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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


If you havent tried the Merlin Mini you are truly missing out. This thing does it ALL. The only con is juice capacity. You want big clouds and flavor? Use the dual coil deck. You want great flavor and use less juice? Use the single coil deck with open airflow. Now to the part thats on subject. It comes with 2 inserts for the airflow to restrict it down really tight. One insert has a 2mm airflow and the other insert is 1.5mm i believe (dont quote me on that!). Point is, its a fantastic mtl vape and the tank looks freakin nice on everything. Wicking is amazingly easy. You just trim your wicks and stuff em in the slots. If they just came out with an extension to make the tank bigger


Oh i wanted to add that the Mi One from Smoking Vapor (yea stupid name i know!) is my next must have purchase. They did have them at efun.top for like $15 but its suddenly vanished from their site. Every review I’ve seen said its a great mtl device. Anyone know where to get one for a good deal?


The original Merlin is bigger but slimmer. Do you happen to know how they compare flavourwise?


The $13.40 Kabuki clone from Fasttech with 1.8 ohm Triton Mini Clapton coils is great. Not an RTA out of the box, but you can get a VVWF rebuild able coil head if inclined. The rebuildable coil head is too small for me to fiddle with personally though.

The Triton Mini coils work fine in this Kabuki clone. May have to adjust the Kabuki’s 510 pin with a screwdriver to get it to connect up, but that’s easy enough.

If I’m going to fuss with an RTA for MTL, it’s still the Kayfun v4 @ 1.3 ohms. Though the Kayfuns air flow is a bit more restrictive than I prefer it.


This was the tank that finally got me completely away from cigarettes. It looked funky as hell on the top of my Innokin VV3, but it was so much better than the 16D atomizer! I never liked the Aspire Nautilus though-everything I ran through it just tasted like cardboard to my tongue.


Surprised that the Billow V2 hasn’t been mentioned in this thread. I’ve been using my trusty Billow V2 for well over a year now, and it’s blown every other hyped 'flavor’tank I’ve tried. Merlin? The Billow blows it out of the water. Serpent Mini? No comparison. I get a great tasting open MTL/restrictive DTL draw from my Billow, and it’s almost like it was built for TC. I’ve been running simple 26 gauge 316L spaced coils and it’s the perfect vape for me! Ah-There’s the rub, though. Vaping is such a subjective arena. There’s no real “Best” other than what’s best for the user. That being said, if you’ve not tried the V2, give it a whirl. It just might surprise you.


Ive heard from other people that the merlin mini has a touch better flavor than its big brother, mostly because your mouth is closer to the coils. Im sure the vape is a little warmer too. You can literally look down the drip tip and see your coil/ coils right there. Ive had zero leaking, hardly any condensation, and the chimney is super conical so all the flavor goes right to your mouth hole. I can go on and on. I have a bunch of rta’s and the merlin mini is my go to. As stated above, everyone’s vape experience is different. Mine with this tank is heavenly


Now available for preorder the Nautilus 2



My latest MTL set up. Absolutely love this combo, flavour is on point and so easy to use.
The kayfun v3 mini with the EHpro 101 tube mod.
Fires down to 0.1 and fires up to 50w. Does tc in ni, ss and ti.
This is a great vape for mtl. Kayfun v5 looks good on it too.


That is one sweet looking setup…


Thank you. :yum:


What build and settings do you run that at?


304 ss 2.5mmID 8/9 wraps of 26g, 0.45 ohm’s and i run that at 25w. Nice vape. :+1:


Anyone tried that new tank the chutuhu or whatever it is? Its supposed to be a really good mtl vape


The reviews i have seen on it all say it is a good MTL tank. I have however not tried the tank since i solely use RDA’s.


You never use tanks anymore? Man i couldn’t do it with my work schedule. I’d like to though:triumph:


So where are we at with this?

Has anyone found a tank that vapes like a clearomiser?


The new nautilus 2 vapes like a champ! The mtl i get off it is probably one of the best ive had. The draw is perfect


I can’t wait to get a Nautilus 2, as I sit here vaping my mini


You’re gonna love it! I’m still gonna use my mini just cause its so compact and vapes great, but that nautilus 2 is really good. It looks like something an alien would vape. They also have new coils out and all the coils are interchangeable with the old coils. I also heard you can use triton mini coils in all the nautilus tanks