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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


Thats odd that your mini drinks juice up. You must vape it pretty hard! I totally agree man they need to make a mtl tank that has the capacity. One thing you might want to check out is the Aspire Plato. Its an all in one device similar to the Kanger Nebox. It has a huge tank buily into a mod. It has its own special coils you can use OR you can use the Nautilus coils but you need an adapter so they’ll fit. Im not sure if the adapter comes with it but I know I read that you can do that. I think it holds 7 mils?


Best MTL tanks for me Digiflavor Siren 22 mm , 25mm and the Goblin mini v3 with 2mil extension . Just my 2 cents . Coils easy to build.


Yeah, I guess I do hit it pretty hard. I fill it up 2x a day. I moved down to 10mg so I’m hitting it harder and more to achieve that relieved feeling. I will check the all in one out, 7 ml would be perfect since I fill mine up about twice a day. I also have a Target Vaporesso, but it doesn’t give a good flavor when I adjust the airflow for a MTL hit, and I just don’t like using it for a DL hit. Someday we’ll smile real big, when we can puff away and not worry if we forgot our bottle at home.

Wm. Jason King


Don’t feel bad; I empty the Naut mini in less than an hour with my vanilla 50/50 :grin:


I have a bunch of Nauti’s but they don’t satisfy like they used to. What I usually use is an original Ijoy Reaper tank. Not quite a true MTL but with the RBA deck you can get something nice in-between. Wanted to pick up a few more since MFS had them on sale for under $8.00 but they’re sold out. I think most vendors are phasing them out. :cry:


It looks like more companies are making mtl devices, just not fast enough. I feel like there have always been people who enjoy both mtl and dl, they just didnt admit to it cause people were going sub-ohm crazy, and pulling out a tank that made a little wisp of vapor only brought on shitty comments and laughs. Now mtl vaping is cool again and no one is ashamed or embarrassed, but there isnt much to choose from! I see great things coming in the future. We’ll all have a badass mtl device in one hand and a super sub-ohm in the other!


Shane, just wondering where you got the confirmation that Aspire is not making the 1.8ohm coils for Triton 2 or are you referring to the Atlantis 1.8ohm Aspire is discontinuing? Never tried these coils but they’re inter-changeable with Triton 2 tank I believe.


Just wanna add my 2 cents. I almost gave up on Nautilus X till I tried the 1.8ohm coil. This coil made all the difference for me. Now my Nautilus/Nautilus Mini sit on the shelf. The stock 1.5ohm coil is so bad they shouldn’t include it in the box. At least for me anyway.


Hi there

I wasn’t sure the coils were different, I’ve got a Triton 2 and usually sub ohm, although my misses busted her tank (again), third one now lol.

Anyway so I grabbed the 1.8 coil that came in the pack with the Triton 2 as I wasn’t going to use it and it got her out of trouble :slight_smile:

Anyway the info is from an official Aspire dealer and here’s the info with link…

Here’s the link about the discontinued 1.8 Triton 2 Coils from an official Aspire site, looks like when there gone, they’re gone currently £8.20.
Link here:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Never tried the Nautilus x I got her a Nautilus 5ml BDC, dumped the BDC coils and got her some BVC coils as these are interchangeable.

I completely agree most bundled coils are terrible, however seems like the 1.8 was an exception to the rule as it’s still going strong.

Personally it was just an excuse to by myself the Smok TFV12 RBA Edition.

I don’t like paying for coils :slight_smile:
Have a good one


MTL’r chucks some tits to see what all the fuss is about…

Hey ​Shane, I’ve just started vaping and am glad to be off ciggies so don’t
mind paying for coils. Anything to get me off ciggies I guess. Btw thanks
for finding out the link! Cheers, Jeff​


+1 on the Digiflavor - super-easy build but loose MTL. If you prefer a tighter draw, drill a 0.8mm hole in the AFC ring at the closed position.

Also Ubertoot UTA2 clone (my fave) from FT (the one with the most reviews). Same flavor as the Siren but no drilling required. Nearly as easy to build as the Siren.


In my newbie MTL ignorance, my first RTA was a Bellus which I eventually managed to get to MTL acceptably at 15W (details if you’re interested). Flavor was awesome but the draw was still too loose and I couldn’t make it taste nice with a tight draw regardless of Watts/ID/spaced/contact/plain/twisted/Clapton/different gauge/metals coils/loose/medium/tight/Scottish/pancake/short/long/cotton/silica wicking.

