretty sure I could go higher but now time to futz with it in TC.

It’s ugly enough to laugh at but damn at the flavor from the very first hit.

@Naseschwarz this was actually easier than I thought. It will hang on to cotton or rayon. I ran a piece of dental floss through the center and knotted it to the end of the rayon and pulled it through.


I found that it was easier to roll the mesh tight 1st than put the core wire in the center but I think more wraps of mesh = higher ohms

Glad you like the flavor :+1:


I didn’t even think about that. Hell of a lot easier than what I came up with and I thought I was being crafty, lol.


Who cares what it looks like, it’s the flavor that matters. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No one can see it inside your dripper anyway :wink:

Is there a difference between 316 and 316L SS?


Yes, The main difference is the lower carbon content, 316 being 0.030, 316L being as low as 0.016. Other elements are also somewhat lower,such as sulfur, phosphorus and copper. The 316L is more ductile when annealed, and is markedly more corrosion resistant.


And @MysticRose that is the reason 316L has no Metallic taste


My mesh is in Dublin as of 3pm today. Looking forward to trying this out tomorrow. I also just got my Troll V2 that I ordered on the 20th :smile:


Way Cool @TheTinMan1 loves the flavor from his mesh coil. When you make one tell us all what you did and what it ohmed out at. I would like to give the info to Steam Engine and let them put it up some day


That’s an excellent idea. I’ll let you know how I get on with it


So what builds are you doing ie wraps diameter, etc and what resistance you getting. Be great to hit the ground running when I get it. Yes thanks for those that have done the trial & error part. Appreciated.


Well at this point it is trial & error the 1st one I made was 5 rolls of mesh around a 3 mm rod and ohmed out at .32 but it had long tails for the Hadaly RDA the next one I made was 3 rolls of mesh with a 26g SS core wire 3mm ID and it ohmed out at .15 in my Velocity RDA


Thanks mate that gives me a fair idea.


Got my mesh yesterday and went straight to building. First impressions? I don’t have the patience for it!

I suppose I underestimated how flimsy the mesh is. In my mind i pictured a little rigidity, which I knew would be hard to work with. I was surprised at how very pliable the material is.

As for the vape - it was good. But personally I don’t see it as enough of a boost over the fused claptons I’ve been running so I doubt I’ll mess with it much. But…I do have ideas and may play with some of those just for kicks. Will report back here with anything interesting.


good feedback. Have you had a chance to try wrapping around some say 28 gauge. Might that be practical from a workability sense of view. I have not tried yet but if i can get all the mistakes and foibles learnt before I get there it might save me some headaches.

I’ve thought so far that a fused clapton is right in the sweet spot for effort to reward! with twists right behind, so easy to do a twist and they are not far behind in the juice sucking stakes.


I was thinking before I got the mesh that I would roll it. After trying and failing at that I just folded it then wrapped around a 3.5mm mandrel. But wrapping around 28ga wire? I can’t even imagine. I did have the thought to wrap a length of it around cotton though and have an image in my mind what I’d like to do. Will post pix if I do it and a report if I vape it.


Ok I had to try what I was imagining. I like the concept but not the outcome. The legs were hot spots. Not sure how to eliminate that either. I think the Notch Coil uses nickel legs and perhaps that would work.



Oh lord I don’t have any clamp style posts either I’m going to have to get creative. Or finally give myself an excuse to get a goon.

Looks great, sounds like a real asshole.