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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


I do the same thing, can’t stand a big wide bore drip tip. I like the lil tiny small shorty drip tips
I have these in all different kinds of colors to try to match the flavor that’s in the tank to keep me on track.


Drip tips not only change airflow [by design], but they will change the flavor, especially in DTL
I have several Kayfun V5’s that are flavor exquisite, but are pretty much a MTL style tank.
Changing the drip tips make them great for my DTL…even if I keep the AFC down.
I have forgotten all I know about MTL since it’s been two years since I have, and I have had to
revisit MTL recently, in order to help a neighbor get off analogs, and harder yet because she is a menthol…
which I NEVER could do. Been a battle, but things are now well sorted.
Devices, settings, AND drip tip selection(s) played a major part.
Never overlook the value of the right drip tip for your pleasure.


i know when i switched my velocity v2 to a standard size delrin tip the vape was wayyyy better but i dont like anything smaller than that


Shorty drip tips are still too large for me. I like something the size of a pencil without lead. Tiny little pointy things with a small bore.


I do… :slight_smile:


I been checkin forums since I swapped a pack of Marlboro for my first clear mixer, battery and single Ejuice 19 months ago. (same day). Just wondering if this thread is still available, re:tanks, clear mixers, etc. Just helped good friends pack n lock doors on exclusive vapor shop. I have about 58 Aspire Nautilus tanks, used for tasters. Want to reopen shop but waiting on “sure thing funding situation”. Could use a route to move 1,2,3 to 50 of these. Would be willing to back up some parts and thinking about package deal to include tank with 4,5 choice of coil/atomizer… 1.6, 1.80 and 2.ohm. Any help much interested. I’m 59, AND WILL REOPEN Vape stop ASAP. Tnx in advance, Frank3577


If I am understanding you here you want to resale these used tanks after you refurbish them. According to the FDA this would be considered manufacturing and you would have to be registered with the FDA and pay them Approximately $3300 per year. It would cost you much less to throw them away…


Got to thinking that moments after the voluntary index finger falls on the send arrow. Gave 5 each to 3 other friends last evening, free of charge as one just throws the idea out. While falling asleep over very hot soapy, baking soda filled clear tubs. I’m looking at sanitizing, then store till the brick and mortar shop looses all hope. Got ways to go yet. Thank you for your input and wise word. I’ll hand out one by one before walking away from an American dollar at bottom of dumpster.


Just keep in mind another screwed up rule of the FDA is no free samples. You need to give them away to your friends and family only. Once you open doors to a Vape Shop you can not do this sort of thing in the store. You even have to charge people to test juices now with the FDA rules in force…


Yep. I’ll pay a quarter, 23cents at 2 shops and a dollar at my favorite. Mark works it in when I get a strip of wire or whatever… I tried very hard to get the one heavy cigar smoker and owner to make some nenecessitated changes but.


I have a nautilus mini and joyetech delta 2 that I never use if anyone wants them lol.


Thank you for coming back and writing down your experience w/ the Kabuki RBA I too grabbed 2 since I as well don’t want to retire the tanks d/t lack of coil availability it’s getting worse.

Have you had any break throughs since this ?

I also seen another post where you say you went w/ 28g with 6 wraps this is prob where i’d start too as 30g always burns too quick for me.

I am curious if you have a picture of it once you’ve built a coil ? The whole thing is so tiny and a lil confusing. I’m proud that you were able to get a decent coil built off of it !

Update: I have a 6 wrap 28g had to twist it funky pretty sure I lost a 1/2 wrap somewhere in the process 2.0 ID
1.3ohm on the Kabuki !!!

Just under 20 minutes fiddling and losing a screw ( def change the screws out to the Phillips head worked better )


That looks good! It took me longer than 20 minutes…lol maybe 30 or so. That little thing will test your building skills. I honestly can’t remember if I have 28 or 30 Kanthal in mine. I’m on my 2nd or 3rd coil in it. I lost track. My normal builds on my Tron / Ego One CLR coils, and my Kayfun Lite is 30 Kanthal. They are 5 wraps of 30 (or 5 1/2 wraps on the Kayfun) and the resistance comes out at 1.5 to 1.66 ohms. I do spaced coils on those. I only vape at 8.5 watts on the Kayfun or 9.5 watts on the CLRs, so the 30 kanthal works fine for me.

The VVTF Kabuki deck is at 1.63 ohms on the evic mini, and it’s got 7 wraps (contact coil), so it very well could be 28. I should have written something down. The Kabuki deck works great for me. It’s not my all day tank. I leave a single flavor tobacco mix in it, and just leave it on my desk. I’ll switch up between the Tron, Kayfun, and the Nautilus Mini while I’m sitting here surfing or watching TV. I think the VVTF deck works as well as the factory BVC coils. I haven’t even used a BVC coil since I got the VVTF decks.

I occasionally get a trace of a little gurgle in the Nautilus. I just point the air hole at a paper towel or kleenex and give it just a quick little blow, and it clears it out for a while. That’s usually my signal that the Nautilus is due for a rinse & dry. Blowing it out just buys me a little time.

Did you wick & use yours? If so, how did it work for you? I’m curious how it acts with a little more power. I’m pretty sure you use more than my flea power.

My coil looks a bit grubby, even after a dry burn & rinse. The last juice I used in it was some Flavorah NET. That stuff is a coil gunker supreme. The coil & wick looked like I had been vaping molasses in it. Didn’t do my coil any favors. Sure tasted awesome though…lol.


I did vape on it around 13.5 watts vapes like a stock to me the flavor was excellent. No gurgle thus far. However I did try to see if it’d the original nautilus and it got a lil snug in the chimney post so I took it out.

