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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


Well, someone has to pay for the FDA’s witch hunt.


Yes, I forgot to pay the Marlboro Tax and they were quite pissed about it…lol


It was poor form, but I couldn’t resist…lol


Not to worry, I feel ya…lol


MTL hit on this little dripper 1.5 ohm

SOD 5k Clone by SXK


New addition for the Mouth to Lung crowd, the Joytech Aio.


Another new addition for the Mouth to Lung crowd. In my opinion the Nautilus X quite nice. There is also a kit available to add a larger glass and a chimney to boost juice capacity to 4 mls. The U shape airflow eliminates any possible chance of spit back. I’m looking forward to trying this one out soon but want to juice capacity boost kit for it…


Any views on the Nautilus X and it’s coil? I want to dive in but will wait to hear good things about it before I add another tank to my collection and p*ss off my OH in the process.


Can’t say anything more at this time because I’m waiting for the 4ml glass kit to be available before I actually buy it. I don’t want another tank that holds no juice. Got enough of those now…


The Toptank has the same options and works for MTL. I have a subtank mini and toptank mini and I have tried both of them for MTL and they work just great


I like those drip tips


wow! nice drip tips!


How about this one

Just kidding is a part we make
Wide bore for sure


Community Hookah Drip Tip, eh?


This combo ROCK’S Chalice III clone on a Dripbox 160 :+1:
BEST M to L to date and I’m only at 15 W

And I have 10mg of Nic in it ( try that in any other RDA ) LOL


I’m absolutely loving this set up for mtl. The e vic mini with the kayfun v3 mini clone. First one I reach for in the mornings.


Vaping that combo right now as I type this and my washed Goblin Mini parts are drying…AWESOME… :slight_smile:


It’s a great little set up. You have to fill up quite often but thats no hassle. :yum:


I Love my Kayfun’s to :grinning:


Did you get the restrictors? I got mine and i use the middle one with the airflow set on 3. Perfect for me. :ok_hand: