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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


LOL didnt even notice whoa thats kinda trippy.


The main actress Brit Marling (OA) in this series is in a movie you might enjoy as well.


Ooo nice! IT will be intresting to see this fellows earlier films.


Let me know what you think after :+1:


will do thanks for the recommendation!


BTW has no one mentioned the new Westworld series? it’s amazing.





LMAO… ok just checking:)


Wife and I binged Travelers. Very good. Has some fairly unusual concepts so you have to pay attention or you’ll get lost. Final analysis - can’t wait for season 2!


I gotta give that one a second shot. I watched the first two episodes and I wasn’t impressed. I may have been in the wrong headspace at the time though.


I like Lethal Weapon. It’s a good “leave your brains at the door” type of show with plenty of action and good chemistry between the lead actors.


If you are referring to Westworld, I agree the first three episodes are a slow burn… kind of like Game of Thrones right up to the part where poor Ned lost his head…


About half way thru it now and totally agree with what you said.


[quote=“daath, post:654, topic:34768”]
“Timeless”, which is a sci-fi show about time travel.
[/quote] I watched that next month, not sure if I liked it or not, I may go back and watch it again last week


Apparently I sent myself back to the past and warned me not to continue watching it :confused:


Just caught up on Vikings. Ok, so I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the last couple of episodes. Suffice it to say… DAMMMMMIT!


I like it, still a few episodes to finish off since I got side tracked by The Expanse on Prime which is a great sci-fi series.


Has anyone watched Peaky Blinders on netflix??? im just starting the first episode just wondering if its worth the time


I tried two episodes, and while I think it’s a show of high quality, it didn’t grab me. I might try it again later. I’m currently hooked on Wentworth. Stayed up way too late watching 4 episodes last night.


I am watching Mars atm it is an interesting mix of documentary and a fictional human landing on mars 3 ep in and I really like it.