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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


Awesome :slight_smile: Is it really that different to the big and mini Nautiluses?


I can’t say much about the original nautilus but i have a mini and still love it tons…but the new one is really good. Its all about that airflow though. It’s perfect. It holds a good amount of juice and the drip tip is super super comfortable


Thanks :slight_smile: So is the air flow tighter or looser?


Its definitely more loose if you want it to be but as far as the tight draw its about the same as the mini, it just has a much smoother draw with no turbulence. I could honestly compare it to the draw of a cigarette, and im getting real good flavor and decent cloud production as well. I have very few cons with this one


My misses does MTL & I lent her my Triton 2 tank as most of you guys will know there is a 1.8 Coil that comes with that tank, she loves it…

However, its official Aspire are not making any more 1.8 coils for the Triton 2.

So after a bit of research I got her the Nautilus tank the 5ml BDC version is on sale for 11.99 (which will also take the newer BVC 1.6 or 1.8 Coils), sale is here…


Nautilus is here:


And if you use the gold membership code:
GOLD12 You’ll also get 12% off. You didn’t get it from me though :wink:

Talking of crazy MTL deals how about an Innokin iTaste 134 Mini Starter Kit for £19.99

Link here:

Theses also lots of subohm stufff, fill ya boots I did :slight_smile:

Here’s the link about the discontinued 1.8 Triton 2 Coils from an official Aspire site, looks like when there gone, they’re gone currently £8.20.

Link here:

Have fun :dash:



I ordered but have not received yet my Nautilus 2, should be just few days now. I also ordered a Kayfun lite plus clone and some coil building supplies, want to get into the rdas and rebuilding but don’t want to stray from mtl, looking forward to that but feel like I am vaping in 2014, lol. BTW vapenw has Nautilus 2 in stock for $27 & change. I tried to go with the Kayfun mini v3 from fasttech but it’s impossible to order from them it seems, I had trouble at least with payment options or lack thereof.


Have you tried efun.top? Some people complain about them but ive never had much problems. Their clones are THE BEST I’ve seen from any of these Chinese vendors.


Hi VapinNurse. I am a mouth-to-lung vaper for sure. I can give you some advice on how I survive happily in this world of wide-bore drip tips and big lung puffers. For one thing, I smoked for 40+ years and my lungs were only at 40% capacity the last time they were tested. I had emphysema and was on oxygen. Well the point is… I cannot take a big hit. I also like just a little drag like you would have with a cigarette. I also find that a smaller bore drip tip gives me more specific or focused flavor.

  1. Weird, but I don’t buy tanks based on weather they are or are not MTL. It’s ALL in the drip tip and the air flow which is adjustable in ALL tanks now-a-days? I have a Nautilus v1 and I had to drill out the air holes a little because it was too tight.
  2. Have you tried a small-bore drip tip???
  3. Now, I’ve never announced this publically to anyone, but you can make even the largest air flow tank into a MTL tank by adding some cotton in the right amount and in the right place.
    For example, I most recently bought a SMOK V8 and I put a very thin layer of cotton cut in the shape of a circle and put it under the coil. It is a coil that has 4 wires in it and came installed in the tank. I actually put it in there to reduce the size of the air flow in the hope that the coil would stop leaking/seeping (and it did stop seeping), but it also made it a MTL tank. Now… important though… I must not run it too hot or keep in in temperature control (TC) mode. Since I have reduced the air flow, I have reduced the ability for it to cool itself. Since I’m only running it at 32 watts anyway, it works well for me.

Well, back to the main point… Driptips can be huge bore or as small as the size of a Q-tip’s handle. There is a range of okay sizes (for me) and It makes a big, big difference!


I’ve got about 4 Kanger 4ml tanks and a Nautilus v1 and TONS of new coils for both. Message me for more specific info. I also have 2 square ITaste mods. Why if you are MTL are you using OLD STUFF? Those tanks/coils have no flavor. So sad. I even tried rebuilding them with titanium to get more flavor, and it didn’t really help.
Please let me help you !
I am definitely a mouth-to-lung vaper, but I want flavor and new innovative stuff. I use the same tanks as anyone. It’s all in the driptip. You don’t have to run at high wattages. I run most all of my tanks at 18 - 22 watts and .40 ohms or .20 ohms.
All of my driptips are small-er bore, but not tiny bore anymore.
You can reduce the airflow if need be by adding a thin layer of cotton or silica wick to the tank. It will be okay just as long as you run at lower wattages and/or use temp control. I also use two mods at once (always) to reduce overheating.

Here’s some links to small bore drip tips: I have shopped here myself.
Here’s best tips ever like on the kanger mini tank: https://www.kangertechus.com


Some small ones here: http://www.vaperoyalty.com/drip-tips/?sort=featured&page=2


The last 20 days I have in my possession a Cthulhu mtl, is my sixth atomizer and bought it with the thought that has many different puff options, from tight to very ‘airy’.
I can not say that I’m happy with this purchase so far, I managed to play with him just for two days because the atomizer, due to his design I think, wobble slightly on the mod thereby causing a short circuit… :angry:
Disassembly, washing, cleaning,mollycoddle, admonishment…2, 3 , 4 times… no solution, I contacted the company and they sent me a new deck, it is on the way. Very helpful customer service!!
Αpart from these, is a bit complicated atomizer, the taste seems to be correct (as much I had the chance to try it), it is relatively good-looking and not very tall with a good amount of liquid.
I hope the deck that will come to give the solution so I can say more and more detailed.
Sorry for the long and tiresome answer.


