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Mesh As Coil not as wick




Don’t know why, but 3fvape always tells me they’re busy or something. Is that a different drip tip for the BT?


It looks the same to me but I think Phil got a adapter for a smaller drip tip


This is the drip tip adapter


Thomas Brückmann who designed the Taifun BT just told me that a BF RDA is in the works :+1:


Ever since using Claptons / alien wire etc I have had this feeling…

The crud build up, the black particles that build up on coils, are we not just allowing more of that using complicated coil setups?

Those little gaps in claptons for example hold on to that stuff, whereas a standard round coil lets it burn off or slip away on to our cottons allowing for just a quick burn and scrub / cotton change, mesh I feel will be worse as its holes are even smaller.

Obviously some e-liquids are worse than others for crud build up sweetner etc but I would prefer simplicity and cost effectiveness over fancy looking builds.


I agree I would never use a mesh coil for N.E.T’s or any liquid I know gunks up coil’s . But most of my flavors do not gunk up coil’s and I don’t use sweeteners. So the mesh coil works really well for me and is easily burned off. The 316L SS mesh produces really good flavor and vapor production :+1:


Mesh coil for Any Velocity style deck


You could also put mesh on both sides of the posts
You just have to make sure the cotton is pushed up tight against the mesh in all spots so you don’t get any hot spots


… but, what the heck kind of ohm reading do you get with that set up? Guess I’ll have to get some mesh and find out myself! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And how am I going to make that work on a KF5! :rofl:


On todds Taifun BT video .46 BUT it depends on the length of mesh you use and if it’s # 300 or # 400 grade Mesh. Most people use # 300 grade ( lighting vapes sells 316L SS Mesh )



Or you can do this with 2 pieces of mesh one on the top and one on the bottom





Postless deck Mesh build



OK! OK! OK! I’ll try it! :rofl:

I know NOW to listen to you when you speak! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: …just gotta get me some mesh! I gave away all my mesh when I sold a few of old Genesis style atomizers. Kinda wish I hadn’t sold some of my old Metal Madness Genesis tanks. :pensive: Back then, I was still using a heavy VG juice and dry hits were an issue with the tiny mesh wick which was used in some of the more stylish MM tanks I owned. Now, using only 50P/50V or 60P/40V juices… those tanks would have worked like a champ with mesh wick. Oh well… maybe I can find an old MM Gemini on the eBay one day… I miss that tank. :pensive:


LOL … I still have 2 old Genesis Tanks but I would have to drill them out for a D to L hit now
But the 316L mesh is way better than the old mesh back in the day ( just dry burn 1st )


Dammit that looks like fun but I sold my Velocity… :rolling_eyes:

@Kinnikinnick let us know how it turns out! :relaxed:


I tried it. It wush ok but I made a huge mesh.

Shorry…I couldn’t reshisht. :slight_smile: Carry on


Well it works :smile: ohms out at .44 and at 50 watts this thing chucks some clouds ( I use Max VG now )

I used # 400 316L SS mesh and 26g SS wire to hold it in place in a Velocity V2 RDA

See video at post 167


I’ve seen some reviews…they all talk about the clouds and clouds for days. How is the flavor? How does the build hold up? Compared to and rda.

I’m so interested in the atty. but I love flavor and flavor for day. I could care less about clouds. For me a simple easy build in the goon is a 9 wrap 316l round wire 24g dual coil. For me it’s just right in the goon. The only tank that comes close is my aromaizer supreme…but with Clapton coils…round wire just doesn’t work.