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Mouth To Lung Tanks / RTA's, Damn it, I Want One


I still love my Kayfun lite plus just wish they made a top fill version or a Gem v2


There are several top-fill top caps you can put on the kayfun/Russian.
Fasttech has a few.


Thanks I will have to check them out


If you’re willing to spend $100 for an RTA, I can testify that the authentic Kayfun Mini V3 is excellent for flavor and juice flow control. The quality of the machining is superb also. It’s a top fill design and has a glass tank.

There are a few not-so-perfect points:

  • only holds 2ml
  • you must close the juice control before removing the filler cap, then must open it again afterward; not recommended for someone with low grip strength.
  • the wick tails fit into cups on either side of the deck, so the tail lengths should be trimmed accurately.
  • you must remove the positive pin from the 510 connection to access the AFC, which is a tiny screw inside the base. it does hold its adjustment though.

All things considered, I would purchase the Mini again. It looks great on a Provari V2.5 or an iStick 40TC.


How Is it going I ordered some of the new aspire coils for my Atlantis last month it was a OK M L last week I decided to knock some of the dust off my tesla again I do that every few months I had a order going in and ordered some new round occ heads for my kanger plus 1.5 ohms well I am impressed air fully restricted I like it M l verbal volts so 5.1 volts and I am enjoying it see how long it last darn sure need to bump the nic a little bit I believe


Better order a whole lot more and for all your other tanks as well. August 8, 2016 the FDA regulations take effect unless someone stops those bastards…


Sign the petition dude, and tell everyone you know to do the same…


Maybe I’m cynical, maybe I’m paranoid, but-- could be they put up this petition site not out of the goodness of their democratic hearts, but to make it easier to put us on NSA’s tracking list…

“The bigger the government, the smaller the citizen.” -Dennis Prager


That’s why am blowing the dust off the old and ordering another opus DNA 200 and spare board I did call email and talk to state government all so folks at tobacco free FLORIDA as soon as we got on same page safer alternative not try to argue safe or not made lot of head way soon as I made the statement I do not support any one picking up a mod to blow clowds only at any age or any other substances that find there way into vapor .you do not need to look around most forms to see other issues being linked to vaping and that’s simply not true for me i vapor so I don’t smoke cigarettes. Oh and I don’t have anybody by the throat I guess there really must not be to many other vapors out there
Oh shoot there’s that dirty word cigarettes you do not want to call them that. Call them Stinky’s don’t that sound better HELL NO


WOW I think I need to bump the nic when using mouth to lung 4 on 1.5 coil seems not to be cutting it


I love my subtank plus
Hard to find now but I build them at .7ohms
MTL for me I have 3 subtank mini’s
In drawer couldn’t quite get them right the plus wicks better I just replace the cotton every few days after chain vaping
I made these extra large drip tips with .030 dia holes in side it works great am machinist so no problem
Makes lot of difference on heat perfect

Plenty flavor and clouds for me
I don’t like fire in my mouth
80/20 high vg never dry hit just wicks better than the mini
I guess the liquid to air does it


Hi there! I just found and then proceeded to read through this whole thread looking for some info. I’ve been debating getting an old school Nautilus (I need the large tank size) and am very curious about using it with the Triton MINI Clapton’s.@d_fabes did you ever end up trying out those Triton MINI’s in your Nautilus Mini? Are those Triton MINI coils compatible with the bigger Nautilus?


I just picked up 2 Joytech TRON-S they take the CLR-ONE coil easy 1.0 MTL hit very clean. You also can rebuild these coil I have not done that yet but the R on the CLR stands for rebuild-able.

Available at http://www.litecigusa.net/Joye-TRON-S-4ml-Tank-Cyan-p/joye-trons-tank-cyan.htm
for 11.95 $ on sale holds 4 mls of juice very very clean tank that has not leaked once and have been vaping on my two hard core for days and just changed the coils this morning because it was getting muted not because of burnt. WOW what a nice MTL hit off the 1.0 ohm coil as well.


