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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


I build them vertical and use a small gauge kanthal wire. It’s been a while. It is tedious but the key is to make the inside diameter large enough so the draw (inhale) is not too tight. The cotton insulates the wire from the housing. I had no problems with that. One leg positive and the other negative and inside one layer of the cotton going down the side of the coil to exit the bottom just as the other let. You put one on one side of the rubber plug and the other on the other side. In other words, one is in the center of the plug and the other on the outside of the plug. Both touch the barrel/housing. I watched a video on utube to learn. Then I drew myself a diagram so i’d remember how. Practice made perfect. It’s really not worth it unless your wanting to make them titanium, which is what I wanted to do in order to increase flavor. It’s not too bad if you do a bunch all at once. Cut the cotton pad just the right size and save one to copy the next time. Same with the perfect size coil. I’d rebuild my Atlantis coils too, using larger diameter wire. See if you can find a video. If not, i’ll be more specific, do one and write notes that I can deliver to you.
Basically… make the coil (copy one you remove). Copy the size and amount of cotton. Make one leg longer cause it will run down the side of the coil. Both need to exit the bottom. Bend them appropriately. That’s the part that takes practice. Wrap the cotton around the coil so the first wrap around has the positive (or neg?) leg on top of it. Then keep wraping but wrap on top of that leg. Get it? There’s only 4 total wraps. Then put the darn thing inside the barrel. Tricky part. I’d use a straw just the right size. Make sure you can see the whole down the center and get a good draw. In other words, don’t let the cotton block the center hole. Do the legs as I said one inside and one outside the plug. Tap the metal plug back in. By the way… I disassembled the orig as little as possible. You are re-using the factory cotton that is covering the juice holes and is between the layers of metal of the barrel. Good luck. Check for shorts and “ohms too low” messages. Let me know if you find a good video. If not, I’ll look for my link to a good one. Joy


Thanks Joy. Yep, that pretty much describes what I watched on the videos I saw. Your descriptions are right on.

That’s the method I watched, and tried (unsuccessfully so far). I’m familiar with the legs / center pin / rubber insulator method. That’s the same set up as my Joytech CLR coils, which I’m very familiar with. The CLR coils use a horizontal coil, which I find much easier than the vertical builds.

I’ll use the little Nautilus RBA’s for as long as they last, but it’s always nice to have a plan B to fall back on.

I’ll keep practicing with the BVC rebuilds.

Thanks for the tips!


I’ll have to look back at what I did but I want to say it was a 28 g kanthal wire 2 ID @ 1.85 ohm this was on a single horizontal build. Which leaves quite a bit of room for cotton/ wick. It’s a nice & easy deck as well.


That’s cool… Can’t get the one that includes the 1 hole cap at Eciggity anymore, as it was a clearance item and is currently sold out…So I searched around and found it at Vaping Walrus…A little more expensive at around $10.00…So I ordered 2 of them… Looking forward to playin’ around with these…and it should be a great way to test juices…Never new there was a MTL dripper…and the build looks EZ-PZ…


Lol if I built a workable MTL coil I know you’ll be fine :heart_eyes: Hope you like it. Testing flavors is super fun !


Tryed manny different atomizers, ego one, subvod, stick one, and others when i wantet to take a step up from my trusted evod. But when i got a hold of joytech ego aio, i knew the seach was over. Great taste, lots of vape and perfect resistance, with the 0,6 ohm mtl coil.


The Augvape Merlin is a pretty good tank for people who are in to MTL. It has got a Stainless Steel 2.4mm Airflow Hole Insert. When you leave that in, the airflow is pretty restricted even with the airflow wide open. Take it out and you have a 3.5mm airflow hole for a very good lung hit.
Velocity deck with single or dual stacked coil options, 1.8mm post holes and 3.0mm juice flow holes, top fill and 4ml tank capacity. And did I mention the flavour is pretty good too, no, well I have now! :+1:


I WANT to love this thing for my occasional need for MTL vaping, but the juice spitback is awful. I mean, really bad. I’m prolly doin somthin wrong, but haven’t figured it out yet.

Feels really nice in my hand though. And I can use it as is for MTL, with the .5 SSL coil that came with it, or put the adapter on and use my own tank, which is what I’m doing now. But, just kinda disappointed with the juice spittin’ back up thru the mouthpiece so badly.

EVIC AIO box mod


I love the Kayfun V4. The taste is great and does not leak. The only problem I have with the tank is the build deck. While everyone else seems to have the velocity decks, Kayfun decided not to include this in the V4 (I know the V5 has it now). It takes me on average 15 minutes to get the coil wires under those little screws. Every time I tighten the screws, the wires pop out. I have to wrap the wire all the way around the screw and then it still pops out on me. I have watched them build the decks online, but I think they must edit parts of the videos. Any one else have this problem? Are there any fixes? Like I said I love this tank for mouth to lung if the build were just easier.


I have the v3 mini and the v5 and neither of them have a velocity deck.
The problem is the screw. You need a flat underside to the screw head, over time the underside of the screw rounds over and that’s why it won’t grab the wire.
I suggest looking for replacement screws or use a small file and flatten the underside of the screw head. Good luck. :yum:


serpent mini is absolutely fantastic in single coil mode for mtl.


Heres my two new(ish) mtl set ups for in the mornings. Great rta’s for mtl and I haven’t found anything better.
Happy vaper. :yum:


Would adjusting the afc to match a MTL hit be the same as well?


Double check the size of your post screws, but I think these should fit. These fit my KF Lite + V2.
@Pattie is correct about needing a screw with a flat bottom (no comments from the peanut gallery, please…lol).
The stock clone screws are not of the highest quality, and the bottoms aren’t flat. It makes the wire want to squirt out from under the screw head.


Hope that helps.


This looks interesting for you fine folks who prefer MTL tanks.

The Digiflavor Siren


when was it released and is it for sale anywhere yet?


I don’t know when it was released, but yes they’re for sale. Google is your friend :slight_smile:


i like the smok plus kit i think it is great for mtl, i just ordered a couple smok vape22 they are cheap but look interesting


I’m wondering if any other people use a small bore drip tip to control air flow … to make tanks mouth-to-lung hitters?
All I can say is… If you haven’t tried controlling airflow via the size of your drip tip, do, do give it a try.
It is not easy for me to find drip tips that I like. It’s a size that is just a tad larger than a Q-tip (handle part). It also improves flavor a bunch in my opinion since it enables you to point the vapor right onto the tip of your tongue.


Its mentioned in original post for those who want or need mouth to lung …
What are the pitfalls against MTL and DTL tanks.
I could never get on with MTL and don’t think I would have got off the Fags if it was not for trying a DTL Isub tank.