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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


The OA was really good, except I have mixed feelings about the final episode. /nospoilers


With you there on that.


Same here. Just finished the final episode which seems to have left more questions than answers. It reminds me of Lost how they take each episode and provide just enough new info to keep you from turning it off. Hope the next season moves at a better pace.


u all teasing me on the oa, haven’t finished it yet since I have been binging on prime shows. goliath se1 was great, hope they bring it back for se2. catching up on vikings next and can’t wait for sneaky pete, the pilot was great last time I had a prime sub


Distracted by ‘Z: The Beginning of Everything’ on prime, they might have got me hooked…


The Machete Order”: Episide IV, then V, then II then III then VI then VII - skip episode I entirely. Well, see it if you want to, but it’s not necessary to the plot… Here’s an updated document/FAQ :slight_smile: Rogue One is completely separate from the “main” storyline. (I liked it!)


Coool! i hadn’t heard of the machete order! :+1:


I just found out there’s a new show called Lethal Weapon - based on the movies! :slight_smile: Saw to eps. and they were pretty damn entertaining!

I also found out about “Timless”, which is a sci-fi show about time travel. Only saw one ep, and I’m not sure about that one.

Then I found another show called “Stan Against Evil”, which is a comedy/fantasy/horror series, with John C, McGinley (the funny doctor in Scrubs). I haven’t seen any of them yet though…


Just a couple of weeks ago i discovered Rick and Morty. I was hooked after 2 episodes and binged the whole 2 seasons in a few days.


I can’t wait for season 3! :smiley:


Ya I found that one a little while ago - I watched the whole season - I am still not sure if i like it

@Bad_Influence Rick and morty is a classic.


I have no idea why I didn’t find it earlier.


Do you watch Archer?
That is another one that I get a good laugh out of


Watched a few episodes a while ago but wasn’t so sure… and then forgot about it. Good call, will download…


The first season of Archer turned me off it so badly. That I’ll never watch another minute. Just sayin’ so many like it so I definitely feel like it confirmed I’m not normal once again.


Anyone watched Travelers? It’s in Netflix. I’ve watched 4 episodes and it looks to have potential.


I found it kind of “meh” as well. It has funny moments though.

Oh, I’m saving that to my list - Thanks :smiley:



If you like Buffy-esque storytelling…


Of course it’s good. How can it not be good when it’s created by someone with Batman in his name? :slight_smile: