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Mesh As Coil not as wick


But you don’t have to treat it like paper you can get rough with it and roll it super tight

The core wire helps with how flimsy the mesh is but I have made coils with and without the core wire

I don’t know maybe I should have told people to start out with # 325 mesh as it is a bit stiffer


Do it! You won’t regret getting a Goon. At least not much! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




He might economically if he goes for an authentic Goon :laughing: but other then that, nah


Good Video nice little trick to start the mesh to roll
And if you keep rolling it more and more the tighter it will get


I got my mesh today also but life got in the way of doing anything with it lol.
I have a question for all you experienced builders here. I was thinking about straightening out two pieces of 26awg and putting one either side of the corner of the mesh to grip it, then rolling it together. Sorta like a fused clapton. I dunno if that would work though.


Try it! I’ve been running thoughts through my mind all day about what to try.


I should be able to try something out this weekend. If you come up with anything let us know


Ok, so I been fiddling with the mesh for a couple days so let me update you with the best configuration I’ve had to this point.

Similar to the video posted above utilizing a bobby pin. I use approx 2.5" wide strip of mesh. Then I straightened a 6" long piece of 26ga 316L SS wire and cut that in half.

Laying the mesh strip in front of me I put one of the 3" long pieces along the bottom edge of the mesh and folded it over the wire. Then I put the second 3" long wire on the fold near the other piece so that the two pieces were like the bobby pin in the video. Then (tediously) I began to fold/roll this till I had a mess roll with dual 26ga core that was fairly tight. I then trimmed the excess mesh from the length I was working on and, placing the rolled mesh between my palms, began rolling between my hands until it was tight.

I then used a 3.0mm mandrel and wrapped 2 wraps tightly. This perfectly fit the Pharaoh. The wire core made for a much more rigid mesh coil that held it’s shape well after wrapping.

Ended up 0.14 ohm.

Working the coil to make it glow evenly was yet another pain in the ass but I got it.

The vape? Very good. I just don’t find an appreciable difference between this and the fused claptons. I’m officially giving up.If the flavor blew my britches off I would continue working with this, but it’s just not the case for me. This is not a knock against anyone who does find a huge boost in flavor and I’m not trying to discourage anyone using this. Just that it’s not for me.


How did your mesh coil / coils come out ?


I haven’t had a chance to even try it yet. It’s still in the tube it was delivered in. It’s high on the todo list though. I will report back


My mesh was lost by the USPS and it took a week+ of jumping through hoops to settle it.
LV refunded my $$$. I will re-order when they have both back in stock.
[anyone is welcome to send me a few pieces in the meantime, if you still love me,
but we all know that is a long shot] :smile_cat:
Just kidding, I don’t need any PHYSICAL help, eh?


A huge thank you to @SthrnMixer for donating his mesh to me to try, and for the bonus bottle of juice he mixed and sent for me as well!!! I really want to try the mesh, but have to admit I’m more excited by the juice :heartpulse:

I had found this for only $1.50 a sheet. However, it just lists it as 316 type and I messaged the company. They confirmed it was from Youde/UD which at this time is selling 316L, but they couldn’t find out from their data entry.

They also had 450 I think? and then the smaller sheets for .50 each. Not sure if anyone wants to gamble…but can’t beat the price…



I just talked to evcigarettes.com on the phone and they are going to try to get 316L SS mesh


I bought a couple of pieces of 316L 400 & 500 mesh last week, haven’t gotten around to having a play yet but maybe this weekend :+1:


Wow a random pinterest link came in for this in my email today. SOmeone or company “Cleanbuilds” Looks cool huh.


That’s wild.

And the atty looks like it may be ceramic. Which makes me wonder how it would have been to have used the mesh on my Cera RDA. Could have made the coils so that they went right down into the juice well…all the way to the bottom and touching as ceramic is not a conductor of electricity. Hmmm, interesting. No cotton build that wicks like mad.


Check out this Mesh Tank


They need to make a BF RDA like this with the Squonk tube up to the top of the cotton


I would say that the atty is a Goon, all the characteristics is there for that.


Holy moly! That looks insanely fun! :heart_eyes: it’s a pity you’re stuck with that big ol drip tip, though.