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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


sent you a PM


Reading some very positive reviews of Neflix’s The OA released today. All the reviewers seem to be predicting it will be the next much watch TV show.


Not everyone is saying that - http://uproxx.com/sepinwall/the-oa-netflix-review/

I will probably give it a chance but if it blows I will be signing up to prime again for a month to binge on The Man in the High Castle


We used to have BBC4 on cable radio and they had the afternoon play and book at bedtime, I loved listening to that. They replaced it with BBC3 classical music, Now you can listen to it via internet. It’s what got me hooked on audiobooks. I’m an insomniac and have an ipod next to my bed full with audiobooks to get through otherwise endless sleepless nights.


I always fall asleep to either BBC Radio 4 or BBC World Service - they have some really good stuff at times :slight_smile:


I used to do that but then the news would get on and I always got totally depressed and fucked up so I switched to audiobooks :slight_smile:


Yeh - it’s normally “Today in Parliament” that gets me wide awake and irritated again - I might look into getting some audiobooks on my Kindle :grinning:


I know whythenshaw very well. The Mrs is from there, I’m Altrincham :wink::+1:


In the US we can use certain Public Library Cards to download books (Kindle) for free from the library. Do your GoogleFu on your local Public Library (you likely have to be a resident to register)


Uh really? No one going to see Star Wars Rogue One today? :sunglasses:


Oooh thanks for the heads up! Off to have a nosy for my area :+1:


Done! Awesome :grin:


I have never seen any of the star wars movies


Oy Mate! …just don’t start with Episode I :wink:


eh ??? how does THAT work ?


Seriously…you never start with the first one when it comes to Starwars!


Starwars then The Empire Strikes Back, then Return of the Jedi is the only way to watch them…then do Episode I, II and so on :grin:


you are dead to me …: :neutral_face:

you’re like a whole different person…

In fact …I’m not even sure you’re human…

In fact…this explains the absence …who are you and what have you done with @Kalahariuk


The Flash.

I repeat.

The Flash.

Do it…


I have to confess that I haven’t seen any of them either, always been more of a trekkie :blush: