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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


Yes I believe that’s what @ringling is up to. Either way, it’s damn nice that the coils have ended up interchangeable like this so we can pick and choose whatever works best for us :sunglasses:


Hey thanks for this, but the Triton V2 won’t work for me because of the 3ml capacity vs. the Nautilus’s 5ml… Other issue for me is that I’m currently traveling abroad so ordering from Fast Tech becomes an issue, takes a long time and I might be somewhere else by the time they can get me something. Really a bummer because I end up having to scrounge local online shops and the cost for everything goes up by at least double due to import duties etc. Sucks!

@d_fabes Gotcha… For the same reason I need bigger capacity, I also need to stick with prebuilt coils. I’ll give the Aspire BVC’s a shot alongside the Triton MINI Clapton’s, sounds pretty promising that I’ll find a winning combo in one of them…

REALLY, REALLY glad I found this thread as this info has been a huge help for me! Thanks everyone!!


Yes, please let me know as well. I truly like my Triton Mini but need something I can build that will last longer than 5 days. I did take advantage of the closeout sale of the Kanger Subtanks for $9.99. Bought 10 of them. I have learned to rebuild the stock coil and have been stockpiling used coils when I run across them. Now if only I can find a way to rebuild coils for the Triton Mini / Nautilus, I’d be set up for a long time to come…


Yes, I found I get a little more battery life using the Nautilus coil. I also didn’t like that with the Triton coil even running it the slightest bit dry would fry the coil. The Triton clapton coil did a bit of spitting as well. That got old real fast. The Nautilus coil isn’t a lot better but at least it can take a couple of slight dry hits. For me this is essential since I often am too busy to notice I’m running out of juice…


If you go this route I suggest the 1.2 ohm coil with a 2 battery mod. This coil has a little less spitting but drains battery power…


I’m hopeing we start seeing the 5ml bulging glass replacements for some of the other Aspire tanks like they made for the Cleito. That would boost the capacity on any stock Aspire tank…


The Kabuki has landed.

I am vaping on my first Nautilus Mini RBA build. Some things to report, for you & @Alisa.

Up for a challenge? LOL

Without a doubt, the tiniest deck I’ve ever built on. The screws are microscopic. From the time I took the RBA out of it’s USC bath, to priming it, and putting some juice in the tank was almost exactly one hour. There’s no instructions with the RBA. I found 2 youtube videos that give some half assed instructions, but they really don’t have step by step instructions. They show the vertical & horiz builds, but no clear details. I just had to figure it out, for the most part. It was actually fun, but I’m a mutant that way.

I chose the vertical option. 5 1/2 wraps of 30 kanthal, on a 2 mm screwdriver. 5 1/2 because the coil ends end up 180 degrees apart, pointing in opposite directions. I went with a spaced coil, just because, no real reason other than I had to pick something. It turned out to be a bulls eye. 1.6 ohms, right in my wheelhouse, for what I like.

I primed it, and added a little juice to the tank and screwed it together. The tank sealed to the base fine, no leaks (so far). I put in a single flavor tobacco (Hangsen Highway) because I’m very familiar with how it tastes.

I was very very impressed with how good the taste was. I actually couldn’t believe how well it was working.

I didn’t want to push it too hard, and after vaping on it for a bit, at low power (9 watts) I started to detect a hint of dry hit. Just a hint. Now, I was having a bit of difficulty, wicking it, with my usual rayon wick, on the vertical build. The rayon wanted to just slide between the coils. I decided to use cotton instead. I thought that might hold it’s ‘flat pad’ profile better, bending around the outside of the coil, and it did. That took care of one half. Getting another piece of cotton around the other half of the coil was more difficult. The negative leg was in the way. I decided to just stuff rayon on that side of the coil, to just have some wick back there. So, the wick is cotton on one side, and rayon on the other.

Being my first attempt, I really didn’t know how dense to make the ends that get tucked into the juice wells. I just cut off the wick, leaving it long enough to stuff it in it’s place, and took off. I think it needs less density in the wick ends. Maybe it’s stuffed in there a little tight. I’ve been letting it sit, as I type, and just taking an occasional hit off it, and that helps, so I think the wick just isn’t able to keep up, in it’s present config. That’s on me, but I needed to start somewhere. I’m sure it’s just a matter of finding the sweet spot for the wick.

Over all, I think this RBA has potential, to make the Nautilus & Mini use-able, going down the road. It’s just going to be a matter of experimenting with it, I think. I’m going to try a horiz build on it, next. I’ve never had much luck with vertical builds. The wicking always seems to be the hang up.

One thing I really like, is being able to pull the wick, and do a dry burn, to clean the coil. BIG plus in my book. You’re not trapping the wires behind a rubber / silicone insulator. They’re screwed down. In theory, I don’t see why a coil wouldn’t last quite a while.