I’ve since bought an Ubertoot UTA2, and a Digiflavor Siren 22 which I’ve tried in every combination mentioned above, as well as a Kabuki, so far with only 1.8 Ohm coils which apparently taste slightly better but gunk quicker. I’m now DIY mixing pretty well (badly at first) so I reckon I finally have a bit of an idea of what ‘tastes good’ for me in chocolates, cakes, fruits, menthols, tobaccos, and cigars, in mono’s (boring…yes I’m also a foodie/piss-head err epicurean) and blends.

So seeing as I now have some good MTL tanks and repeatable setups at 8-12W, and some nice replicable juices, I thought I’d set up my predominantly DL Bellus tank with a DL setup – dual Claptons 26/32G Kanthal (which incidentally took me three goes to get into the Bellus’s small chamber without shorting, details if you’re interested) and try my two current favourite juices – Pina Colada (AM vape), and Mild Sweet Cigar (PM vape) The verdict? Didn’t taste or throat hit ANY better. Sure it produced bigger clouds (subjectively twice as big?), but used 60W instead of 15W, and a directly proportional greater quantity of juice – I normally use about 1 ml/hr in my MTL tanks, this setup used 2ml in half-an-hour.

Bottom line - it appears you don’t need mega coils or Watts for good flavor or throat hit. Admittedly it’s taken MONTHS to find the right gear etc seeing as most manufacturers are aiming at the DL market (and why wouldn’t they? The money is in the consumables…), but with persistence (/ADHD/OCD) you can replace cigarettes on the cheap… Happy to share what I’ve learned so far…

edit - to be fair, and maybe it’s humans’ intimate relationship with fire, or our proclivity for getting in each others’ face, but I did rather enjoy producing obnoxiously excessive clouds… Not enough for a quarter the battery life and four times the juice consumption, but it was kinda’ fun…

Here’s the link to the thread -


I started mtl vaping 6 months ago after 30 years of smoking and my Aspire Plato was the first device I used and still am! It is great for mtl and the tank capacity is big so less refilling. Currently using Charlie Chalk juice which I bought on sale for £2.99 a 30 ml bottle…got carried away and love this stuff so much I bought 48 bottles lol
Anyway the Plato will take an array of coils, like the nautilus coils or the mini triton 2 coils and they are easy to get hold of. The flavour from the nautilus coils (not tried the Triton mini coils yet) is amazing, I vape on 11 watts, my battery lasts all day easily. The Plato is perfect for mtl and easy to use, I have bought another 3 in the sales.
I have also bought the nautilus tank and mini, also the Triton 1 and 2 as well as the mini tank. I feel like with the new tpd coming into force I just had to get them as they are good tanks for mtl. Only thing now is, the coils…some are being discontinued like the Triton 1.8 coil! I did email aspire to check this so I suppose you have to grab them while you can. Annoying that while all these tanks are on sale there is no mention of future coil stock availability. Everything does seem to be going toward the DL vaper and I feel the MTL vapers are having fewer options.


48 bottles! I might have to try thag stuff if it’s that good! Thats a good deal though for CCD usually it has a premium price. I sure hope mtl devices arent being phased out. Some companies are still making newer mtl stuff but its gonna suck if companies discontinue older coils. A lot of those tanks you mentioned are legends in the mtl department and to see them disappear would be tragic.

There’s a few good mtl devices being made still that are worth a look. The new Nautilus 2 is pretty badass, the iCare series are also decent cheap vapes, the Mi One has got a lot of attention and looks pretty awesome and SXK makes an awesome Kayfun 5 clone. Hopefully manufacturers keep mtl alive. I love my clouds but I also love a high nic mtl vape! That Plato sounds sweet too! Aspire makes great mtl stuff


Sounds nice - wish I could get the nice flavor out of 26G, it would be so much easier to build…

Have you tried SS316L 2.5mm ID 12 wraps of 30g 1.9 Ohms at 8-12 Watts? (depending on fruit/tobacco/air-flow) For me it’s tastier than any 26g I’ve tried (sub-ohm/super-ohm, spaced/contact coil), and HEAPS better on battery life and flavour… Here’re my daily vapes, both use the same coil/wicks