I swapped cotton and plugged it in another tank and vaped it just as good !

So glad you shared your findings as I will continue to build on these lil guys !

And yessss they do test your skills and mine are quite immature in coil building but it worked all the same. I don’t need any fancy double coil singles fit my MTL style really.

This got me so pumped that I snagged my kayfun 4 clone off the shelf deconstructed it cleansed it and then set out to rebuild that deck ended up w/ a 1.4 ohm build but I like it and it works that is one tricky tank being the Tobecco clone is a bit janky w/ it’s trim and grinds a lil here & there but it’s good when you get a nice seal on it.

I am impressed w/ the kabuki VVTF and I found those few videos some are better than others but for the most part I watched those after I had the build under my belt :weary:

I’m still rebuilding on my CLR coil as well. I find I enjoy a 1.0-1.7 on them but I tend to use 28g and that typically lands me right in the 1.0-1.2 ohm territory on that coil. I love the Tron tanks too the hangs up would be bottle refill and the top of the CLR coil gets caught in the center air hole when opening it but other than that it’s a fine tank !


Excellent! So glad to hear your building is going so well. Most of my buying decisions the last 6 to 8 months have been to stock up on things that worked well for me, and are rebuildable. I only do flea power MTL. I don’t chase the latest and greatest, although that sounds like fun…lol. The Naut Mini was my first tank, after my initial Ego Twist / CE4 stage, when I started vaping. I still think the Naut Mini is a great tasting set up. I just hate the thought of having to rely on buying coils. That doesn’t fit my stock up plan, so I took a gamble on the little VVTF decks. It paid off. I won’t have to shelf the Mini, if the deeming stuff makes life tough.

My other MTL stuff is the Tron & Ego One Megas, with the CLR coils. I’ve been using the same Tron tank, and rebuilding the same CLR coil for 10 months…lol. I rebuild that coil every 3 days or so. That’s about 100 rebuilds on the same coil. I stocked up on 9 packs of CLRs. I had no idea they would last so long! I have a dozen of the Tron / Ego One Mega tanks.

Another MTL tank that I love is the Ehpro Kayfun Lite+V2 clone. Once I found out how well that worked for my low power MTL style, I snagged 8 of them.

The last of the deeming fleet is the Subtank Mini. It can be a little temperamental until you get the RBA wicking right, but it’s a workhorse that will last a while. I soured on the STM for a while, when I was having some leaking issues, but I kept messing with it and found that with the right wicking, cutting the air to a minimum, and switching to a smaller diameter drip tip, it actually does a respectable job as a MTL tank.

I stocked up on spare parts for the KFL & STM (Fasttech), so I can keep my old tech fleet going until doomsday. My old tech junk will outlast me, I’m sure. I don’t mind the bottom fill stuff. I like stick shifts and manual crank down windows too…lol. Low tech = long lasting & fixable in my book.

It feels good, knowing I can outlast the FDA if I need to. I bet you’re felling good too, knowing you have the building skills to keep stuff going, if you need to. Coil getting yucky? No prob. A few inches of wire, and some cotton or rayon, and it’s vape on!


What in the world is this ? Hee hee

I have all those tanks except the KFL. I have yet to rebuild anything on my STM. I’d prefer it to be the nano but there’d be no more room for juice.

Oh I just tried the Kabuki on the mini Aspire Triton and works like a champ soo happy since I’ve really fallen in love w/ this lil tank, although not crazy about the Clapton coils for it anymore just way too breezy.


Flea power is just low power. I hang around 8.5 to 9.5 watts.

With your lofty 13.5 watts, you’re in two flea territory, or as the hot rod boys would call it runnin’ dual fleas.:grinning:

I guess I just smoked for too long (45 years). I also refueled planes for 25 years, inhaling the avgas & jet fuel fumes. I can’t handle much more power than I’m using now. Maybe too much lung abuse in my past. I’m very satisfied at my present power levels. It’s kept me cig-free for almost a year and a half. so something is working.

If you have an RBA for the STM, give it a whirl. After building on the VVTF Kabuki, the STM RBA will be like building in the kitchen sink.

Maybe I’ll take a look at the Triton Mini, if the VVTF deck works in it. If you like it’s MTL qualities, I’m sure it’ll be a winner. Thanks for that info!


Yes look into it you’ll have to close it off pretty tight kinda like the kangers but once you find where ya like it’s easy peazy from there top fill as well.

I agree thou low watts do well for me on most of my Kanger P3 mini tanks w/ the 1.8 ohm coil I still enjoy using those to test flavors out get flavor to me and just the right amount of power for that set up. I push it sometimes w/ the Aspire Tanks on occasion I find myself up in the high 13s and dial it back down some bc it will get warm for me.

I will have to pull out the STM RBA it’s put up somewehre’s got into to something else and well you know how that goes. :smile:

I’m vaping the Triton at 9.7 watts and it’s doing just fine just wanted to try it out.


Although it’s not a tank, there are several new squonkers coming out that are well good for MTL vaping. One is the Shift RDA, minuscule chamber size, small airflow and low profile. Another one is the NoName NoToy, OD 18mm, condensed chamber and great airflow options for below the coil airflow. The NoToy is also really easy to build on and has a pretty big juice well for a dripper this size. Honorable mention for the NoName NoPity, as well, which is basically a double NoToy (actually it’s the other way around, b/c the NoPity came out earlier…). The NoPity isn’t as good for single coils due to chamber size, but it’s pretty good, too.

As for tanks, I still think the KF5 with airflow reducers or Norbert’s Origen Mk II (if you’re into mesh) are unbeaten to this day.:slight_smile:


Here is something that have been getting good reviews for being MTL.