It takes good eyes, or in my case, a good, magnified desk lamp, and some time, but it’s a very doable RBA. When it was first primed it had excellent flavor. I think it was very close to BVC flavor quality, in my opinion. I think it’s just a matter of experimenting and learning the preferred wicking method. I’m looking forward to the horiz & rayon combination.

All in all, I think it was a good $20 investment, for 2 of them. I think it may keep the Mini from being ‘retired’ due to coils being unavailable.


Yes, always the hard part, the wicking. Once you perfect your method be sure you pass it on. There’s no hurry, I know these things take time. Thanks for the update…


It’s actually doing better now. Maybe the wick needed to get seated & broken in a little. No hints of dry hits now.

So far, so good.


YES!!! This would be amazing… I’m always a little surprised that there hasn’t been more focus on larger tanks. It does add significantly to the convenience factor.


Understood, thanks for the heads up. I’m currently on an Evic VTC Mini but I might change it up to a Cuboid (I like the small form factor and dual battery displays)


Thanks for taking the time and reporting your findings, dear. You have made my decision easier. I just can’t see myself rebuilding that small of a deck. I have a hard enough time just building on my rda’s anymore.

But, thanks again for your assessment. I do appreciate your time!


You’re quite welcome! I’m glad the report was helpful. I know what you mean. I’m 61 and the eyes and steady hands ain’t what they used to be…lol. It was a bit tricky. Having to wing it, because of the lack of detailed instructions didn’t help, but now that I have one build under my belt, it should get easier. It is performing better than I expected though, so that inspires me to keep practicing!


I would recommend the Conqueror by Wotofo. I have been vaping for 4 or 5 years and have tried many tanks. This is by far the easiest tank build ever. The tank has no posts, just some holes in the deck. This makes building super easy because you just drop the coil straight down and use the side screws to secure it. It has 10 air holes at the bottom with air flow holes directly under the coils leading to a far superior flavor. I have loved RDA’s with the air holes under the coils like the Kennedy, N22, and Succubus. I feel that the flavor is more pronounced with the air holes under the coils. It has juice flow control with a super easy and convenient top fill for your juice, which means no leaks. I can get some really big hits off of this tank

I also really like the Theorom RTA by Jaybo. It is kind of a tank, maybe similar to a genesis. Notch coils with 2 nice top flow air holes. The block on one side actually has an air hole in it. I was skeptical at first about the flavor I might get because of the position of the air holes; however, the flavor is very nice and I can get a huge draw from it. Not a huge juice capacity which is downside; as well as, the top fill method requires you to either fill with a syringe or drip it through the top fill hole quickly in a thin stream to make it through the hole. For the flavor and vapor production I get off of this I don’t mind it too much. Hits like an RDA with the convenience of a tank.


I did a horizontal build on the RBA. It took about 45 min, because I had to figure things out, as I went along, like the vertical coil. That’ll improve with practice. I think it was 6 wraps of 28 kanthal, on a 2 mm screwdriver, in contact coil config. I came out at 1.29 ohms on the evic mini. Wicked it with rayon.

It’s working great. It’s right up there with the BVC coils, in flavor. No subtle dry hit taste at all, like the vertical coil. It’s wicking great. No gurgling or any juice coming out of the air hole.

The taste is wonderful…I’m impressed!


You talked me into it…Now I’m gonna have to try it. Where did you get yours?


Notice it’s in the Home & Garden, Home Improvement, Heating, Cooling & Air section…lol. The envelope had ‘Screws’ as the description, on the label.

It’s a different level of building for me. It’s tiny. Once I get it down, I don’t think it will be a big deal. Eventually, once the coil is wrapped, I should be able to say, ok…this lead is this long, put a bend here, etc… and make it pretty close to a semi drop in coil. There will be a learning curve.

I’m going to stick with the horiz coils. They seem to wick much better, and you can pull it and do a dry burn, and re-wick. That would be a pain in the butt, on the vertical, I think. Besides, the horiz works & tastes better to me.

I’m thrilled that the Mini won’t need to be shelved, if/when the BVCs wont be available. It’s such a great MTL tank.

Tell you what. Try it. If you don’t like it, I’ll take it off your hands. I was thinking of getting a couple more.


Ahhhhh, right next to the toasters. Yes, that’s the one place I found them. Hate ordering direct from china cause the length of time it takes BUT, I think I will make a exception this time to get these RBAs. Maybe I’ll get a blender too…lol. Sounds like you got yours a-cookin. Hope it works as well with cotton, we shall see…


I ordered mine on 5/15. It shipped on 5/18, and it arrived here on 6/3 I think it was. 2/12 weeks or so. It sat in Chicago for a few days, getting cleared I assume.


That’s not bad. Could be a whole lot worst I imagine. I will not be able to order right away unfortunately. The IRS milked me out of another $400 today. Actually I can’t blame them this time, I had a miscalculation but I can blame them for adding their fees and interest. Rather rude I think…