Yes I did try them in the Nautilus Mini and they work. This means they will also work with the big Nautilus. Truth be told I wound up doing just the opposite of a Nautilus with Triton coil. I found that I liked the Triton Mini with the Nautilus coil much better. This wouldn’t help you with more capacity though…


Triton V2 is a mouth to lung tank. I liked it so much I bought the clone as back up from Fast tech for $9 and it just as good. Get the RDA also for $6 and your on your way. If your interested I can get the link to both.


No, I haven’t tried anything except the Aspire BVC coils in my Nautilus Mini. I just received two of the Kabuki RBAs for it though, but haven’t had a chance to try a build on them yet. I decided I didn’t want to go the prebuilt coil route, on any of my tanks. I’m really hoping the RBAs work out because I really like the Mini.


Thats great news, Amy. I love my Tron S. It’s my main tank. I ended up stocking up on them, and have five total. I think I have five or six packs of the CLR rebuildable coils. I’ve been using the same CLR coil now for five months, and it’s still working fine. I just rebuild it every few days.

My rebuilt coils come out at 1.6 to 1.7 ohms every time. That’s perfect for me. I wind the wire on a screw (spaced), put it in the CLR housing, thread some rayon through it, thread on the top cap, prime it, and it’s ready to go. I did have one leaking issue, after five months of every day use. It was an o ring that had worn out. I located a source for replacement o rings and they are $6 or $7 for 100 of them, if I remember correctly. Changing it was a breeze.

Hit me up for CLR tips, when you start using / building the coils for it. I’ll be more than happy to help!


I would be interested in hearing how the RBA works out. I have been considering ordering them and get away from these Nautilus coils. I rarely get more than 5 days out of a Nautilus coil and THAT is getting tiresome…


I’m anxious to try the RBA out, myself. I’m just waiting until it’s time to switch out the BVC that’s presently in the Mini. I figured that for the price of 2 packs of the BVC coils, I’d order 2 of the RBAs and take a gamble. I decided I wasn’t going to try and stock up on the BVC coils. As much as I like the Mini, trying to stock up for the long term is pointless. I have my fingers crossed that I can make the RBAs work at a satisfactory level.

I concentrated my efforts on 3 rebuildable tanks that work well for me presently. The Tron-S mentioned above, with the CLR coils, the EHpro Kayfun Lite V2, and the Subtank Mini with the RBA. The Tron & the Kayfun are working really well for me. They both hit my MTL sweet spot. I recounted my CLR stock, and I have 9 packs. That’s 45 mini RBAs, the way I look at it…lol. Since I’ve been on the same one for 5 months, they should last longer than I will. I pick up a few packs here and there, when I saw them on sale.

The Kayfun was a little tight, air-wise, for me. So I drilled out the air tube on 4 of them, and it’s perfect now. I have 4 more that are still stock.

The STM is a little airy for me, even on the small air hole setting. I saw someone selling replacement air tubes for it, that were a smaller diameter, somewhere. I’ll have to find that vendor again, and get some, if the price isn’t too high. If I can’t get those, I’ll come up with some other solution to tighten it up. Even though the STM isn’t perfect on the draw for me, it’s such a workhorse, and I have some spare parts for it, I will make it work.

I told @Alisa I’d let her know how the Kabuki RBA’s worked out, in another thread, also. Hopefully I’ll have a verdict soon!


So if I understand this correctly you guys are enjoying the Triton mini using the regular Nautilus coil verses the Triton coil with Clapton coils ? I will have to try it, I went the other way with it and it’s ok but never thought to swap it around. Kewl !


Got it! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: … Yes capacity is a big deal for me since I travel quite a bit and there’s times where I may need to go a few days without having to refill. I think I’m going to give the Nautilus with the Triton coils a shot. Out of curiosity, what did you find the Triton with Nautilus coils did better? (better performance in terms of no gurgling/spitting, longer life, better taste, better vapor?)