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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


When I got into vaping, I declared that I just wanted something simple to cut the cigs; “I don’t want big mods and sub ohm-thingys and mix juices or whatever, I just want something simple with tight drawing!” … … :grimacing: Three weeks later I bought my first mod with a Melo tank… :innocent: and joined ELR to read up on how to mix your own. Hubby has got his two Kanger’s still and only vapes one juice (!) and has been good enough to not mention my declared intention.

So I went fast from MTL to DTL, but now I do both.


I have both Nautilus minis & the x. The X looks great on my mods, but in my opinion the mini is a better vape. In comparing these two, it all comes down to air flow- not a huge difference in flavor. The AF on the X is just ridiculous, but I guess that depends on how tight & consistent you like your draw. in order to get the draw I like, which is reasonably tight (2nd or 3rd hole on the mini), like a cig, on the X I have to close the AFC down to practically nothing - literally just a pin-prick size hole & then its a good vape but it can be tricky to find the sweet-spot - a movement of 1/100 of a mm changes everything. The problem is its top AFC & also top filling so every time you fill you move the AFC (cant be avoided). PITA!!! So, out of those 2 the Mini wins it hands down.
2 days ago, I received my new Digiflavor Siren. http://digiflavor.com/project/siren-gta/

This is a terrific MTL vape, but once again, fiddly AFC. The smallest hole is way too breezy for me (obvious to me that the person who designed this & the X never smoked cigs). However, its possible to close that hole down further to 1/2 or even less & then its an excellent draw. On each hole it clicks into place. when closed down to 1/2 or less, its between clicks so the AFC can move & needs to be re-adjusted often but its not as bad as the X because the AFC is down the bottom. I intend drilling another hole - that oughta fix it.
I have also ordered a Merlin Mini https://www.fasttech.com/product/6131701-authentic-augvape-merlin-mini-rta-rebuildable

Its a similar principle to the Cthulhu MTL RTA in that it has the insertable AF holes of various sizes. Cant wait for this baby to get here!!! I’m hoping for MTL heaven.


Thank you for this, @vonTrueso, great information about the airflow options! :grinning: I haven’t tried the Mini, only the regular Naut when my hubby used to vape it. It had a lot of leakage problems though, but it seems like they’ve tried to minimize that with putting the airflow at top on the X. Hm, maybe I have to go with the Mini instead…


A pleasure @anon60225325. No leakage probs with the mini …well not that I’ve experienced any how in the 15 months or so that I’ve been using them - mine have been great little workhorses. Def a better bet than the X IMO - the air flow is spot on.


You can have mine if you want it, someone may as well get some use out of it.


A few weeks ago I decided to ditch the sub ohm gear, truth be told I never really got on with it, and I dug out my retired Lemos. They are so simple to build and so flavoursome that Ive ordered 4 more, just in case they go out of production. The only thing Im not keen on with the Lemos is the drinking straw type drip tip so I swap that out for one of the sub tank dt s I have


@vonTrueso Unless Santa has thought it otherwise I will have to try the Mini, a lot of satified vapers with that tank, that’s for sure.

@DrChud :flushed: That is so awful kind of you, Sir, but as I live in Norway the shipping costs is probably very steep. I really appreciate your generousity though :heart:

@vince01 Maybe the vaping trend now is at a crossroad, with the mods and sub ohm equipment grows bigger and more powerful and still the urge to take a few steps “back” for some of us. I like that. I’m no fan of very long drip tips either by the way, although I get the intention.


It’s about 5 euro standard large packet postage. I just checked lol


That wasn’t so bad! If you send me your Paypal I can transfer it right away if you’d like, so you can ship it some time in the new year :grinning: :kissing_heart: This is very nice of you, Doctor. Very nice!


No problem at all. I’ll call into the post office tomorrow to make sure the quote I got online is correct. If everything is okay I’ll send it off right away. I have it cleaned already but I don’t have any coils though.


Yes I agree. I am definitely a mouth-to-lung vaper, and the Cthulhu v1 and the v2 are both excellent rebuildable tanks with very good flavor.


