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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


@Amy2 I’m pleased that you mentioned that the vvtf will work on the triton mini, I had read that it wouldn’t.
I’ve just received two vvtf’s and have one running in my nautilus mini, not very well yet though, still practicing.
I will have to try it in the triton mini.
I have been building vertical coils for it though.


I am horribly sorry I wrote this sentence! I found the time to play around with it and the Shift RDA’s design is utter sh*t! The chamber size is indeed tiny, the flavour is amazing, BUT airflow control is non-existent! Rather big, wide mouth with a screw on top of the cap to “close” it down, but the bloody screw is not even half as wide as the airflow hole. WTF? It does practically nothing to the airflow volume.

I decided to let this stand as it is and not edit it away as a caveat: always check the picture and videos thoroughly before buying an atty! I’m pissed at this dripper… but it has great flavour. :disappointed:


It works better in the Triton mini personally since the chimney is wide and the mini nautilus it’s narrow. The only coil i’ve built for it yet is horizontal I suck at vertical coils I always mess up the cotton part. At least w/ the kubuki it has areas on each side to tuck the cotton for a horizontal coil.


@amy2 I have yet to try it in the Triton Mini, but I have just recoiled the one in the Nautilus Mini with a horizontal coil, and man what a difference. I think I managed to get the wicking just right, lucky :wink: Now to try the other one, and stick it in the Triton.
edit. 20 mins later and the second one is in the Triton Mini, great!!!


Yay !!! So happy for ya


If anyone is looking for a Rebuildable Tank Atomizer that can do Mouth To Lung hits then here’s one they claim can do that. Comes with a single coil and dual coil decks. Of course the single coil deck is considered the MTL hit deck…

Cthulhu V3 RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizer

Never tried one but the reviews are good and they supposedly will not leak. May be worth a try…


Isn’t it about time @Pugs1970 got into testing som MTL’s? Both stock coils and rebuildables. :wink: I’ve got my eyes on the Nautilus X and it seems I can’t get my peace until I’ve tried it.


I haven’t actually MTL’d for …i dunno…2 years?..I mean I’ll test anything but I think …I mean I don’t know but…I think the MTL market isn’t as current or as big? I could be wrong but I think the kind of products that they try an promote all seem to be DTL, high power, low ohms etc etc, but you know…if they give it I’ll review it :wink:
FYI the next ones up for review which I received this morning are the Alien Kit with the baby beast, Tesla touch 150 and the Witcher (very odd device but biggest surprise so far :wink: )


The Holy Powers are (mostly) the ones promoted in netshops also, but I think they’d been wise to do a little of each knowing that about 30 % of the ELRs do MTL. I agree the MTL market seems less current, but I think giving all the focus to DTL Holy Powers exclude a lot of buyers who also look for new stuff to pamper themselves with.

And my dearest Pugsy, I know you can only review what you get and I fully understand - I always look forward to your next review DTL or MTL no matter what :grinning: Bring the Baby Beast on!


Cthulhu has come up with a dedicated MTL tank recently (someone on the forum mentioned it!) that looks really good. The thing with tanks like this one that are really DTL tanks that pretend to be able to “do MTL, too” (The catch is in the word “too”…) is that the airflow outlet below the coil in the single coil deck is just far, far too large for MTL. In my understanding, to get proper flavour for MTL, you need to speed up the airflow from broad and slow to condensed and fast, then hitting the coil. The problem then is, that with these tanks you choke down the outer AF control ring, but the AF outlet is too large, so the air flow gets even slower and less condensed. The experience is severely underwhelming…
Caveat: I haven’t tried this particular tank, but found the above to be true with every single tank that was built in a similar fashion.
Bottom line: get the MTL tank from Cthulhu instead! :relaxed:


There are MANY that MTL…all over the world.

Most Provari owners MTL

Most Kayfun owners MTL

Almost all Aspire Nautilus owners MTL

Almost all Kabuki owners MTL

I haven’t MTL in a couple of years, but half the vapers I know MTL

MTL is very alive and well

Kanger sells more 1.2ohm and 1.5ohm coils than all their other coils combined.

There are still more Kanger SubTanks sold than any other, especially if you include
the original version that is deeply discounted regularly by many vendors.


Excellent find, here’s some pics…

Cthulhu MTL RTA $31.99

Ability to restrict airflow, can’t beat this…

Still too much air, notice the black driptip has a much more restrictive hole than the red. I have to agree with you @Naseseschwarz. If ever there was a MTL RTA, I would say this is it…


Really wasn’t me who first mentioned it. :slight_smile: I’ll get one asap…
Since going back to MTL, my wife isn’t nagging about the fog in the living room anymore and I spend less money on flavours and vg :smile:


Nice topic

I personally prefer straight to lung but that’s the way I used to smoke & if I didn’t I wouldn’t have found out about this beauty by Smok.

Apologies if it’s been mentioned as it is really a sub ohm tank, although is it???

The TFV4 Mini Kit comes with loads of goodies, but what we are interested in here is what Smok call an RCA Rebuildable Clapton Atomiser (cause you can use any wire you like, with the kit.

And here is a pic of the small air flow bit that goes inside the airflow hole on the RCA before you install the coil, creating a mouth to lung Vape…

By the way I picked mine up from Amazon for £15.99 and guess what you lucky people they are now £15.45.

Smok TFV4 Mini Kit

And they come with genuine checkable scratch off codes.

Also if you get fed up with MTL, simply remove the air flow or use one of the other coils that come with the kit.

TF-CLP2 at .35 rated at 30-90 Watts, which to be honest I didn’t get on with. It only lasted me 2 weeks.

Then I used the RCA, awesome, Flavour, Great Clouds with the stock 0.8 ohm coil.

Though it seems I saved the best till last. The TF-S6 Sextuple Coil has been going strong for 6 weeks now, it’s rated from 30-100 Watts & I am hammering it at between 66-80 Watts.

By the way I’ve never had any leaks from this tank, it’s been great and I would definitely recommend getting one.

I should also say I’ve never used the small air flow tip, I just thought I’d just mention it to you guys as being a MTL thread maybe some of you did not know this was an option, also this is a great tank for MTL, especially if you enjoy building your own coils, need a single coil atty that’s easy to build on and wick and has plenty of space for Clapton builds, if that’s what you prefer.

Anyway even if you already decided to pick up another Tank, for the money this thing is worth its weight in gold, and if you don’t like it, your welcome to blame me :grinning:

Though I’m sure this will be your daily tank.

Right I’m definitely off to have a Vape or several.

Thanks for reading

All the best.


I thought about buying a nautilus X months ago but when I checked out reviews there was some pretty bad ones. That put me right off.


Yes, I’ve seen some of them, but on the other hand I’ve seen some good reviews too and I think that’s one of the things that makes me curious :smile: Never growing up, eh? Always have to see for myself.


Good luck with it, and do report back with your findings


I’ll keep you posted and my fingers crossed for this Naut not being tossed in the drawer with the other no-good tanks :relaxed:


I know how that goes lol. I have a delta 2 with 4 spare coils and rba, nautilus mini, black crius and a billow v1 all sitting in a drawer now because I don’t use them now.


I preferred that Naut X over the original Naut and it was what led me to try a DTL sub ohm tank again. When I first tried a DTL sub ohm a few months after getting in to vaping I had no idea what I was doing and couldn’t get a good draw or vapor production. Now I could never go back to MTL.