Ubertoot UTA2 (tobacco recipe - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1504165/Sweet%20Cuban) and Digiflavor Siren 22 (fruit recipe - http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1483479/Pink%20Fruit%20Tingle)


The highest I’ve been in ohm’s is the 1.8 ohm aspire coils (pre-made)
1.4ohm for self built, but I prefer my mtl coils to be around 0.5ohm, i find its a quick ramp up time, especially wtih Tc and a great vape
I’ve used most ss wires but settled on 304ss as this is the cleanest ss wire i can find and has the lowest heat flux per watt for ss.
I have the ubertoot and liked it, I haven’t managed to get the siren, missed out on that one, but I’ve settled on the kayfun family. The v5 and v3 especially, had the v4 but too many parts and never got a satisfactory vape from it.
I’m not surprised you get great battery life with the wattage your using :yum: 8-12w will last for days :joy::+1:


"The highest I’ve been in ohm’s is the 1.8 ohm aspire coils (pre-made)"
The 1.8 Ohm Aspire coils just don’t keep up - after a few draws I get dry hits. The 1.6 Ohm suffer no such ailments and is my goto coil for my Kabuki (backup for my RBA’s when I CBF’d rebuilding). Yet my home-builds seem better at >1.8 Ohm - go figure… Maybe it’s ‘wick-through-coil’ (home made) vs ‘coil-through-wick’ (pre-made) ?

"I prefer my mtl coils to be around 0.5ohm, i find its a quick ramp up time"
I’ve found lower Ohms/thicker wire to take more Watts to heat up in the same time as higher Ohms/thinner wire to give me that satisfying throat-hit and flavor. Diff’rent strokes …? :slight_smile:

"I’ve used most ss wires but settled on 304ss as this is the cleanest ss wire i can find and has the lowest heat flux per watt for ss"
Now you’ve perked my ears up! As a lazy bast@rd err efficient person, lowest heat flux per Watt almost gives me a woody, so I’ll be checking that out at Steam Engine :slight_smile: I went with the SS316L because it was the medicinal grade stainless steel and figured if I was inhaling from it… What makes you say it’s the cleanest?

"I haven’t managed to get the siren, missed out on that one"
Easiest build ever - so much room, so little care-factor on wick-length. Airy MTL draw though… I drilled a 1.4mm hole at the ‘closed’ position which turns out to be not quite tight enough for my tobacco blend

but perfect for my fruit blend

"8-12w will last for days"
I wish… :slight_smile: I must be a chain-vaper!! I alternate between these two single 18650 e-pipes over the day. On average I refill my fruit tank (Siren 22) at lunch-time and it’s empty at bed-time, and I don’t refill my tobacco tank (UTA2) during the day but it’s also empty at bed-time. So the fruit setup (Siren 22, 9 ml/day) needs charging every night, and the tobacco setup (UTA2, 4.5ml/day) needs charging every second night. Does this sound in line with others’ re-charge requirements, or do I have potential to be even more battery-efficient?


That’s why i gave up on the aspire coils as soon as I learned how to build my own. I literally have never bought a premade coil for the last two+ yrs, they just couldn’t keep up.

I use/prefer 304ss because out of all the ss wire i have, 316,316l,317l and 430, the 304 just seems cleaner to me. A nice clean crisp draw, that basically I’ve gotten used to, and the fact that i have a shit load Of 304 :wink:

I’ve used titanium, which is really clean and flavoursome, but ss to me is just so versatile. Wattage and temp control.
I use dna devices so i get great battery life from them but i am mainly housebound so i have fresh battries to hand, so battery life isn’t a problem for me Atm.
I’m also using 26650 battries in my vt75 dna which are 4200mah and i get great life out of them, mabe an option for you?


Does anyone else find they need a slightly higher level of nicotine for MTL tanks? I personally bump it up, but I have read others turn it down, actually.

Is it all in my head, or is this common?


With MTL tanks, typically the coils used are of higher resistance than the coils used in a DTL setup. Since sub-ohming usually vaporizes more juice, a lot of people tend to step down their nicotine levels when making the switch from high resistance coils to ones with a lower resistance.

That being said, there are those crazy people that vape 24 mg/ml in a sub-ohm setup. I can’t even begin to imagine the throat hit, and the nicotine rush must be at Ludicrous levels…