Has anybody seen the new BilletBox v4 clone by SXK? It comes with the parts for Kanger Subtank coils, Nautilus coils (and all compatibles) and the Subtank RTA coil head. The v4 is a single 18650 cell until with a DNA40 in it. Only concern: I’m not sure whether its airflow is restricted enough for MTL. Anyone know something about this?


Found additional info about the airflow, by the way. There is a black airflow control cap that fits over the lower end of the coil head. Additionally, SXK has cloned the Exocet (a rebuildable coil head for the mod by Hellfire) which can make use of Kayfun 5 airflow restrictors.


So I have had my Kayfun lite plus clone for a bit now, def need to get the building and wicking down and its coming along. The problem I do seem to be having is getting that new tank clean right. I disassembled to tank 2x first washing/cleaning with alcohol but not disassembling the deck, threw a build in and the taste was on/off so I took it fully apart and scrubbed the entire thing with hot water and Dawn ultra. Things are much better now but still get an off taste every so many puffs, could be my wicking but think maybe some machine oil may still be in there somewhere as I seem to get a little gassy/ ill feeling after vaping it a while. Using 28 gage kanthal, 2.5mm wrap at 1.7 ohm’s, some master of clouds Jap organic cotton, vaping my home brewed strawberry lemonade at 12mg at 11.5 watts. I do know when this thing and my building/wicking becomes constant, it’s going to be an excellent vape. I also have a Fogger v5 that come in, haven’t built it yet as it’s a double coil and I haven’t got that down yet, the tank is machined very nice though and I picked it up for $5 at vapenw. The Nautilus 2 tank was an excellent buy, flavor is on point, flavor and air flow is bit better than the mtl champion Nautilus mini.


geloG4, I have a Cthulhu V1 and a V2. I found the juice flow control to be hard to deal with at first on the V2. But now I set it and forget it. Hope it goes well for you. I love my Cthulhu tanks a lot. They do have the best mtl draw comparing them to many, many other tanks I have. If it doesn’t go well for you, keep my info. I would make a good trade with you.

VapiNurse, I really like the way you are giving your opinion on the newest tanks you are trying out. That is such a big help to everyone. If you are getting a bad taste just every so often, perhaps you are getting 'dry hits"? When I clean tanks, I learned the hard way that I must clean under all the O-rings, and I use very hot water and dish liquid as you did. I’ve got a Fogger V1 in my give away pile. You’ve got to remove a screw to refill it. Also, I had to wrap the wires around the screws. LOL. . too much work. Other than all that, I really enjoyed it. Building duel coils will reduce your resistance cutting it in half. When I build coils, my ohms usually fall between .2 and .5 ohms. I make as many wraps and the largest diameter that I can without causing a short when the coil touches the chimney. I also like to use silica rather than cotton which is unusual. Maybe you’d like it too. It keeps it shape and doesn’t get packed tight like cotton or rayon can. I usually buy 1mm and 2mm diameter silica.


The fogger v5 is top fill, still can be a pain to remove o ring to get to the filling port. I am dealing with the screw fill on this Kayfun clone and since its new I don’t hate it yet but can def see hating it if using it solely and filling multiple times a day. I will post my options on the the fogger v5 later this week when I get a strong build in there, I haven’t successfully done that yet but have only tried with the wire, I am guessing 34 gage that came with it, am gonna sit and try with the 28 gage and see if that works better.

For $5 def worth it if only to help practice coiling. Think it’s gonna be a nice vape though. Still wanna pick up the Kayfun mini v3… and the v5 and a taifun and a hurricane, maybe a digi flavor siren, lol, wanna try em all. For a simple vape and def a good beginner vape again the Nautilus 2 is just an awesome little tank, vaping like a Kabuki with my favorite 1.6 ohm coil from aspire.


I looked this atty up when I saw your previous post. Watched a few videos on it. I’m trying to think if I have anything with a two post design like it so I could help but it looks like a nightmare to coil. It will give you lots of experience and when you get something with a velocity style deck you will be like, “Oh, thank jeebus” lol.


Hello Joy,
It is the first Cthulhu tank I have ever bought and as I wrote above I’m having a problem…
I am waiting with impatience the new deck that the company sent me, I hope to fix the problem, in two and a half years of vaping is the first time I am having trouble with an atomizer.
Βeyond that, as long as I was able to use it, I had no problem with the set-up and flow control of the liquid, although it is a little elaborate I immediately understood how it works.
I will have integrated view when it will work correctly for a long time, otherwise I will send it to you!!! :wink:


Aspire Nautilus, amazing tank and cheap to buy - £15 each


I saw on Local Vapes website they were selling original Nautilus tanks for $5 plus shipping. I think shipping was around $5 as well. Really good buy on that tank if someone is looking for a good, cheap mtl device


I use a Nautilus Mini vaped @ 13.5 watts 5.0v on a Sigelei 100watt mod, for a great MTL. My only con is that it drinks the juice. I use a Vanilla 50/50 juice. I want to get a bigger tank that will hit like this one does. It’s just so hard to find anything other than sub ohm tanks. I wish they would make those tanks with the mini sized port holes. If anyone knows of what I’m dreaming, please elaborate.