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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Have a look at “bluestone 42” - very british humor (humour if you want to spell it correctly lol). I actually lol a few times which is weird when u are just watching by yourself.


Written by Charlie Brooker right? :grinning:


It certainly is, whatever people think if him, the man can write a show alright :+1:


Yeah I suppose if I went to the theatre I would sit in the centre so I could enjoy all the colourful humour. But alas, no time - need to mix some flavours! :slight_smile:


Westworld. High Maintenance. and though most have left it… The Walking Dead!


I’m currently watching newswipe (again) and lmao,


On Netflix


Just watched “White Christmas”, the Black Mirror Christmas special from season 2. F*ck me, that makes you look forward to the future. What a story.


MARCO POLO the best part of being sick is being able to stay in bed with no regret and watch some good shows


Hope you’re feeling better soon :+1:


ty it has been over a week and saturday i woke without a voice but it seems im getting better , i just hate how simple doctors make things these day , an upper respitory infection ??? so i say caused by what , his reply do you smoke ??? i say nope … and he looks at me like shit now i have no answer lmao so he gives me cough syrup with codeine ??? says take till it s gone … and leaves STILL WHAT IS IT CAUSED FROM LOL that why i usually dont go to doctors when im sick smh time will heal


Awesome show, and great soundtrack music.


The Wire is the best TV I have ever watched. Have watched it twice its the real deal.


My streaming sites that i have depended on are drying up.
Anybody got any good streaming TV and Movie sites to suggest?
I find it helps to have atleast 1 of each.

Thanks in advance!


I’ve just downloaded and watched the latest 6 episodes. Man, it is not easy to scare me with TV or films but Charlie Brooker does it every time. Brain implants, life all valued by likes and upvotes, upload to the cloud after death… but the worst was the xmas special with the copies of people’s minds. Brooker has a good eye for potential future scenarios and how people could live with technology.


That’s exactly what I said, I see every episode as a warning Lol, its amazing writing


Agreed. Black Mirror is mind-altering


The Pig & The PM was very hard to watch.


Black Mirror must be a UK mindset thing, downloaded the first few episodes and watched the first 2… couldn’t really get into it that much, tbh kinda bored me.


It was the same for me at first. Believe me, it does get better. Not every episode is a 10 but some definitely are.