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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?



erm. never saw them neither !
i was at boarding school!


iam watching it as i type this


I am waiting for se3 to hit netflix, think I finished se2 but not sure. rejoined prime today to watch the TMINTHC se2 and new top gear spinoff.


Which planet? Seriously, neither star trek nor star wars? This is shocking!


Im watching The OA, just about through the first ep and i grabbed the rest.

Netflix show, BTW.


Haven’t finished the first ep yet but will continue, currently watching goliath on prime


Mmmmmmmm, yesshhhh.

:zap: :zap: :zap: :zap: :zap: :zap: :zap: :zap: :zap: :zap: :zap:


I do have all of them on my computer but for some reason when I’m looking for something to watch, I always seem to skip them :sweat_smile:


we were allowed to watch totp on thursdays, but my fam were living in france so we didn’t even have a tv there, never had tv in thailand, afghanistan, pakistan or nigeria either


Contrast that with the US where many of our homeless have smart phones. It’s a funny world.


VIKINGS a great show , heres is what i like about it besides the story and acting , most movies or shows set in that time period are full of blood and gore and tons of cussing which i dont believe the f word was even around but this show has proved yiu dont need blood sex and cussing to make a good show of that era


Aren’t they basically the same show thought?. People doing shit in space.


Nooooooooooo :weary::open_mouth::joy:


That line works every time lol


:wink: and look what happened to you!? …now you just sit around body-painting naked girls… wait a minute .uh [/me cancels cable…]


Oh i just found “Layer Cake” in my film folder. Excellent film, I should watch at least a bit right now. Some say it’s the only good Daniel Craig film :smiley:


Wasn’t sure about The OA based on some reviews but sorta hooked after 1 episode. Been mostly binging on prime’s Goliath and The Man in the High Castle to watch them asap but saw Sneaky Pete season hits in January so guess I have to sub for a month or two


Loving the 4th season of Vikings back in action. Long live King Ragna & Ivar the boneless


Catching up on Se4 of Vikings now that I renewed my Prime subscription. Just finished The Man in the High Castle and got a few more episodes of Goliath to finish. Will have to keep Prime for a month or two as I am eager for Sneaky Pete in January.

The OA on Netflix has been pretty good so far as well.