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Movies and Shows - What do you recommend?


On my list of favorite new shows. Love the docudrama hook they’re using.


i was sick pretty much the entire month of december so i burned through A LOT of series lol now im struggling to find a good one at least black sails and game of thrones is coming soon ( i think game of thrones is )


Love the cinematography of Black Sails. I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautifully shot TV show.


too many things and characters going on so early in the first episode it seems to be all over the place ( peaky blinders )


Still another few months for GoT

Yup love Black Sails great show.


yeah, that may be why I stopped. Had to use too much brain. When I get home from work I don’t have much juice left.


well one out of two isnt bad lol gosh it seems like it been a couple years since any new episodes and they are both on their final season i think :frowning:


GoT has two mini seasons of 7 ep each (or something like) so they are stretching it out a little more


ahhhhh well thats good ive enjoyed that show i just finished the first season of TURN it was pretty good


Have you watched Banshee - good show to switch off the brain and watch - quite entertaining


i have not is that on cable or netflix ??? ill check it out


Was originally on Cinemax - not sure where you would find it aside from maybe a download.


maybe cinemax on demand ill look ty and have a good night


Right, I shall have to give Black Sails a go …


Loved it. Might still have a few minutes of last episode to watch I think. New show Taboo on FX from PB creators looks promising but I can’t watch it as PS Vue got rid of FX/Viacom recently.


Peaky Blinders turned out to be a series worth watching


Just finished “Travelers” on Netflix. Got kinda fractured trying to tell an overly complex plot but the pay off was fantastic …hang in there for a great new series.


Just finished last season of Longmire …like many shows it seems to meander plot-wise but also blows your mind in the finale. Remember this show was cancelled on Network TV but got picked up by Netflix …they left plenty of reasons for another season


good to hear, been working my way thru this and sense8. Also catching up on the last half of the last season of hell on wheels I had forgotten about. Currently have ep2 of hunted (cinemax 1 season series from 2012) on prime paused.

can u tell I have adhd?


This came out in 2010 and how in the world I missed it I can’t say. This is really good if you love drumming. If you think drums are just ok, this could change your perspective. Found it on Netflix.