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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


Westworld. Black Mirror. … if you like rapture drama… The Leftovers…


it was prophetic to say the least
I liked the one with the “Watchers”


I liked the hitchhiker’s guide series a lot although it flattened out a bit towards the end. But i never really got into the Dirk Gently books. Read the first and I’m not even sure anymore if i even finished it. The BBC series didn’t do it for me either so hopefully the netflix version will finally do the trick.


The BBC series kinda followed the books, whereas Netflix and Max Landis interpreted it and made something that I think Douglas Adams actually would have liked :slight_smile:


Ive got a few of the KitKat version boxes, meaning they run Android 4.4. Fantastic boxes not only for internet streaming but from ones own network.

You could also install Kodi on a computer with HDMI and do the same thing.

Umm, Netflix redid Hitchhikers?


I have Kodi on my desktop but I’d rather not move it to the TV and the droid box actually runs much smoother. Not to mention a heck of a lot less power consumption. The only thing that sucks with the box is the remote. I picked up a mini keyboard with touchpad for about 15.00 and it works flawlessly. So far I’ve only used it for video. One day I may play around with some apps.


Yatse is an excellent Android remote built specifically for Kodi. I agree on the desktop part, nice to have a fanless 5v box that i can leave on 24/7.


Pretty sure they didn’t :slight_smile: They re-interpreted DIrk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency - or did I miss something?! :smiley:


OOOOO, I see now, sorry about that. :slight_smile:


I just watched the one on Netflix, I’m a fan too, shame he’s dead and there will be no more books. :pensive:


So sad :confused: The BBC one is actually more true to the books :slight_smile:


I’ll see if I can download it somewhere.


Was the BBC version only 4 episodes? I found a site that has it but it only shows 4.


The Man In The High Castle season 2 is just about to be released season 1 was great

Based on Phillip K Dick’s novel by the same name


Correct. Only four episodes…


The Beeb does that … gives you enough to get you hooked then makes you wait forever for more !


ugg, might have to sign back up for prime for a bit and binge on that, I loved se1


Oh that reminds me… Have you seen “No heroics”? Same thing… excellent fun but they cancelled it after only one or two seasons.


Which site is that? I can’t find it anywhere, only the radioshows.


I remember when I used to watch Wild, Wild, West with my dad on Sunday mornings. I missed that time in my life.

I know this is not TV, bit I am hooked on listening to Old Time Radio shows. Gunsmoke, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, X minus One, Ray Bradbury Theatre, just about any show I will have a listen too.