A round up of what I’m enjoying lately:
I have been enjoying a SMOK Baby Beast tank. I’m running it on Pico and it has the .4 ohm stock coil in it that has lasted several months so far. I got more .4 ohm replacement coils and an RBA deck for it, but I haven’t used them yet. Besides that, I like my Aromamizers,v1, a Goliath, a Zypherus, and some SMOK tanks like the G4 and RDTA (s). If I found some sales, I might buy another Baby Beast or more Cthulhu v2 tanks. I’m online today to buy more 18650 batteries, some silica wick and small square bottles. Recently I got 2 Council of Vapor “MiniVolt” mods because they do not have temp control, and I’m hoping that ‘simple’ is longer lasting. They are very tiny and have a longer battery life than the ‘Nugget’ mod. I really like my Wismec Precia and the Alien mod that both have large-print screens for which I do not need glasses to see.
I got some Walt’s Real Flavors concentrates a couple of weeks ago and I give them all a big 'THUMBS UP The Apple is better than any others I’ve tried including Fugi Apple.


But please tell me where to send your money, Dr.Santa. Wee, you sure how to please a lady :wink: :princess: I have no problems getting coils to it rather quick.


Bwahahaha…not only is Santa REALLY busy this time of year, but allow Santa to be Santa.
If we all start sending money to Santa how would that screw things up…and then all the elfs
would demand some handouts, eh?
Bollocks, just let it be.

[you have proven to be a sweetheart in this community, not weird, wacky, flaky, pushy, or menstrual, etc ]
And you bring knowledge along with your loveliness…please don’t try to change Santa…just leave him out
some goro’s, krumkake, seven sorts,…and some gjetost and fresh cream milk…just…


Naaaw, that is SO sweet of you, @ozo thank you! Although my family most definetly will say I’m weird (and I guess I am, lol, I even enjoy being weird) For a while back my youngest son got a girlfriend and was happy to tell me that she had a weird mum too. :raising_hand:

I virtually send you all the seven sorts :cookie: and maybe even some rice porridge with sugar, butter and cinnamon waiting for you in the barn.

Merry Christmas, Ozo :christmas_tree: and thank you for your kind words.


Yes. I think the reason it is believed that there are not that many MTL’ers out there is that that population is less likely, generally speaking, to become a vape hobbiest/forum member/squeaky wheel. Not in all cases, of course, but I believe in many. They just want something that will provide a substitute for smoking analogs and after initial education and purchasing of the appropriate device/liquids that fits their need they (we) quietly and happily go on our merry way.

Youtube reviewers for MTL - recommendations?

I started with a justfog q16, but would destroy te coils in a couple of drags an went DL after that. But lately i have been leaning back to mtl for a couple of reasons. Mainly to save battery life (hate hauling around a big mod or extra 18650’s) and i don’t like throwing out big clouds (especially in public) because i find it obnoxious and not very good for vapers reputation.
So i tried a couple of things.
The endura t18 by innokin i didn’t like. The airflow was to restrictive for me and non adjustable. But the biggest problem was the taste, i found it very bland and switching took forever on those big coils.
The cubis pro with the lvc 1.5 claptons. I like this one beter for flavor and airflow and doesn’t look to shabby on my istick pico.
And yesterday the vaporesso drizzle kit came in. Lovely piece of kit. The thing is so tiny its almost funny, 10.3 cm in height (including drip tip) and 18mm across. The tank is removable but the drip tip is not 510, top adjustable airflow. I found the flavor on the ceramic coils to be outstanding. I will definitely order some more as they are great to take on outings and hell it may even replace the cubis on my pico, to bad there isn’t a 22 mm version.


I wonder if the screws are stainless steel. If they’re not you could magnetise the screwdriver


Drilled a 1.3mm hole in my Digiflavor Siren 22 at the AFC closed position and it’s gorgeous! Closest draw to a loose/medium rollie with a filter yet (as opposed to a loose, medium, or tight roll). Can’t close off the AFC now, but why would I want to? It beats both the Bellus and Ubertoot UTA2 for flavour, which are both a bit too airy anyway, so the Siren is my now my ADV. Only one major problem - the flavour is so good I chain-vape even more than before on this recipe where I can actually taste all of the elements with this tank


The hunt for the perfect MTL tank for me has been a long and expensive hunt. I’m definitely a MTL vaper sometimes I like a good lung hit but MTL is life. I found my 2 RTA of choice and I’m ordering one per month till I have 5 of each. The Serpent Mini is excellent and let’s mention it takes you straight to Flavor Town. It has never leaked on me, easy to build but lacks the size I need… so I chose the Serpent Mini 25 it suffers from a little bit of flavor reduction compared to the original but the tradeoff for size is good enough for me. The second tank that is good with a tight MTL option and single coil is the Merlin. My #3 choice is good is the Goblin Mini V3 with the extension but it is #3 for a few reasons; the extension lessens my flavor below the flavor of the Serpent 25 and it’s taller but not wider. I prefer a fat short stumpy tank like me lol. :joy: