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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Well I got the first 6 episodes I’ll watch them before trying for others…


ADVENTURES OF MERLIN Not a bad show a little loww budget but gets better with every episode



catching up on random stuff in my list on netflix


Streaming sites? Anybody?
…Im dying over here!

One of my sites dropped the Daily Show even, i can only assume why?


putlocker.com it’s the best


One of the best ever. And you’re exactly right about it getting better all the time. That last season and especially the last 3-4 episodes were incredible. I think I need to watch them all again…for like the 5th time :slight_smile:


i just finished it and am so bummed trying to find something else to watch now :frowning:


Try Broadchurch if you’ve not seen that. Olivia Colman’s acting is stellar and the story line is very good.


on netflix ??? or cable


You might enjoy some of Adam Curtis’s documentaries.


I was following that site for a long time and then it went down.


It’s back on, I was just watching the walking dead I also love watching Game of Thrones, can’t wait for the new season this spring. putlocker.com it was down for a while, but it’s back now… try it out


I stream it off my PS4 directly to my TV after shutting down the first two pop ups it works great.


That was written before the David Cameron pig story hit the news :grinning:


I’ve got one of these from GB and I don’t know how I lived without it. Got rid of TV cable completely. Wish I would have bought it earlier and saved myself 150.00 bucks a month…


I only watch TV on my PC (dual 27" 1440p monitors) but I pay the cable/internet bill for my brother’s house so I recently switched us off cable to Roku boxes with Playstation Vue service to save some cash each month.

it is on netflix for me here in the states. Think I started watching it back when I used to torrent but didn’t get into it. going to give it another try.


HaHa, loved it.

BTW I live in the town where it was filmed and based on…It does get a bit like that sometimes.


South side of Chicago or Manchester? Either way sounds like a fun town!


South Manchester, Wythenshawe


I just found out that there is a TV-series based on Douglas Adam’s novels “Dirk Gently’s Holostic Detective Agency” - Actually two of them! One from BBC, “Dirk Gently”, from a couple of years ago, and a new American one from Netflix. I’ve no idea how I missed that - I read the books years and years ago and I am a fan :slight_smile: