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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


Not yet Origin vape did not put them on sale for the 4th :frowning:


Nice write-up. I have two of these microscopic RBA and like you, I’m impressed. The one thing I had no luck with is the rayon wick. The flavor is great, but it has a tendency to slip down and flood the base overnight. The cotton wick seems to control this better. Leaving just a small tail from the ends and stuffing them in slightly wet helps prime the wick to allow for faster saturation once it’s all put back together.
I made the mistake of taking one of them apart and it created a huge source of frustration. Getting that insulator back in just right is a PITA. I finally got it in but it took multiple tries on this teeny tiny thing.
All in all, I’m glad I bought them. Probably buy a few more.


Got a Nautilus X but prefer the Nautilus Mini. Flavour is about the same but I can’t get the airflow right for me with the X, I find it either to airy or too tight.
I know it’s not a tank but the Eden Mods Snapdragon with a single coil build is a great RDA for MTL


Thanks. Flavor-wise, the Naut mini has always been my favorite tank. I hated having to rely on the factory coils though. I was disappointed to think it would end up retired, after the new regs. The little RBA gave the mini new life. I even picked up a couple more Naut minis at Virgin Vapors 2 for 1 sale, for the stash, and 2 more of the RBAs on the way.

I wouldn’t mind another mini. I have a used once, Cubis & RBA combo that I’d trade for another Naut mini, but haven’t gotten around to posting a WTT notice.


Haha! Genius setup! :laughing: Such a thick mod with that slim, tiny atty! Love the Chalice, too. That chamber is microscopic - which gives me most intense flavour, massive throat hit satisfaction n all at half the wattage I’d normally be vaping at. And just perfect for MTL, like you said. Only one thing the Chalice can’t give you: clouds. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(make sure you max out those 160W in a Chalice!! :wink:)


Hey , you say you got a RBA for you nauty’s where did you get it if you don’t mind my asking? I am still learning to build my own coils but I’d like to not have 4 or 5 useless tanks sitting around either as I really like the lil minis TIA


I got them here:


They ship from China (surprise surprise), and took about 3 weeks for them to get to me. The price seems to fluctuate a little, depending on the listing. Maybe a dollar, one way or the other. They aren’t the easiest to build on, they are pretty dinky. They are basically the same size as a BVC coil.

There are mixed reviews on them. I took a chance and really like them. I wasn’t going to (or be able to) continue buying the BVC coils. So, the Mini would end up useless, for the most part, once my present stock of coils was gone (about 4 packs). So, for the price of a pack of coils, I gave the mini RBA a shot, and like it.

They do try your patience and building skills…lol, but I think it’s worth it.


Thank you I need to buy less stock coils and make myself build more often.


This pic will give you an idea of the size of the Naut Mini RBA (far right), compared to a Sub Tank Mini RBA.

You can decide if you want to tackle it!


Geez I’d need 5x magnifying glasses for those :slight_smile:


Yeah, you got that right! I have to use the magnified desk lamp AND the reader cheaters!


How are you liking that dripper? Would you buy it again?


Yes I would it is the best MTL dripper I have. I have the 1 air hole cap as well as the 2 air hole cap. The restriction in the 1 air hole is perfect. Very different style of deck center post w/ a wheel you turn to make tight for your wire. Very simple 1 coil build for

& the price was ridiculously low @ 5$



Awesome! :grinning:

Yeah, I saw them on clearance there and was going to pick up a couple for my wife. She’s a M2L vaper as well and actually prefers drippers to tanks. I already have a couple like that with the knurled nut on the positive post; they work great.

Thanks for the info and :kissing_heart::dash:.


I got an ISub Apex and it can run as mouth-to-lung very well. Flavor is great. I put my usual Apple mix in it and in an Aromamizer to compare flavor. The toasted flavor that comes from the Aromamizer is more likable to me, but amount of flavor was equal and I’d give the Apex an 8 out of 10 on flavor where I’d give the Armzer a 9. That’s pretty darn good! Now… would I buy another = no. . . because it is impossible to see your juice level in the Apex. They use a double glass pane to desighn top air flow. It fogs up so bad that you cannot see through the glass.
For someone looking for mouth-to-lung and excellent flavor with no leaking and top fill and no coil building (You buy replacement coils/no RBA), I say it’s a good choice, but I have not been doing extensive searching and comparisons on mouth-to-lung tanks.


I have a Nautilus and tons of coils for it. I haven’t used it in a long time. Message me if you want it.


If I could drill out the air holes and get an RBA deck for the Nautilus, maybe I could bring it back to life! I liked the looks and the size of the dear old girl. So ugly she was cute. I have been rebuilding the stock coils. Can you believe that? I’ve got about 20 of them that are rebuilt and about 20 new ones. OK… You got me going - my curiosity. I’m going to pull it out AGAIN and give it a flavor test once more. So what if I must add a few extra drops of flavor to my juice to make it have enough flavor. Well… that what I do to my Cleito… just make my ejuice a little stronger. I have it in my travel bag with my Nugget mod. I put my new ISub Apex in my travel bag today on my new Evic 2 that has a cute little clock. Love that clock and really need it. The built in GPS in my old car (Acura 2000) has a foggy screen, so I can’t see my clock. Perhaps I could take a blow dryer to it and scrink the plastic wrap in there till it falls away. Well. that what it looks like.
By the way… for anyone curious… I just plugged a keyboard into my laptop this afternoon. That’s why I’m back today - yacking and yacking as usual. Yes. I have a plan to repair it. A loooong story. My husband tried to install a new keyboard in it, but it doesn’t work. I’ll bet we need to somehow tell the laptop it’s in there. I’m not sure. He’s going to take it to a repair shop tomorrow. Come to find out… the darn thing was under warranty anyway. I’m a dumbass. Well hp is going to reimburse me for the keyboard and for this upcoming installation. Poor husband tried to be a superhero and worked on it about 4 hours to install the keyboard. He gave up and said 'we will just buy you a new pc". Glad I realized it was still under warranty. We had paid $1200 for it.
Also… The repair shop says they work on mods too. Maybe i’ll try to repair mods rather than giving them away when they get an issue. Guy I had been giving them to would fix about half of them. He’s a good guy though. Still need to so desperately find a vaping buddy that lives near me to share concentrates and extra stuff. Anyone near Gainesville Florida?


I’ve made some attempts to rebuild the stock BVC coils, but they’ve not worked well. I’ve watched a few videos of other people’s rebuilds, but haven’t had any real success. I do still have a bunch of the old ones.

There are a couple of posters over on ECF that rebuild them successfully. I think one person uses singed SS mesh to insulate the coil from the housing, and builds them with horizontal coils. The way I understand it (might be wrong) when you singe the mesh, the oxidation gives it insulating properties. Can’t back that up with any experience though.

What method do you use? Vertical? Horizontal? Any special tricks?

I’d love to be able to rebuild them in a pinch.


I had no idea how to describe that nut. Thank you. Hope she likes it. The only small annoyance is sometimes just if your not careful the vent hole can have vapor come back up at you Bc the air hole is beveled up and not down a weird design but supposedly it has something to do w/ the dynamics of it all. Fooey stuff idk but just have her turn it away from her and I haven’t had a problem since.


What kind of wire and Ohm reading are you getting on that puppy?..Looks simple and a friend of mine has been trying to convince me to get an RDA…It’s out of stock now but Eciggity has another one but doesn’t look like it includes the single air hole cap…